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  Laughter as Medicine

Yetechekonut Keldoch Unknown artist, posted 06/30/07)

Barack Obama Gets Voters Excited, Confused by Melvin Durai (01/17/07)

Bordering on the Hilarious by Jenny Colgan (02/08/07)

Kitfo Please : Courtesy of E.Small who received it from a friend in Addis (Amharic pdf)

A Few Minutes With Andy Rooney (60 Minutes)

Laughter's Link to Health May be in the Blood Washington Post, by Bob Stein 3/14/05

YaLt wds   Prayer for Meles Zenawi and His Wife (Amharic pdf )

Protest In Washington  (reuters,, 10/07/06)












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Founder and Former Chairman of the Ethiopian National United Front (ENUF) Engineer Kitaw Ejigu

 Colonel Asrat Bogale Dismissed  and his organization, the Ethiopian National United Patriotic Front (ENUPF) Dissolved (10/09/06)

 Additional Information on Asrat Bogale



Ethiopia Freedom, Democracy and Human Rights Advancement Act of 2006 (HR 5680)

Haile Selassie I  International Development Foundation Response to the Statement Issued by the "Chairman of Crown Council of Ethiopia" on June 26, 2006  June 28, 2006,  Bekele Molla, Ph.D. President,  HSIIDF (English pdf)


The ever affectionate family man and brilliant scientist Kitaw Ejigu

ቅጣው አባደፋር ከኪነጥበብ (ለንደን) ጥር ፲፱፻፺፰ ዓ.ም.

Deutsche Welle Radio Report on Kitaw Ejigu (Amharic Program Broadcast on 01/22/06)

VOA Brief Report on the Life and Achievements of Scientist Kitaw Ejigu (Broadcast on 01/24/06)

In Pictures: Ethiopian Bloodshed - BBC Online Photos (6/10/05) Click to Watch

A nurse weeps at an Addis Ababa hospital receiving dead and wounded after the crackdown. Reuters Photo





WE STAND CORRECTED The actual figure released by the very commission that Meles Zenawi appointed is 193 and not 58 as he initially falsely stated. (Meles Zenawi is a pathological liar) 193 Protesters Said Killed in Ethiopia (, 10/18/06)


Symbol of Satan on Woyane Flag: Please pass this on to all patriotic Ethiopians and Ethiopian and international news media by Alula Abanega, 6/8/05 MSword version

Ethiopia's Elections Undecided; Zenawi's Image Damaged,  World Vision Radio - Listen to the: Full Story (, 7/3/05) Audio File at

World Vision Radio Report on Election Fraud and Violence (07/03/05)

Democracy Now With Amy Goodman Crackdown on Dissent in Ethiopia (, 6/16/05)

EU Should Fill Leadership Void on Human Rights: Human Rights Watch Launches World Report 2007 on Guantanamo Anniversary (01/13/07) "Iran and Ethiopia are silencing dissident voices."

Corroborative Visual Evidence Supporting EU-EOM Indictment of Meles Zenawi's Crimes in Ethiopia Elections (SBS Dateline Video

የትም/ሚንስትር ገነት ዘውዴ ከአገር ወጡ (ከአዲስ ዜና፣ ሰኔ ፳፩ ቀን ፲፱፻፺፯ ዓ.ም.) EPRDF Minister OF Education, Genet Zewdie Left Ethiopia (Addis Zena, 6/28/05) Listen to VOA Interview of Genet Zewdie in April 2001 After a University Student was Killed

Casualties streamed into city hospitals, dripping blood, as anxious relatives flocked to get news. AFP Photo


Editorials and Articles by Fettan Graphics

* Neoconic Hypocrisy and State Terror in Ethiopia by Bekele Molla May 28, 2007

* Meles Zenawi and Bereket Simon Plot to Destabilize Ethiopia by Dragging Her into Ethno-Religious Conflicts in East Africa   by Bekele Molla    December 5, 2006

Mr. Blair, Your Hands Are Stained with Ethiopian Blood- You Ignored Our Warning in April 2005

* Ethiopia's Role in Regional Stability  (Editorial December 27, 2005

* Know Thy Enemies: Part II -  British Hypocrisy, European Union Duplicity and American Equivocation. (Editorial, November 26, 2005)

* Know Thy Enemies: Part I  A Reminder And Warning To Ethiopian Patriots: Meles Dismisses Western Doners' Plea As "Unacceptable Meddling".  (Editorial, November 10, 2005)

* Urgent Appeal by Bekele Molla, September 17, 2005

Jimmy Carter is a Biased Observer of Ethiopian Election by Bekele Molla  May 13, 2005

Debate Between a Tigrean-Ethiopian Democrat and a Mercenary MLLT/TPLF Cadre: Wolde Gebriel Abraha . (Audio courtesy, VOA Radio,12/13/05)



US Embassy In Addis Abeba Highlights and Hypocrisy




A mother's tragedy  AFP Photo

Donald Levine on Chicago Public Radio: Who Is Meles Zenawi? RealAudio Wave Audio (, 6/9/05)

Joint Declaration by UEDF, CUD and EPRDF on the Review and Investigation Process  June 10, 2005 (, 6/15/05

  Former United States Assistance Secretary of States Herman Cohen Africa Live Interview on Elections and crime in Ethiopia (audio

Armed Conflict Events Data Ethiopia  1800-1999 (

Conflict Between Ethiopia And Eritrea (, 12/20/00)

UN Security Council Resolution 1640 (November 23, 2005)


Bill Moyers: The Secret Government - The US Constitution in Crisis (1986) Oliver T. North and the Iran-Contra Affairs

Eyewitness: Ethiopian Protests (, 6/10/05/)

Youth Demonstrators in Ethiopia

Worldwide Demonstrations by Ethiopians and friends of Ethiopia

Coalition for Unity and Democracy Party leaders were incarcerated for almost two years simply because they  beat the TPLF regime at the polls on May 15, 2005


In Pictures: Ethiopia November 2005 Massacre (BBC Online Photos 11/04/05) Click on link Above link to watch

AFP Photo: Woman cries following indiscriminate killings of the unarmed by Meles Zenawi's terror troops.

CHRONOLOGY-Violence In Ethiopia (, 11/03/05)

Ethiopia Unrest Spills Into The Regions (, 11/04/05)

Ethiopia Unrest Spreads Beyond Capital (, 11/04/05)

Police Fire In Air To Disperse Ethiopia Protesters (, 11/04/05)

Anti-Govt Unrest Erupts For Fourth Day In Ethiopia (, 11/04/05)

Eritrea Ethiopa Confilct (, 06/23/99)

Ethiopia and Eritrea (

Women, children and the elderly were indiscriminately murdered by Meles Zenawi's special forces


500+ Killed November 1st and 2nd

The Second Round Killing Continues (11,745+ to date)


THE CUDP NEITHER ADVOCATED NOR INCITED VIOLENCE: Equivocation is tantamount to complicity with terrorist Woyane gangsterism and Shaibian ethnocentrism!

Ana Maria Gomes, Head EU Ethiopian Election Observation Mission 2005

Deteriorating Situation In Ethiopia - Ana GOMES (member of European Parlament) Denounces European Authorities Lack of Action (, 11/14/05) Read Ana Gomes' letter to her colleagues. Ms. Gomes says the US Government is most responsible for emboldening Meles Zenawi. Even Herman Cohen, Meles' right-hand man said Meles must be denied the Millennium Challenge GrantWe offer no apologies to Mesfin Mekonen, who obviously just came out of his cave (, 12/21/05) 


Report of the Federal Police Commission To the House of Peoples’ Representatives (, 11/14/05) EDITORIAL NOTE: A terrorist gang of thugs that seized state power through the barrel of the gun, unashamedly preaches to the world that the peaceful opposition attempted to overthrow "the constitutional order" through violence. Meles the communist tyrant masquerading as democrat.  It is laughable! A tragicomedy! Only Tony Blair and Herman Cohen may find Workineh's  fabrications credible. (, 12/01/05)

Rebellion in Ethiopia ( "Major rebel groups have joined the OLF’s fight including: the Muslim Sudanese, the ONLF (Ogaden National Liberation Front) fighting in Eastern Ethiopia, the [EPPLF] (Ethiopian People Patriotic Liberation Front), fighting in Northern Ethiopia, or the ALF (Affar Liberation Front) fighting in Southern Ethiopia, and groups like the BPM or GLF fighting in Western Ethiopia."

የፕሮፌ አዱኛው ወርቁ  ሥነግጥም «ለመሆኑ ማነው የወገኑ ስቃይ የማይከነክነው» Copyright © 2005  (Amharic Audio) Posted 11/13/05

Know Thy Enemies: A Reminder And Warning To Ethiopian Patriots: Meles Dismisses Western Doners' Plea As "Unacceptable Meddling".  (Editorial,, 11/10/05)

Know Thy Enemies: Part II -  British Hypocrisy, European Union Duplicity and American Equivocation. (Editorial,, 11/26/05)

Ethiopia's Agony ( top-clips video) "An exclusive report on the supposedly model African state, where human rights abuses have continued to grow since May's controversial elections." 43,000 in concentration camps.   A Must see video  >>Watch the report

   zn aty[y@Ethiopia :  NEWS and  CURRENT EVENT   


Meles Zenawi prostitutes Dinkinesh (Lucy) says Richard Leakey (AP Photo). "It's a form of prostitution, it's gross exploitation of the ancestors of humanity and it should not be permitted," Leakey told The Associated Press in an interview at his Nairobi office." Ethiopians draw parallels between Sebhat Nega's conglomerate pandering of Ethiopian women to the Middle East and this act of brutal violation of Dinknesh's remains.  BBC reconstruction of (Dinknesh) Lucy

AP Interview: Leakey Calls Lucy Skeleton Tour 'Prostitution' - A Non-Scientific But Accurate Description of the TPLF Thugs' Smear Campaign and Robbery of Ethiopia ( -ap- 08/10/07) "NAIROBI, Kenya: Ethiopia's dispatching of the Lucy skeleton on a six-year-tour of the United States is akin to prostituting the fragile, 3.2 million year-old fossil, paleontologist Richard Leakey said Friday. The Lucy skeleton — one of the world's most famous fossils — was quietly flown out of Ethiopia earlier this week for the U.S. tour. Leakey, one of the world's best-known fossil hunters, is not the first to criticize what some see as a gamble with an irreplaceable relic. The U.S. Smithsonian Institution also has objected to the tour, and the secretive manner in which the remains were sent abroad has raised eyebrows in Ethiopia, where the public has seen the real Lucy fossil only twice." RELATED STORY: Fossil Hunter Condemns Lucy Tour of U.S. ( -ap- 08/10/07)

Photo: Ahmed Yusuf Mohamed/IRIN


SOMALIA: Five Police Stations Attacked Overnight in Mogadishu (, 08/10/07) "MOGADISHU, 10 August 2007 (IRIN) - Armed opponents of Somalia's transitional government attacked the police in the capital, Mogadishu, on 9 August, carrying out raids on five stations overnight before being repulsed, police said. Two police officers were wounded in the fighting during which five suspected insurgents were killed, according to a senior police officer who asked not to be named. "They [insurgents] carried out one of their most deadly attacks last night. They attacked five locations, including Howlwadag police station, a former military base where police officers are stationed, and three other compounds where the police are camped," the officer told IRIN. A grenade was thrown at another police unit on 10 August, but nobody was hurt, he added."

Fierce Fighting Between Meles Zenawi's TPLF Mercenary Troops and Somali Insurgents Rocks Mogadishu (, 08/10/07) "Somalia's capital, Mogadishu, has been rocked by the sound of fierce fighting during a two-hour gun battle between insurgents and government forces. A BBC correspondent says the sound of the clashes echoed across the city, leading to widespread fear. The heavily armed insurgents attacked a military base and a police station with mortars and heavy machine guns. At least three civilians have died. This is the most serious fighting since a reconciliation conference began." RELATED STORY: Amnesty International Urges Release of Somaliland Political Prisoners (, 08/09/07)

A Chinese construction supervisor monitors and Ethiopian laborer on 04/27/07. The communist government in China has established strong ties with Meles Zenawi's Marxist Leninist League of Tigray regime in Ethiopia.   AP/VOA Photo

The Tigrean People's Liberation Front (TPLF) Regime in Ethiopia Signs Ogaden Gas Deal With Malaysian State Oil Firm Petronas: The Regimes Nemesis ONLF Says No Way! (, 08/10/07) "ADDIS ABABA, Aug 10 (Reuters) - Ethiopia has signed a $1.9 million deal allowing Malaysian state oil firm Petronas [PETR.UL] to develop natural gas in its Ogaden region where rebels have warned oil companies to stay away, an official said on Friday. "The agreement signed between Ethiopia and Petronas focuses on the development and marketing of Kalub and Hilal gas deposits in the Ogaden," a Ministry of Mines and Energy official, who declined to be named, told Reuters. Ethiopian Minister of Mines and Energy Alemayeu Tegenu signed the agreement with Petronas in Kuala Lumpur last month after the Malaysian firm won a tender for the Kalub and Hilal areas, the official added." RELATED STORY: Ethiopia Focuses on Oil Deals Despite Resistance From Rebels (, 08/10/07)

Ethiopian musicians playing traditional music using ancient instruments

Haile's Got a Brand New Bag: War cries and traditional music fused with US funk, R&B and jazz to fuel a 1960s golden age in Ethiopian music. Robin Denselow reports on a riotous revival (, 08/10/07 "Ethiopian music is very different from other African styles, perhaps because the country itself, with its long embrace of Christianity and no experience of western colonialism (though the Italians did invade the country in the second world war), has had such a different history. Musically, it has never been influenced by Cuban or other Latin styles, unlike west Africa. Instead, Ethiopian musicians looked to their own traditional music and to black America - a combination that came together in the extraordinary experiments of the 60s, when they created their gloriously distinctive fusion of local styles with American R&B, funk and free-form jazz.

Unseen by Western Hysteria, Darfur Edges Closer to Peace (, 08/10/07) "....Sudan does not deserve the demonisation it is subject to from the Darfur lobby. It is no more authoritarian than Egypt, the west's darling, or Libya, the emerging new favourite. Looking east, Ethiopia and Eritrea are equally undemocratic or worse. But, unlike those countries, the Sudanese regime has signed an internationally supervised agreement to permit multiparty politics and free elections for the first time since it came to power in a 1989 coup. It must be held to that."

Extreme Floods Hit 500 Million People a Year (, 08/10/07) "....Floods increased from 60 to 100 per year in that time span and in 2007 some 70 serious floods have been registered, including in Sudan, Ethiopia, Myanmar, Philippines, Vietnam, Indonesia, China, India, Bangladesh, Nepal, Pakistan, Afghanistan and Colombia. Changes in weather patterns were documented on Wednesday by the Geneva-based World Meteorological Organization, which noted natural disasters hit the poor hardest. Heat waves were above average in Africa, Asia, Europe and South America. And the Arabian sea near Oman had it first ever documented cyclone, WMO said."

129 Killed in Ethiopia Floods ( -afp- 08/09/07) "ADDIS ABABA. AT least 129 people were killed overnight in flash floods in eastern Ethiopia after an intense, sudden downpour pounded the region, sweeping away many in their sleep, police said yesterday. "So far 129 people are confirmed dead. We are still looking for more on the outskirts of the city and all along the river from the north to south," Inspector Beniam Fikru, a top police official in Dire Dawa region, said. The region lies about 500 kilometres east of the capital Addis Ababa. 
Ethiopian security forces, aid workers and residents, who scoured for survivors and bodies, said several thousand civilians were displaced and others reported missing in the Addis Ketema, Genfele, Coca Cola and Aftessa areas, which lie adjacent to the township."

Insurgency Endangering Somali Civilians ( -ap- 08/09/07) "MOGADISHU, Somalia - Mohamed Hussein heard the grenade explode and he froze. Hussein, 39, knew what was coming next because he has been through it before: gunfire arriving from every direction as soldiers frantically tried to kill the person who had thrown the weapon. When the shots finally stopped, Hussein saw four bloodied corpses, all of them civilians caught in the crossfire. It's a tragic, common story in this capital, where streets are marked with blood and the sight of burned-out cars is common. Nearly 3,000 civilians have died since December as Islamic insurgents launched a guerrilla war against the government and its Ethiopian military backers, human rights groups say." RELATED STORY: Why Somalia Has Been in Incessant Strife? (, 080907)

British Resident Cleared to Leave Guantanamo (, 08/09/07) "MIAMI (Reuters) - One of the five British residents London wants freed from the Guantanamo prison camp has already been cleared for release but will not be sent to his native land because of fears he would be abused there, a Pentagon official said on Thursday. British Foreign Secretary David Miliband sent a formal request to Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice on Tuesday for the release of five Guantanamo captives who had legally resided in Britain before their detention but are not British citizens."

Suleiman Jamous humanitarian coordinator of Sudan Liberation Army   Reuters Photo

Sudan Says to Free Darfur Rebel Suleiman Jamous for Talks: At Last Mia Farrow May Not Have to Swap Places (, 08/09/07) "KHARTOUM, Aug 9 (Reuters) - Sudan said on Thursday it would lift a threat to arrest Darfur rebel figure Suleiman Jamous when peace talks start to end more than four years of conflict. Jamous is seen as key to uniting fractured insurgents in Sudan's remote west. "When there are real talks for sure he will be set free," State Minister for Foreign Affairs Ali Karti told Reuters. He declined to say whether there would be conditions on his release. Jamous has been virtually imprisoned in a U.N. hospital near Darfur for more than 13 months after the United Nations airlifted him there for medical treatment."

In Africa, Beyond Humanitarianism (, 08/09/07) "Africa has risen steadily in importance to the United States in recent years. Traditionally, Africa has been thought of primarily as an object of humanitarian concern. That perception has been highlighted by popular figures, such as Bono, Bob Geldof, George Clooney and others, focusing public attention on Africa's poverty, conflicts and major diseases. Africa has further captured worldwide attention due to the conflict in Darfur. Because the United States has judged the Sudanese government's campaign in the region to be genocide, the conflict has taken on enormous moral importance."

Somali Officials Deny Selling Oil Rights (, 08/08/07) "Officials with Somalia's transitional government are promising not to begin searching for oil until after parliament adopts a new petroleum law and their shattered country achieves peace. But as Nick Wadhams reports from Nairobi, new evidence suggests they are looking to carve up oil rights. Last month, the Financial Times reported that President Abdullahi Yusuf had awarded Prime Minister Gedi and his staff are promising not to sign any deals until a natural resources law is enacted. Parliament is scheduled to consider the bill this week."

The Tigrean People's Liberation Front Regime Says it Killed 502, Captured 170 Ogaden Rebels (, 08/08/07) "ADDIS ABABA (Reuters) - Ethiopia said on Wednesday it had killed more than 500 rebels and captured 170 in the past two months during an offensive in the volatile but energy-rich Ogaden region bordering Somalia. The Ogaden National Liberation Front (ONLF) dismissed the statement as an attempt by the government to lull oil companies interested in the region into a "false sense of security", and urged foreign firms to stay away. The local president of Ogaden, Abdullahi Hassan Mohammed, said Ethiopian security forces had killed 502 ONLF fighters in a two-month military campaign against the "terrorists." "Rebel activities in the region... have been eliminated," he added in a statement. But the ONLF, which carried out a deadly attack on a Chinese-run oilfield in the area in April, said the government was trying to hide the fact that it had lost control of Ogaden." RELATED STORY: Ethiopia Rebels Warn Oil Companies to Stay Away (, 08/08/07)

Meles Zenawi's Aagazi thugs trained and armed by US and UK governments terrorizing the Ethiopian people since May 1991. 

Ethiopian Strife Tests US Commitment (, 08/08/07) "Rising tensions in the Ogaden region of eastern Ethiopia, combined with chronic instability in neighbouring Somalia, Eritrean enmity, and human rights concerns, are testing US support for the Addis Ababa government led by Clinton-era good governance pin-up Meles Zenawi. The Bush administration welcomed the recent release of 38 opposition politicians detained after violent protests over the conduct of elections in 2005. But it has kept quiet over Ethiopia's subsequent expulsion of Red Cross workers from Ogaden's Somali regional state, following claims they were aiding Ogaden National Liberation Front separatists (ONLF)."


193 unarmed demonstrators massacred by Meles Zenawi's Aagazi sharp shooters in June and November 2005. Troops were ordered by Zenawi to shoot to kill. Most died from bullet wounds in the forehead.

The discovery challenges "The old theory is that the first and oldest species in our family tree, Homo habilis, evolved into Homo erectus, which then became human, Homo sapiens."  Photo by AP/Karel Prinsloo

New Fossils Discovery Challenges Old Evolution Theory: New research by famed paleontologist Meave Leakey shows our family tree is not so linear. ( -ap- 08/08/07) "WASHINGTON - Surprising research based on two African fossils suggests our family tree is more like a wayward bush with stubby branches, challenging what had been common thinking on how early humans evolved. The discovery by Meave Leakey, a member of a famous family of paleontologists, shows that two species of early human ancestors lived at the same time in Kenya. That pokes holes in the chief theory of man's early evolution -- that one of those species evolved from the other. And it further discredits that iconic illustration of human evolution that begins with a knuckle-dragging ape and ends with a briefcase-carrying man."

Burundi Once Again Delays Somali Deployment of Her AU Contingent Troops (, 08/07/07) "Burundi has again delayed the planned deployment of 2,000 troops to Somalia, as part of an African Union (AU) peacekeeping force. The soldiers are ready to go but communications and transport equipment promised by the US and France had not arrived, an army spokesman said. Just 1,600 Ugandans are in Somalia of the planned 8,000-strong AU force."

Meles Zenawi Claims His TPLF Troops Killed 200 Somali and Oromo Insurgents/Elders in the Ogaden (, 08/07/07) "Ethiopia's Defence Ministry on Tuesday said government troops had killed 200 rebels and captured hundreds in the restive predominantly Somali southern region of Ogaden over the past month. "Over 200 anti-peace elements have been killed by the military," the ministry said in a statement, adding that militants had "been destroyed ... in a successful operation". "All the elements belonged to the ONLF [Ogaden National Liberation Front], OLF [Oromo Liberation Front] and al-Ittihad," the ministry said." RELATED STORY: The Tigrean People's Liberation Front (TPLF) Regime Claims Gains Over Ogaden National Liberation Front (ONLF) Rebels (, 08/07/07)

ANALYSIS-Somalis Still Talking, But Peace Elusive (, 08/07/07) "MOGADISHU, Aug 7 (Reuters) - Critics may say Somalia's national recoonciliation conference has little concrete to show half-way into the six-week meeting of 2,000 delegates charged with dragging the Horn of Africa nation out of anarchy. Big players are missing, and no accords are yet struck. But after braving a barrage of verbal threats and physical attacks near the venue, those inside the heavily fortified old police garage in north Mogadishu would argue the mere fact that they are still talking is a huge achievement in itself." RELATED STORY: U.N. Envoy Makes Surprise Somalia Visit ( -ap- 08/07/07)

UK Asks U.S. To Free Residents From Guantanamo (, 08/07/07) "LONDON (Reuters) - Britain asked the United States on Tuesday to release five British residents from Guantanamo Bay in a change of policy that may signal Prime Minister Gordon Brown is taking a more independent stance from Washington. Foreign Secretary David Miliband sent a formal request to U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice for the release of the five men, who were legally resident in Britain before their detention but are not British nationals. The decision marks a shift from the policy of former Prime Minister Tony Blair's government, which secured the release of all nine British citizens held at the U.S. prison camp in Cuba but maintained it was not responsible for detainees of other nationalities who had simply lived in Britain." "...Britain said it was seeking the release and return to Britain of Shaker Aamer, a Saudi national; Jamil el-Banna, who is Jordanian; Omar Deghayes, a Libyan; Binyam Mohamed from Ethiopia; and Abdennour Sameur, an Algerian."

Mia Farrow actress and UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador offers to swap places with Suleiman Jamous, an ailing co-ordinator for Sudanese Liberation Army (SLA)    BBC/Getty Images Photo

UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador Mia Farrow Offers to Be Held in Sudan ( -ap- 08/07/07) "KHARTOUM, Sudan - Mia Farrow has offered to give up her freedom so that an ailing Darfur rebel leader can get safe passage out of a hospital, according to a letter the actress wrote to Sudan's president and posted on her Web site. Suleiman Jamous, a moderate who has been a key link between Darfur rebels and aid workers in the war-torn Sudanese region, needs to leave the country for further medical care, Farrow, 62, said in the letter to President Omar al-Bashir, dated Sunday. Jamous, suffering from abdominal problems, has been at a U.N. hospital outside Darfur. The U.N. has said he is free to leave, but he fears arrest or government reprisals if he does."

Row Sparked by US Tour of 3.2m-Year-Old Lucy (Dinknesh) Skeleton: TPLF Gangsters Raid Ethiopian National Museum Under Cover of Darkness and Smuggle the Fossil Out of the Country (, 08/07/07) "The 3.2m-year-old Lucy skeleton, one of man's earliest ancestors, has been taken out of Ethiopia, where it was discovered, for a controversial six-year US tour that scientists have warned will expose the fossil to a high risk of damage. Scientists at the Natural History Museum in Addis Ababa arrived at work yesterday to find that the remains had been quietly removed from the vault. Several staff members were also gone, reportedly bound for Texas with the [artefact]." RELATED STORY: Ethiopians Fret as "Lucy" Skeleton and 190 Other Heritage Items Heads to U.S. (, 08/07/07)

Lucy (Dinknesh) Reconstruction by the BBC. Ethiopia's national  treasure peddled to pad Meles Zenawi's TPLF Swiss account. A shameful smear of Ethiopia's history.


Famous Fossil Lucy Leaves Ethiopia Over Objections of the People of Ethiopia and the Smithsonian Institution Meles Zenawi Committing Another Treasonous Act ( -ap- 08/06/07) "ADDIS ABABA, Ethiopia - The 3.2 million-year-old skeleton known as Lucy was quietly flown out of Ethiopia overnight for a tour of the United States, a trip some consider too risky for one of the world's most famous fossils. Although the fossil was expected to leave the Ethiopian Natural History Museum this month, the handling of the departure took some in the nation's capital by surprise. "This is a national treasure," said Kine Arega, a 29-year-old attorney in Addis Ababa. "How come the public has no inkling about this? It's amazing that we didn't even get to say goodbye."" 

Tsehaye Woldeselassie  BBC Photo

Meles Zenawi Executes Tsehaye Woldeselassie to Cover Up His Previous Execution of TPLF Rival Kinfe Gebremedhin (, 08/06/07) "A major in the Ethiopian army has been executed for murdering the head of the intelligence and security services six years ago, the authorities say. Tsehaye Woldeselassie was found guilty of shooting dead Kinfe Gebremedhin in a case which shocked the country. Death sentences are extremely rare in Ethiopia and this is only the second execution carried out since the present government came to power. t remains unclear whether the killing had a political or personal motive." RELATED STORY: Ethiopia Carries Out Rare Execution (, 08/06/07)

Two Bombs in Ogaden Region of Ethiopia 1 killed, Wound 8: Meles Zenawi's Agents Blew Up a Church Just Like They did a Year Ago in Wellega to Incite Religious Conflicts (, 08/06/07) "ADDIS ABABA, Aug 6 (Reuters) - One civilian was killed and eight wounded in two bomb blasts in Ethiopia's remote Ogaden region, officials said on Monday, as Ogaden rebels and the government blamed each other for the explosions. "Two suspects have been arrested," said a spokesman for Ethiopia's information ministry who declined to be named. He said the attacks, which occurred on Sunday, targeted a marketplace and a church in Ogaden's capital Jijiga. A senior adviser to Prime Minister Meles Zenawi accused the separatist Ogaden National Liberation Front (ONLF) of staging the blasts to discredit the government."

Meles Zenawi's Mercenary Troops Kill a Man During Somalia Weapons Search ( -ap- 08/06/07) "MOGADISHU, Somalia - Ethiopian troops conducting a house-to-house search for weapons opened fire Monday, killing one civilian, after gunmen threw hand grenades at soldiers, witnesses said. Somalia's fragile government has tried a voluntary program to get arms out of the hands of civilians. But the program has not had much success in a city torn by anarchy and bloodshed in the past 16 years. "Ethiopians opened fire. I saw one dead woman who had a small shop in the area," said resident Mohamed Osman Abdi." RELATED STORY: Explosions Rock Mogadishu as Soldiers Search for Weapons (, 08/06/07)

Billed as the Best, Gebrselassie Holds True to Form (, 08/06/07) "Haile Gebrselassie stormed out of hilly Central Park and separated from his two competitors a few blocks down Seventh Avenue. When he reached the strangely serene Times Square at 7:35 yesterday morning, Gebrselassie — an Ethiopian who is considered the world’s greatest distance runner — was alone and more than halfway to victory in the NYC Half-Marathon. He allowed himself to look up and around. “Yesterday I was there, it was many cars, it was very crowded,” Gebrselassie said after the race. “Today — wow — only spectators, and the road was open. “Ah,” he added, laughing, “that’s what I want.”" RELATED STORY: FIFA Says Only 18 African Nations Have Safe Stadiums (, 08/06/07)

Tom Porteous   Guardian Photo


Meles Zenawi's Dirty War: A New Humanitarian Crisis Has Developed in the Horn of Africa (, 08/05/07) "While the west agonises over Darfur, another humanitarian and human rights disaster is brewing in the Horn of Africa. In June, the Ethiopian government launched a major military campaign in the Ogaden, a sparsely populated and remote region on Ethiopia's border with Somalia. The counter insurgency operation was aimed at eliminating the Ogaden National Liberation Front (ONLF), a rebel group which has been fighting for years for self-determination for the Ogaden's predominantly Somali population."

Haile Gebre Selassie wins New York City Half Marathon 08/05/07  AP/Washington Post Photo

Haile Gebre Selassie Wins New York City Half Marathon (, 08/05/07) "NEW YORK (AP) — Haile Gebrselassie won the New York City Half Marathon in 59 minutes, 24 seconds Sunday, cruising away from elite competitors two-thirds of the way through the race to win his eighth half marathon in eight attempts Gebrselassie, a two-time Olympic gold medalist for Ethiopia, pulled away from Abdi Abdirahman of the United States shortly after they emerged from Central Park along with two-time Boston Marathon champion Robert Cheruiyot of Kenya. "I was dreaming just to run in New York City. The dream has come true this morning," Gebrselassie said. "Wow, I'm so happy!""


Omar Hassan al Bashir - A brutal dictator has been killing Sudanese citizens and is now handing over Ethiopian political exiles to Meles Zenawi for torture and murder in exchange for territory cut off from Ethiopia and transferred to Sudan.  Guardian Photo

At Long, Long Last, the UN Flexes Its Muscles in Darfur (, 08/05/07) "The sound that defines Darfur is not the cry of the dying: it is the rustle of paperwork. The barbarism outsourced to militias by Sudan's President, Omar al-Bashir, has claimed more than 200,000 lives over four years bookmarked with peace deals never honoured, resolutions never enforced and promises never kept. Now, finally, a United Nations and African Union force of 26,000 peacekeepers should be deployed from 1 October. Its composition is uncertain and its timetable unclear, but it is a start. Gordon Brown, despite being hailed, implausibly, as the most important transatlantic emissary since Columbus, can take much credit." RELATED STORIES: Sudan: A Country in Crisis (Washington Post Interactive Report) Darfur Rebel Talks to Wind Up Monday ( -afp- 08/05/07)

Meles Zenawi Engages in Secret Talks With Islamists, Looking for a Way Out of the Quagmire He Created (, 08/04/07) "Mogadishu 04, August.07 ( Sh.M.Network)- The leaders of Somalia's routed Union of Islamic Courts and the Ethiopian government have reportedly been having undisclosed dialog, according to Asharqalawsat, the Arabic online newspaper based in London. The paper reported that no results have yet to come out from the secret talks. An Islamist leader, who asked to remain anonymous, confirmed that Ethiopia and Somalia's Islamists were negotiating, but he did not say if the talks have been done through telephone or meeting, Asharqalawsat said."

Isaias Afeworki Dismisses Extension of UN Border Mission ( -afp- 08/04/07) "ASMARA (AFP) - Eritrea on Saturday dismissed a United Nations decision to extend by six months the mandate of its mission monitoring a disputed border with arch-foe Ethiopia. Asmara also accused the world body of failing to put pressure on Ethiopia to accept a 2002 ruling by an independent boundary commission. "The (UN Security) Council has once again revealed its consent to remain a springboard for endless deployment of peacekeeping contingents," the state-run Eritrea Profile newspaper said in an editorial."

What I Expect From Our Leaders! (, 08/03/07) "August 2, 2007 — The best news so far from Ethiopia in 2007 has been the partial release of political prisoners, mostly of the leadership of the Coalition for Unity and Democracy (CUD). These leaders have been victims of a cunningly vicious dictator, causalities of chains of stormy events and the helpless saviors of a people under bondage. However, the regime that thought it would interrupt their momentum and support found that their imprisonment had a solidifying effect on the opposition it faced and a justification for its immorality. Their release was as imminent as the light of day as the regime found it unsustainable in the face of the domestic isolation it faced and the growing contempt from the international community."

"Democrats and the White House are at odds over the scope of surveillance legislation. President Bush said he opposes a congressional recess, scheduled to begin this weekend, unless lawmakers approve "a bill I can sign.""
Photo Credit: By Ron Edmonds -- Associated Press

Senate Votes To Expand Warrantless Surveillance- Caller Beware, George May be Listening to Your Conversation With Relatives Who the Bush/Zenawi Duo Labeled as "Terrorists." Remember the Charges Against the CUDP Leaders! (, 08/04/07) "The Senate bowed to White House pressure last night and passed a Republican plan for overhauling the federal government's terrorist surveillance laws, approving changes that would temporarily give U.S. spy agencies expanded power to eavesdrop on foreign suspects without a court order. The 60 to 28 vote, which was quickly denounced by civil rights and privacy advocates, came after Democrats in the House failed to win support for more modest changes that would have required closer court supervision of government surveillance. Earlier in the day, President Bush threatened to hold Congress in session into its scheduled summer recess if it did not approve the changes he wanted." RELATED STORY: Robert Mugabe Mimics George Bush (,  08/04/07)

Darfur's Fractious Rebels in Landmark Reconciliation Talks ( -afp- 08/04/07) "ARUSHA, Tanzania (AFP) - Darfur's myriad rebel groups sat at the same table for the first time in more than a year Saturday at a meeting in Tanzania, aiming to present a united front in future peace talks with Khartoum. The landmark talks between the political and military leaders of the many factions that have emerged in Darfur over the past four and half years of conflict were overshadowed however by the absence of two key rebel figures."

Anti-Poverty Campaigners Jailed in November 2005 Face Two-Month Wait for Verdict While Woyane Judges Go on Vacation ( -reuters- 08/03/07) "Judges trying tthe case of two anti-poverty campaigners in Ethiopia yesterday (Thursday 2 August) adjourned the trial until 8 October, when the court will give judgment. Daniel Bekele, 40, policy manager of ActionAid Ethiopia, and Netsanet Demissie, 29, general manager of the Organisation for Social Justice in Ethiopia, will now spend two more months in prison awaiting the verdict, while the court takes its annual recess. The two were detained in November 2005 alongside opposition political leaders and charged in January 2006 with the crime of 'outrage against the constitution and the constitutional order'. Of 131 originally charged, they are the only two still on trial."

A Somali government soldier taunted as he walks past children living near a military compound in Waberi district in southern Mogadishu, July 30, 2007. Photo Reuters/Edward Ou

U.N. Says Thousands Flee Mogadishu Because of Bombings and Gun Battles ( -reuters- 08/03/07) "GENEVA (Reuters) - Somali children are at risk from unexploded ordnance around the capital Mogadishu, where daily fighting has forced 27,000 people to flee since June, U.N. agencies said on Friday. Bombing and gun battles in the capital prevent families from working or buying food, and children are out of school because of the dangers and closed roads, the United Nations refugee agency (UNHCR) said. Some 6,000 people fled Mogadishu in June and another 21,000 in July amid renewed fighting between the Ethiopian-backed Somali Transitional Federal Government and insurgents."

Idi Amin's Son Jailed Over Gang Killing in London (, 08/03/07) "A man jailed over the killing of a Somali youth is the son of former Ugandan military leader Idi Amin. Faisal Wangita, 25, was among a mob who beat Mahir Osman, 18, to death near Camden Tube station, London, in 2006. He was jailed for five years at the Old Bailey in May for conspiracy to wound with intent and violent disorder."

Red Cross Confirms Pullout From Somali Region in Ethiopia  (, 08/02/07) "GENEVA, Aug 2 (Reuters) - The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) has pulled out from Ethiopia's restive Ogaden region following a government order, but still hopes to return, a spokeswoman said on Thursday. Authorities in Ethiopia's Somali regional state last week gave the Swiss-based humanitarian agency seven days' notice to leave, accusing it of consorting with rebels, an accusation it has rejected. "We have left the Somali region, our two offices there are closed," ICRC spokeswoman Anna Schaaf said in Geneva."

A Warm Reception for Refugees: Center Rolls Out The Welcome Mat (, 08/02/07) "Whenever Ahmed Maalim sits down with a newly arrived refugee at the Suburban Washington Resettlement Center in Silver Spring, he follows the same routine. "First thing I tell them is my own experience," said Maalim, an employment training coordinator and a native of Somalia, who fled his country's civil war and spent years in refugee camps before resettling in Prince George's County with his wife and five children." "...Unlike immigrants, refugees are brought to the country under the sponsorship of an aid agency and are eligible for federal benefits such as food stamps and Medicaid, center officials said. About 70,000 arrive each year, many coming from Burma, Ethiopia, Burundi, Afghanistan and African countries. Refugees are usually fleeing threats to their safety in their homeland."

"Violence has flared in Mogadishu over the past month." A wounded man being helped. AP Photo

8 killed, 20 wounded in Mogadishu ( -ap- 08/02/07) "MOGADISHU, Somalia - Mortars slammed into homes in the Somali capital after fighting between insurgents and Ethiopian troops, killing eight people, including a mother and her two daughters, witnesses said Thursday. Police spokesman Yusuf Osman Hussein blamed the attacks on remnants of an Islamic militia driven from Mogadishu in December by Ethiopian troops backing Somalia's fragile government. The militants have been waging insurgent attacks for months in an attempt to regain power." RELATED STORY: Civilians Die in Mogadishu Battle (, 08/02/07)

Tigrean People's Liberation Front (TPLF) Kangaroo Court Sentences Five Opposition Figures to Long Term Imprisonment (, 08/02/07) "An Ethiopian court has issued prison sentences for five opposition figures convicted of planning to overthrow the government. Ethiopian state media say the high court on Wednesday sentenced Girma Amare to a 16-year prison term, while giving 15-year sentences to co-defendants Kdist Bekele and Mebrato Kebede. Two journalists - Wosenseged Gebrekidan and Dawit Kebede - received terms of four years each."

AU Says Five Nations Pledge to Back Darfur Force, Meles Zenawi Offers Aagazi Troops (, 08/02/07) "ADDIS ABABA (Reuters) - Five African nations pledged on Thursday to send peacekeepers to a mission in Sudan's troubled Darfur region that was approved this week by the U.N. Security Council, a top African Union (AU) official said. Said Djinnit, the AU Commissioner for Peace and Security, said member states had responded positively during talks on the deployment of up to 26,000 U.N. and AU troops who will absorb a smaller AU force that has failed to quell the violence."

US Congressman Donald Payne (D NJ)

 The White House and the US Department of State Continue to Sustain the Meles Zenawi Terrorist Regime in Ethiopia: Both the Senate and House leaders are baffled by  George W. Bush's infatuation with a rogue Marxist dictatorship. In the House Congressman Donald Payne and co-sponsors have drafted legislation -H.R. 2003: Ethiopia Democracy and Accountability Act of 2007 ( The bill seeks to encourage and facilitate the consolidation of peace and security, respect for human rights, democracy, and economic freedom in Ethiopia. In the Senate Senator Christopher Dodd Seeks Answers from Secretary of State Rice (04/12/07) 

Rumblings of Trouble in East Africa (, 08/01/07) "THE ETHIOPIA-ERITREA BORDER - Badme doesn't look like the most dangerous town in Africa. Marooned at the end of 20 miles of dirt road, the tiny frontier outpost consists of a knot of rock huts, some jaywalking goats and one communal ping-pong table. Not the sort of place, one would imagine, that once inspired 70,000 men to die in battle. Or still destabilizes a chunk of territory inhabited by 90 million people. Or gives U.S. policymakers in Africa the jitters. Yet remote little Badme, the flash point of a brutal territorial conflict between Ethiopia and Eritrea in the late 1990s, is responsible for all of these woes. And today experts worry that the contested town, which is claimed by both countries but controlled by Ethiopia, may be poised to spark even worse trouble ahead -- namely, Africa's next major war."

Ethiopia-American Interpreter Freed (, 08/01/07) "Mohamed Abdi, an Ethiopian-American interpreter detained for more than two months without being charged, was released over the weekend, American officials said. He had been working as an interpreter for the American military in the volatile eastern Ogaden region when Ethiopian troops arrested him and two American soldiers in early May."

U.N. Says Mogadishu Violence Scaring Returnees ( -reuters- 08/01/07) "MOGADISHU (Reuters) - Unceasing violence in Mogadishu is stopping thousands of people who fled fighting in Somalia's capital earlier this year from venturing home, a senior U.N. official said on Wednesday. Eric Laroche, the U.N. resident aid coordinator, spoke after touring squalid camps housing some of the 250,000 people thought to be sheltering on the outskirts of the city, which saw its worst battles for two decades in March and April."

"Israeli author Gad Shimron holds his book 'Mossad Exodus' in Tel Aviv July 22, 2007. While other Israeli spies spent the early 1980s stalking Arab foes through Europe, Shimron was deep in Africa on a secret mission."  Photo Gil Cohen Magen/Reuters)

Israeli Spy Recalls Secret Mission Removing Ethiopian Jews -reuters- 07/31/07) "JERUSALEM (Reuters) - While other Israeli spies spent the early 1980s stalking Arab foes through Europe, Gad Shimron was deep in Africa on a secret mission to save lives. Thousands of Ethiopian Jews had fled the Eritrean conflict to neighboring Sudan, only to be stranded in teeming camps. Shimron, then a young Mossad operative, was sent to the Muslim state to find a way of spiriting the refugees away to Israel. The resulting mission, codenamed Brothers, became a modern Zionist legend. For Shimron, it was a high-wire mix of the humanitarian and the hazardous about which, a generation on, he has written a book with rare acquiescence from Israel's censors."

LeDroit Park Market in Northwest, 4th & T Streets, Washington, DC  Marvin Joseph/Washington Post Photo


Casting a Wide Web for Robbers- Market Owned by an Ethiopian Robbed Several Times, Community Comes to the Rescue (, 08/01/07) "The two masked robbers saunter into a corner market in LeDroit Park, each pointing a gun at the store clerk. The clerk runs behind the counter, but the thugs have him. As one empties the cash register, the other holds the clerk against the floor, a knee and a handgun pressed into his back. The thief pistol-whips the clerk before standing up and kicking him. Then he walks out with his partner."  RELATED STORY: To Ethiopians in America, Bread Is a Taste of Home  (, 08/01/07)

Watch You Tube Video of Robbery at Gun Point LeDroit Park Market at 1901 4st NW, Washington DC

"Out of the House and loving it: former congressman Richard A. Gephardt." (By Jim Bryant -- Associated Press)


For Gephardt, a New Career in Lobbying -- And a Lot More- Lobbying For Meles Zenawi's Terrorist Regime in Ethiopia (, 07/31/07) "R ichard A. Gephardt used to be the Democratic leader in the House and a presidential candidate. Now he's Gephardt Inc. The 14-term congressman from St. Louis retired from Congress in 2005 and went off to do what senior lawmakers do these days -- lobby. Or that's what it looked like at the time. In fact, he has done a lot more than that. Gephardt works for DLA Piper, one of the world's largest law firms; Goldman Sachs, one of Wall Street's richest investment banks; FTI, a leading corporate turnaround adviser; and Gephardt Group, a consultancy he started with his two children."


Somali gunmen attack Zenawi's invasion troops daily. They want mercenary troops out of their country.  AP Photo

Somali Gunmen Attack Meles Zenawi's Mercenary Troops (, 07/31/07) "Some 40 heavily armed fighters have attacked an Ethiopian base close to the Somali capital, Mogadishu. At least four people died in the fighting, with heavy machine guns and rocket-propelled grenades. The gunmen arrived in five vehicles and begin attacking the base, shouting "God is great", an eyewitness said. Islamists and other insurgents strongly oppose the presence of Ethiopian troops in Somalia who are backing the country's interim government."  RELATED STORIES: Four Killed As Rebels Attack Mercenary Troops in Mogadishu (, 07/31/07) Somali Suspect in US Plea Bargain (, 08/01/07)

US Congressman Tom Lantos Addresses Erroneous Reports About Legislation on Ethiopia: Press Release (, 07/31/07) "Washington, DC – To correct erroneous reports about the Ethiopia Democracy and Accountability Act (H.R. 2003), Chairman Tom Lantos of the House Foreign Affairs Committee issued this statement today: “The full committee did not consider the measure at today’s markup because I wanted to give Ethiopia’s elders, government officials, courts and opposition leaders an opportunity to work out a pardon arrangement for the more than 30 remaining political detainees.  Late last week I notified other members of Congress, including the House leadership, of my decision.  I continue to be concerned about the detainees, and hope for their release soon."

Ethiopia Treason Suspects "Acted Within Law" (, 07/31/07) "ADDIS ABABA, July 31 (Reuters) - A U.N. elections consultant told an Ethiopian treason trial on Tuesday two anti-poverty activists charged with trying to overthrow the government had been acting within the law. Daniel Bekele, 40, and Netsanet Demissie, 29, are the last defendants out of 131 originally charged in the proceedings that followed post-election violence in 2005 which a parliamentary inquiry said killed 199 civilians and police, and resulted in 30,000 arrests. The defendants were involved in deploying observers at polling stations in and around the capital Addis Ababa." RELATED STORY: Opposition Denies Links in TPLF Regime Treason Trial (, 07/30/07)

U.S Government - Meles Zenawi Regime: A Double-Edged Partnership (, 07/31/07) "After Ethiopia’s December invasion of Somalia to vanquish Islamic militants, many observers labeled Addis Ababa a proxy of the United States, and a few even called it a Puppet” (Guardian). Both labels implied the United States was an unseemly ally. Now, after the Ethiopian government’s recent attempt to put dozens of opposition politicians to death and reports of military abuse of civilians (HRW), Washington may be starting to balk at its Close Relationship With Addis Ababa (AP)."

Sudan Floods Kill 62 People, Leave Tens of Thousands Homeless (, 07/31/07) "KHARTOUM, Sudan (AP) -- Floods and heavy rains have caused 23,000 mudbrick homes to collapse and killed at least 62 people across Sudan this month, a senior Sudanese official said Tuesday. As he spoke, residents in the capital stacked sandbags along Nile. General Awad Allah Widaa, head of the Emergency Commission for the Alleviation of the Effects of Floods and Rains, said 145 people had also been injured since the unusually strong seasonal downpours began in June." RELATED STORY: Security Council approves 26,000-strong peacekeeping force for Darfur (, 07/31/07)

UN: The TPLF, EPLF Regimes Still a Concern- Cantankerous Cousins Spreading Terror in East Africa (, 07/30/07) "UNITED NATIONS -- The U.N. Security Council said Monday the lack of progress on resolving the divisive border issue between [Ethiopia and Eritrea] remained a cause of "deep concern" and called on both countries to immediately withdraw their troops from the frontier. The 15-member body voted unanimously to extend the 1,700-member peacekeeping mission in the tense buffer zone between the countries for another six months."

The Coptic Orthodox during Mass at St Catherine of Italy church, in Valletta yesterday. The men in white are being prepared for the Coptic priesthood. Photo: Matthew Mirabelli

The Coptic Orthodox Mass at St Catherine of Italy Church, in Valletta (, 07/30/07) "Walking near the top of Merchants Street, in Valletta, on a Sunday morning one is bound to be drawn to St Catherine of Italy church by the sound of voices singing in unison. Many stop to watch and listen. The Ethiopian and Eritrean Coptic Orthodox congregation claps as it sings, bodies swaying and arms raised in praise of the Lord. Those who enter remove their shoes, kneel, make the sign of the cross and bow in worship, before sitting. Song dominates the two-and-half-hour long service during which it is evident the participants are enjoying the ceremony." 

Editorial Note: Meles Zenawi and Isaias Afeworki, Eat Your Hearts Out. Ethiopia stretches her hands unto God.

Sample Letter to be Sent to the Honorable Speaker of the US House of Representatives- The Coalition H.R. 2003 ( Ethiopia Democracy and Accountability Act of 2007) has requested that you use the sample letter to send a message to the Speaker, the Majority Leader and members of the House Foreign Affairs Committee. Personal Note Sent by E-mail  To:  RELATED STORY: Speaker Nancy Pelosi As A Mother (, 05/11/07)

Kenya's Shame in the Horn of Terror (, 07/30/07) "A shocking report entitled Horn of Terror just released by Kenya’s Muslim Human Rights Forum details the Kenya government’s culpability in the renditions, incommunicado detention and disappearances of over 100 people from December 2006 to the present. Some were arrested fleeing the conflict created by the Ethiopian army’s entry into Somalia to rout the Islamic Courts Union. Others were their family members, including women and children, arrested at various locations in Kenya — primarily in the north and at the Coast."

Meles Zenawi's ’Mission Accomplished’ in Somalia? (, 07/26/07) "The same kind of “hit first, ask questions later” policies that has led the United States into disaster in Iraq has, often with little attention, been replicated elsewhere to similar effect—nowhere more catastrophically than in Somalia. In December 2006, the United States provided logistical, tactical, and financial support for Ethiopian forces invading Somalia to rescue the internationally recognized, but powerless, Transitional Federal Government (TFG) from the encroaching Union of Islamic Courts (UIC), an alliance of religious leaders, clan elders, warlords, and a few militant jihadists with reputed links to al Qaeda and the 1998 African embassy bombings. U.S. forces, meanwhile, carried out their own targeted attacks on suspected terrorists among the UIC ranks."

Professor Ephraim Isaac on NPR Radio, All Things Considered Program,  July 29, 2007 The professor claims that outside pressure (EU and US Congress) on Meles Zenawi's regime had no impact on Zenawi, and to the contrary the prisoners would have been released earlier had it not been for the interference. Congressman Donald Payne strongly disagrees.

Kenenisa Bekele in Zaragoza
(Agencia Efe)


Kenenisa Bekele of Ethiopia Wins The 4th Gran Premio Internacional de Atletismo Gobierno de Aragón in Zaragoza, Spain (, 07/29/07) "Zaragoza, Spain - Ethiopia's reigning Olympic and World 10,000m champion Kenenisa Bekele produced the highlight performance of the ‘4th Gran Premio Internacional de Atletismo Gobierno de Aragón” held last night (28) on a hot and windy day. The 4th Gran Premio Internacional de Atletismo Gobierno de Aragón is one of a select group of Area meetings at which points can be acquired by athletes to qualify for the IAAF / VTB Bank World Athletics Final." RELATED STORY: Ethiopia's Gebrselassie Breaks World Record, Runs 21.285 Km in One Hour (, 07/29/07)

Somali militia fighting Meles Zenawi's mercenary troops  AFP Photo

Four Killed in Somali Insurgent Grenade, Gun Attacks in Mogadishu (, 07/29/07) "MOGADISHU, Somalia -- Gun battles and grenade attacks killed two soldiers and two civilians on Sunday in Mogadishu, where the government is struggling to contain a violent insurgency, witnesses said. Men with pistols ambushed the government soldiers while they patrolled a market. "Three masked men shot the soldiers at close range and escaped in the melee of gunfire from other troops nearby," said Harun Omar Mohamed, a shop owner who witnessed the battle. He said two civilians were wounded." RELATED STORY: Man in Somalia Targeted for Bringing Water to Aagazi Troops (,  07/29/07)

Breakaway Somali Republic Arrests Three Politicians (, 07/28/07) "HARGEISA, Somalia, July 28 (Reuters) - The government of the breakaway Somali republic of Somaliland on Saturday arrested three politicians planning to form an opposition party, in a move diplomats said could hurt its bid for sovereignty. Security forces arrested the leader of the Qaran political association, Mohamed Abdi Gaboose, and his deputies Mohamed Hashi Elmi and Jamal Aideed Ibrahim, and charged them with founding an illegal organization and creating instability. A regional court ordered the three held at Mandera prison. Somaliland permits by law only three political parties, a situation which Qaran has criticised repeatedly."

Data Mining Figured In Dispute Over US National Sescurity Agency (, 07/29/07) "A fierce dispute within the Bush administration in early 2004 over a National Security Agency (NSA) warrantless surveillance program was related to concerns about the NSA's searches of huge computer databases, the New York Times reported today. The agency's data mining was also linked to a dramatic chain of events in March 2004, including threats of resignation from senior Justice Department officials and an unusual nighttime visit by White House aides to the hospital bedside of then-Attorney General John D. Ashcroft, the Times reported, citing current and former officials briefed on the program." RELATED STORY: July 29: Democrats still pursuing prosecutor for Gonzales (, 07/29/07)

Rigged Zimbabwe Polls Would Be Fatal for Country: Opposition ( -afp- 07/29/07) "HARARE (AFP) - Zimbabwe's opposition chief said on Sunday that President Robert Mugabe would deliver a death blow to the country if he rigged presidential elections in his favour next year. Speaking at a rally in Kuwadzana in the capital Harare, Movement for Democratic Change leader Morgan Tsvangirai said he himself would congratulate Mugabe if he won next year's presidential elections in a free and fair environment. "If Mugabe wins in a free and fair contest, I will be the first one to congratulate him," Tsvangirai told party supporters."

Kinijit (CUDP) International Leadership Group Hands Back Delegated Political Power [Adera] to Elected Party Leaders. In an Amharic language press release six members of the group pledge to work with the released elected leaders of the party and indicated that they will soon submit a complete report on their past activities to the Kinijit leadership in Ethiopia. 

H.R. 2003 Obstructed in the US House of Representatives- How to Deal With the Lobbyist Menace:  Bill Moyers a renowned journalist Talks about Stopping the Culture of Corruption and Promoting Open Government  in Washington ( 04/06/06)  -  In a July 25, 2007 article Harper's Magazine Ken Silverstein  exposes the role the lobby firm of  DLA Piper (paid $50,000 per month by Meles) and former House Majority Leaders Richard Armey (R Texas), Richard Gephardt (D Missouri)–are working hard to block full congressional action against the Meles Zenawi regime. Also involved is former Senate Majority Leader George Mitchell (D) of Maine, Chairman of the Global Board of Piper and Co-Chair of its Government Controversies Practice Group. Ethiopia news media indicated that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D California) and Majority Leader Steny Hoyer (D Maryland) on Friday directed Foreign Affairs Committee Chair Tom Lantos not to mark-up H.R. 2003 on July 31, 2007. Barack Obama Claims He Wants to Clean Up Washington's Corruption ( The New York Times News Article Indicates Democrats Agree on Overhaul of Lobbying  (, 07/28/07)

Film Director Steven Spielberg May Quit Beijing Olympics Role Over Darfur (, 07/28/07) "A spokesman for Steven Spielberg says the film director may quit his involvement with the 2008 Beijing Olympics unless China does more to stop the violence in Darfur. Andy Spahn told the ABC news network in an article on its web site that the director will decide in the next few weeks whether to resign from his position as artistic adviser to the games."

Gorbachev: U.S. Government Is Sowing 'Global Disarray' (, 07/27/07) "MOSCOW (AP) — Former Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev on Friday laid the blame for the current low in Russia's relations with the West squarely at Washington's door, accusing the United States of making "major strategic mistakes" that had thrown the world into a period of "global disarray." Russia has fallen out with the United States on a raft of issues, clouding relations and leading some commentators to draw parallels with the Cold War."

SA Publishers Cancel 'Racist' Comic Book ( -ap- 07/28/07) "JOHANNESBURG, South Africa - The South African publisher of "Tintin in the Congo" said it would not release an Afrikaans translation of the comic following complaints of racism, local media reported Saturday. Publisher Human & Rousseau said it had canceled its Afrikaans version of the book in the popular Belgian series because it portrayed Africans in an offensive way, according to SABC radio.: NOTE: A WARNING TO PARENTS OF YOUNG CHILDREN

US Government and TPLF Regime in Ethiopia Accused Over Military Weapons and Atrocities in Somalia (, 07/27/07) "Ethiopia is accused of killing civilians with white phosphorus bombs, the US navy of attacking suspected al-Qaeda operatives in Puntland, and Eritrea of delivering surface-to-air missiles to Islamist militia, in a startling new report on Somalia by UN arms monitors. Warning that the number of weapons in Somalia now exceeds that during the early 1990s, when the failed East African state was engulfed in civil war, the UN monitoring group describes persistent instability in which anti-government Islamist forces are far from a spent force, and former warlords are reasserting themselves." "...During a battle on April 13 between the Ethiopian military, which remains in the country, and the Shabaab, elite forces from the Islamic Courts Union, “Ethiopian military forces resorted to using white phosphorus bombs … approximately 15 Shabaab fighters and 35 civilians were killed.”"

A U.N. Report on Somalia Accuses the EPLF Regime in Eritrea of Adding to the Chaos (, 07/27/07) "NAIROBI, Kenya, July 26 — Eritrea has covertly shipped “huge quantities of arms,” possibly including suicide bomb belts and missiles that can shoot down planes, to insurgents in Somalia in an effort to torpedo Somalia’s fledgling government, a new United Nations report says. According to the report, delivered to the Security Council last Friday, United Nations monitors tracked a cargo jet that made at least 13 flights from Eritrea into Somalia to unload fighters and weapons. The Eritrean government denied all accusations and accused the arms monitors of being “misused and abused by some countries who have created quagmire in Somalia.”" RELATED STORIES: Is the Genocidal Conflict in Somalia a Proxy War Between Two Eritrean Warlords Meles Zenawi and Isaias Afeworki? (, 07/27/07) Isaias Afeworki Denies His Regime is the Main Arms Supplier to Somali Rebels ( -afp- 07/27/07)

Meles Zenawi's TPLF Regime Turns Its Critics Into Untouchables: Lessons For Naive and Opportunistic Politicians (, 07/27/07) "ADDIS ABABA, ETHIOPIA -- Dressed in a black Adidas track suit and seated amid a comfortable clutter of term papers and political science tomes in his modest office at Addis Ababa University, Prof. Merera Gudina hardly looks like a menace. But, ever since he was elected to parliament two years ago, people have been avoiding him." "...Prof. Gudina has kept his full-time job at the university. After seeing 56 members of his party killed amid post-election violence, he says there's very little he can do in parliament, where, unlike representatives for the ruling party, he has no offices, no budget and no influence. "In a year and a half, I've attended five, six sessions, that's all," Prof. Gudina said. "There's nothing there to do. When Meles makes a report, you go so at least people see you are there.""

Hearing Today for Final Two in Ethiopia Treason Trial (, 07/27/07) "Anti-poverty campaigners Daniel Bekele and Netsanet Demissie are now the only defendants still striving to establish their innocence, out of 131 originally accused in a long-running treason trial in Ethiopia. With their advocate, the two will begin presenting their defence evidence to the Federal High Court today. They will be the only ones left on trial in this case. On Wednesday 25 July five defendants changed their pleas to guilty, and two others decided not to present any further evidence. Those convicted will be sentenced next week and it is understood they will immediately seek presidential pardons."

Blasts Kill 5 in Somali Capital ( -ap- 07/27/07) "MOGADISHU, Somalia -- Two separate explosions killed at least five civilians in the Somali capital, where the government is struggling to contain a lethal insurgency, witnesses said Friday. In one blast late Thursday, a gunman lobbed a hand grenade at a tea shop in the Hurwa district, a hotbed of support for an Islamic group that ruled much of southern Somalia for six months last year. "The bomb went off among dozens of men," said Muhiyadin Ga'amey, a witness. Three people died and five were wounded, he said." RELATED STORIES: France's Kouchner Calls for Urgent UN Force in Somalia ( -afp- 07/27/07) France's Sarkozy Takes Stick for New Africa Vision ( -afp- 07/27/07)

Meles Zenawi's TPLF Regime Denies Looming Humanitarian Crisis in Somali Region (, 07/26/07) "NAIROBI, 26 July 2007 (IRIN) - The Ethiopian government has denied blocking aid and trade to parts of its southeastern Somali region but analysts and aid agencies say humanitarian access is limited and rising prices of food are evidence of security-related restrictions. "It is a lie. It is far from the truth. There is no humanitarian operation we have banned. We are not closing any route of humanitarian operation; however, we closed the illegal trade routes crossing the border," Jama Ahmed Jama, vice-president of the Somali regional state, told IRIN." RELATED STORY: Red Cross Rejects EPRDF Cadre Accusations (, 07/27/07)

BBC Launches Free Internet TV Service (, 07/27/07) "LONDON (Reuters) - Billed as the biggest change in the way viewers watch television in 40 years, the BBC launched an online service on Friday that allows people to download many programmes from the last week. BBC Director General Mark Thompson says the arrival of the "on-demand" iPlayer is as important as the first colour broadcasts in the 1960s."

Emperor Theodros, father of Prince Alemayehu Theodros sacrificed his life for Ethiopia. He will turn in his grave if he knew what Meles Zenawi has done to Ethiopia and her people. We urge the British Queen not to hand over the remains of the prince to hoodlums. 

Meles Zenawi and Woyane Gangsters Have Plundered and Sold Ethiopia, Now They Want to Dig Up and Defile Ethiopian Heroes Who They Despise So Much ( -afp- 07/26/07) "ADDIS ABABA (AFP) - Ethiopia has never forgotten its boy prince, captured by the British Army and taken to England where he died more than a century ago, a lonely, royal orphan and curiosity who still lies entombed in Windsor Castle. As the country approaches millennium celebrations, officials in Addis Ababa have stepped up a push to have the remains of Prince Alemayehu repatriated."

"Thirty-eight opposition members who were pardoned after international condemnation of their two-year case vowed this week to continue their "struggle for democracy.""

Red Cross: Expulsion From Ethiopia Will Hurt Local People (, 07/26/07) "ADDIS ABABA, Ethiopia (AP)--Ethiopia's expulsion of the Red Cross from the country's volatile east will restrict access to basic services, the aid group said Thursday. The government has given the International Committee of the Red Cross one week -until Monday -to leave the Somali regional state. It accused the group of helping ethnic Somali rebels from the Ogaden National Liberation Front. The Red Cross denied the allegations. "All ICRC activities in Ethiopia are conducted in strict accordance with the principles of independence and neutrality," said Daniel Duvillard, ICRC's head of operations for the Horn of Africa." RELATED STORY: Red Cross Told to Leave Ethiopia (, 07/26/07)

U.N. Confirms Isaias Afeworki Has Armed Islamic Fighters in Somalia ( -ap- 07/26/07) "NAIROBI, Kenya -- Islamic insurgents have enough surface-to-air missiles, suicide vests and explosives to sustain their war against the internationally backed Somali government, largely due to secret shipments from Eritrea, a U.N. monitoring panel said in a report. The report, obtained Thursday by The Associated Press, said Eritrea has shipped a "huge quantity of arms" to the insurgents, known as the Shabab. The shipments continued despite U.N. efforts to bring peace to Somalia and the deployment of African Union peacekeepers." 

New Camp Opened for Somali Refugees in Ethiopia (, 07/26/07) "ADDIS ABABA, 26 July 2007 (IRIN) - The UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR) has started relocating about 4,000 Somali refugees to a reopened refugee camp at Teferi Ber in eastern Ethiopia. The camp was closed in 2001 after its previous population of Somali refugees were repatriated. Kisut Gebre Egziabher, senior public information assistant at UNHCR, told IRIN that about 2,000 refugees had been moved from an overcrowded camp at Kebribeyah, 120km south, where they had been staying after fleeing fighting between the Transitional Federal Government (TFG) and the Union of Islamic Courts (UIC) in central and southern Somalia last year." RELATED STORY: Somali Islamists Reject Reconciliation Talks (, 07/26/07)

Press Release Issued by CUD Detainee Leaders, July 25, 2007 "As a result of the political unrest in our country, following the May 2005 election, lives have been lost, human and democratic rights of numerous citizens have been violated and valuable property has been destroyed. Furthermore, our society has sustained a psychological wound that is not likely to heal easily. The problem that our country is facing at present will not be solved easily. However, it is our ardent hope that we as a nation will recuperate gradually and strive forward in the fulfillment of our objectives."  ENGLISH VERSION (pdf) AMHARIC VERSION (pdf) RELATED STORY: Ethiopian Opposition Pledges Reconciliation, Democracy ( -afp- 07/26/07)

Letter to Ethiopian Canadians by Obang Metho July 25, 2007 "We are thrilled with the release of the 38 political leaders, human rights defenders, journalists and political activists this past week, yet the crisis in Ethiopia remains serious despite this good news. Instead, it is time for increased action—rather than relaxing, thinking that others will do it all for us. We now must take advantage of this encouraging development by not losing a step in our march for freedom, peace and the rule of law in Ethiopia . To do this, we must call other Canadians to march with us, calling them to intervene wherever it is possible. Ethiopian Canadians have an important role to play as they live, work and raise their families in a great and free country, but one that continues to generously support the current ruling government of Ethiopia with huge amounts of foreign aid."

Bipartisan Duo of US Ex-Congressional Heavyweights Blocking Action Against Ethiopia (, 07/25/07) "There have been a series of accounts out of Ethiopia recently that describe a nasty situation there, including a Human Rights Watch report earlier this month that said the Ethiopian military had “forcibly displaced thousands of civilians in the country’s eastern Somali . . . while escalating its campaign against a separatist insurgency movement.” Government troops were “destroying villages and property, confiscating livestock, and forcing civilians to relocate,” according to Peter Takirambudde, Africa director of Human Rights Watch. “Whatever the military strategy behind them, these abuses violate the laws of war.” Eyewitness accounts offered to Human Rights Watch said Ethiopian troops had been “burning homes and property, including the recent harvest and other food stocks intended for the civilian population, confiscating livestock and, in a few cases, firing upon and killing fleeing civilians.”"

Abdil Ahmed of EPRDF Declared Five Ethiopian Opposition Members Pleaded Guilty, Sought Pardon ( -ap- 07/25/07) "ADDIS ABABA, Ethiopiia - Five opposition members imprisoned since 2005 pleaded guilty Wednesday to attempting to overthrow Ethiopia's government, but asked the judge for a pardon. Ethiopia pardoned and freed 38 other opposition members in the same case last week after international condemnation and strong pressure from the United States. The detainees were all arrested in connection with deadly election protests." 

Meles Zenawi Orders Red Cross to Leave Ogaden Region (, 07/25/07) "The International Committee of the Red Cross says it is still trying to confirm media reports that the Ethiopian government has issued an order for the Red Cross to leave the restive Ogaden region in eastern Ethiopia within one week.  VOA Correspondent Alisha Ryu reports from our East Africa Bureau in Nairobi that tensions between the Ethiopian government and international humanitarian groups that allege the Ethiopian military is blocking food aid to rebel-held areas in the Ogaden and committing war crimes there."

Isaias Afeworki Asks China to Help Break 'Border Deadlock' With Meles Zenawi ( -afp- 07/25/07) "ASMARA (AFP) - Eritrean President Issaias Afeworki has asked China to boost efforts to break the tense border deadlock with arch-foe Ethiopia, an official statement said. Issaias made the request Monday during trade talks with a delegation headed by China's Assistant Minister of Commerce Chong Quan, according to a statement on Eritrea's information ministry website."

Somali Peace Talks Open to Islamists and Insurgents: An Act of Desperation (, 07/25/07) "MOGADISHU (Reuters) - The leaders of Somalia's national reconciliation conference on Wednesday opened up the talks to Islamists, members of a rival peace meeting in Asmara and even insurgents targeting the conference venue in Mogadishu. By allowing the dissident groups in, conference organisers appeared to be trying to give the meeting wider inclusiveness urged by international donors. "The Islamic Courts, the renegade legislators in Asmara and those who are behind the explosions in Mogadishu can attend the conference," deputy conference chairman Abdirahman Abdi Hussein told elders at the meeting in the Somali capital. Hussein also said "politics are on the agenda"." RELATED STORY: Mogadishu Violence Kills One, Wounds At Least Nine (, 07/25/07)

Visit CCEM Web Site

CCEM News Release:"Ethiopian Millennium Day" Proclaimed by Mayor Adrian M. Fenty of Washington D.C. July 24, 2007 "Washington D.C. -- Mayor Adrian Fenty of Washington D.C. proclaimed September 12, 2007 as the “Ethiopian Millennium Day”. In recognition of the multiculturalism and diversity of the Ethiopian Community in Washington D.C. Mayor Fenty called upon all of the District’s residents to join him in this special recognition. Spearheaded by the Committee for the Celebration of the Ethiopian Millennium (CCEM), the effort of getting recognition and proclamation from this important city has been going on for months. As a hub of thousands of Ethiopians, Washington D.C. is the heart of the Ethiopian Diaspora and Mayor Fenty recognized that the Ethiopians in his city give his District its distinct ethnic flavor.


Meles Zenawi's Aagazi troop pillage, plunder, rape and kill policy is causing humanitarian crisis in East Africa. Women and children are the main victims.    ICRC Photo

Meles Zenawi's Regime Orders the ICRC Out of the Ogaden Region- Cover Up of Another Crime Against Humanity (, 07/24/07) "The Red Cross has been given seven days to leave the Ogaden region bordering Somalia by the Ethiopian government. The ICRC has been carrying out water and sanitation projects there. An army crackdown in the area after a series of rebel attacks has restricted the movement of essential goods. The rebel group, the Ogaden National Liberation Movement, accuses the government of blockading the region, and producing a "man-made famine"." RELATED STORIES: The ICRC Advocates the Pursuit of Neutral and Independent Humanitarian Action (, 060707) U.N. Seeks $48 Million to Help Fleeing Somalis (, 07/24/07) Ethiopia's Meles Goes From Strategic Starver to UN Partner in a Day, Ogaden Games in the Times (, 07/23/07)

Battles Around Peace Talks Send Somalis Fleeing Again (, 07/24/07) "ARBIS, Somalia, July 24 (Reuters) - Abdi Mahad says he misses school in Mogadishu, but is much happier sleeping outside a city where peace talks have attracted enough mortar blasts and gunshots to send 10,000 people fleeing in the past week alone. The United Nations says the violence surrounding a national reconciliation conference, billed by diplomats as the interim government's last best hope at boosting its legitimacy, has sparked yet another mass exodus from the seaside capital. Mahad, who fled from Towfiq district in north Mogadishu, is among those living near the conference venue who are caught up in an insurgency by militant Islamists vowing to derail the conference and attack the government until its Ethiopian backers leave."

Djibouti Airways Cargo Plane Crashes in East Ethiopia's Somali Region (, 07/24/07) "One person died and eight others sustained light and severe injuries after a cargo airplane, which is the property of the Djibouti Airways, crashed in Ethiopia's Somali region on Monday, Ethiopian police said. The official Ethiopian news agency quoted Guled Diryo, a local police officer, as saying that the accident occurred on Monday in Shinele town at around 1:00 p.m. (1000 GMT). One of the persons on board died after he was sent to a local hospital and all of the injured were admitted to the hospital for medical treatments, according to the news agency."

Somalis Flee as Attacks Escalate (, 07/23/07) "At least 10,000 people have fled fresh violence in Somalia's capital Mogadishu in the past week, the UN says. A report by the UN refugee agency says violence has surged since the launch of national reconciliation talks recently and has prompted the fresh exodus. On Sunday, four civilians were killed following a series of explosions at Mogadishu's main Bakara market."

ONLF fihter Photo NYT/Jeffrey Gettleman

Ethiopia Rebels Warn Catastrophe Looming in Ogaden (, 07/23/07) "NAIROBI, Kenya (Reuters) -- Ogaden rebels warned of a looming "man-made famine" in Ethiopia's remote area bordering Somalia and called on Monday for a U.N. investigation into accusations the government was blocking food aid to the region. On Sunday, a New York Times report quoted Western diplomats and relief officials as saying Ethiopia's government was blockading emergency food aid and choking off trade to Ogaden. The Ogaden National Liberation Front, which is seeking more autonomy for its homeland but which Addis Ababa says it is a terrorist group bankrolled by Eritrea, called for a U.N. fact-finding mission." RELATED STORIES: Ethiopia Rebels Seek U.N. Investigation Into Aid Cutoff Claims ( -ap- 07/23/07) Ethiopia Rebels Urge U.N. to Probe Aid Claims (, 07/23/07)

Mogadishu engulfed in fierce fights between Meles Zenawi's mercenary troops and Somali nationalists  AFP Photo

More Civilians Fleeing Mogadishu Violence (, 07/23/07) "UNITED NATIONS (Reuters) - Security in Mogadishu has worsened since peace talks started a week ago and, for the first time since early June, more people have left the Somali capital than returned, the United Nations said on Monday. Reconciling clan rivalries is a key aim of the National Reconciliation Conference which the interim government hopes will bolster its legitimacy and win it the support it needs to bring peace among Somalia's myriad factions." RELATED STORIES: Four Civilians Killed in 2 Separate Attacks in Somali Capital  (, 07/23/07) At Least Four Killed in Latest Mogadishu Violence (, 07/22/07) 

What Next for Ethiopia's Freed Leaders? ( 07/23/07) "Ethiopia's opposition leaders, freed from jail last Friday, have now had a few days to enjoy their freedom. They have been receiving the congratulations of their friends and neighbours, meeting new grandchildren for the first time, and enjoying the pleasure of sleeping in their own beds. But now they have to start thinking about the future and where they, and their organisation, go from here."

Four Killed, Several Wounded in Mogadishu Explosion (indian, 07/22/07)  "MOGADISHU: Four people were killed and several wounded on Saturday in a grenade explosion and gun fire in the Somali capital, where delegates are holding peace talks, witnesses said. Insurgents hurled a grenade into an army patrol in southern Mogadishu's Bakara market, killing three people, including a soldier. Troops opened fire and killed a civilian, according to witnesses. "The explosion in the market where government forces were patrolling killed two civilians. The troops then opened fire and killed another one," said Ali Mohamed Dinyi, who saw the violence."

We Have Just Won the Battle But Not the Victory  by Obang Metho July 21, 2007 "We Ethiopians are rejoicing, wherever we are—in or outside of Ethiopia , at the release on Friday of the Opposition leaders, journalists, human rights defenders, political activists and others from Kaliti prison.  July 20, 2007 , will forever mark a great day, similar to May 15, 2005 that will go down in history books for all freedom loving Ethiopians, but please remember, as we are celebrating a beginning victory, it is only one battle in a war for justice, freedom, peace and liberty. Until tens of thousands of other Ethiopian political prisoners who continue to languish in the prisons of Afar; Amhara; Benishangul/Gumuz; Dire Dawa; Gambella; Harari; Oromiya; Ogaden ; Southern Nations, Nationalities, and People's; Addis Ababa; and Tigray are free, we are not free as a people and  our victory cannot be claimed."   

Reflection on the Release of CUDP Leaders and Other Prisoners of Conscience by HG  July 21, 2007 "As we rejoice the release of the Kinijit leadership we ought not to lose sight of the circumstances that led to their incarceration, and we need comprehend the environment in which they are going to operate. Over 30,000 Ethiopians including CUDP leaders were imprisoned, over 800 were wounded and over 193 unarmed and innocent Ethiopians were shot dead, some in the head, execution style. Who will ever forget the cry of wzr Alemzuria Teshome , whose mother, wzr Etenesh Yimem , was shot dead by security forces in her yard as she pleaded for a better treatment of her husband, a CUDP and elected Addis Ababa City Council member, when the security forces dragged him out of his house. In November 2005, as she recounted her grief on VOA, wzr Alemzuria sobbed and cried, “ye Ityopia hezib yefredegn, - Let Ethiopians judge me.” "

"Jemal Dirie Kalif, above, in Germany, was a member of Ethiopia’s Parliament who defected to protest the government actions." Photo by Jeffrey Gettleman/The New York Times

Meles Zenawi's Regime Is Said to Block Food to Ogaden Region (, 07/22/07) "NAIROBI, Kenya, July 21 - The Ethiopian government is blockading emergency food aid and choking off trade to large swaths of a remote region in the eastern part of the country that is home to a rebel force, putting hundreds of thousands of people at risk of starvation, Western diplomats and humanitarian officials say. The Ethiopian military and its proxy militias have also been siphoning off millions of dollars in international food aid and using a United Nations polio eradication program to funnel money to their fighters, according to relief officials, former Ethiopian government administrators and a member of the Ethiopian Parliament who defected to Germany last month to protest the government’s actions."

Ban Ki-moon Calls for Efforts to Break Woyane-Shaibia Peace Process Stalemate (, 07/20/07) "20 July 2007 Pledging the support of the United Nations in efforts to resolve the stalemate between Ethiopia and Eritrea, Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has urged the two countries to uphold their commitment signed agreements. They must “respect the ceasefire and the integrity of the Temporary Security Zone (TSZ), and refrain from any action that could undermine it or lead to an escalation of tensions between the two countries,” Mr. Ban wrote in a new report to the Security Council made public today." RELATED STORY: Report of the UN Secretary-General on Woyane and Shaibia Shenanigans (, 07/18/07)

Four Journalists Convicted of Treason are Pardoned and Freed (, 07/20/07) "Reporters Without Borders voiced relief on learning that the Ethiopian government today heeded international pleas and pardoned 38 opposition members, including four journalists, who had been given jail terms ranging from six months to life on 16 July. The four journalists to receive pardons were Ethiop editor Andualem Ayele, Abay editor Mesfin Tesfaye, Asqual editor Wonakseged Zeleke and Dawit Fassil, the deputy editor of the now defunct weekly Satenaw. Two other journalists who were given life sentences in absentia - Menilik editor Zelalem Guebre and Netsanet editor Abey Gizaw - have not so far been included in the pardon."

Head of the opposition Coalition for Unity and Democracy Party Hailu Shawel, in file photo, was freed from jail in Ethiopia on July 20, 2007.  Photo AFP-GI

 Tyrant Meles Zenawi Frees 38 Jailed Opposition Figures ( -afp- 07/20/07) "ADDIS ABABA (AFP) - Ethiopia on Friday released 38 opposition figures, days after sparking an international outcry by slapping them with heavy jail terms over incidents that followed disputed 2005 polls. The group was pardoned by President Girma Woldegiorgis on Thursday and witnesses and relatives told AFP that they were released from their prison in Kaliti, 25 kilometres (16 miles) from the capital. "They have been freed and are heading to Addis," a witness said on condition of anonymity." RELATED STORIES: Girma Wolde Georgis 'Pardons' 38 Opposition Members ( -ap- 07/20/07 Ethiopia's Freed Leader Hailu Shawel Defiant (, 07/20/07) Dictator Meles Zenawi Frees 38 Opposition Members (, 07/20/07) TPLF Autocrat Meles Zenawi Pardons 38 Ethiopian Opposition Members (, 07/20/07) The Politburo of the Marxist Leninist League of Tigray Releases 38 Ethiopian Opposition Leaders (, 07/20/07)  Kinijit Leaders Released From Kality Prison (, 07/20/07) "

Open Letter to the U.S. Senate Committee on Foreign Relations: Concerning Ethiopia  by Obang Metho, (07/18/07) ""Like our Statue of Liberty , she reminds us that the flame for freedom burns in every human heart, and that it is a light that cannot be extinguished by the brutality of terrorists or tyrants. And she reminds us that when an ideology kills tens of millions of people, and still ends up being vanquished, it is contending with a power greater than death. She reminds us that freedom is the gift of our Creator, freedom is the birthright of all humanity, and in the end, freedom will prevail. (From President George W. Bush ’s recent speech at the dedication of the memorial to victims of communism in Albania ,)"

American Sentenced for Terror Training ( -ap- 07/20/07) "HOUSTON -- A U.S. citizen convicted of receiving training at a terrorist camp alongside al-Qaida members in his efforts to help overthrow the Somali government was sentenced Friday to 10 years in prison. Daniel Joseph Maldonado, 28, a Muslim convert also known as Daniel Aljughaifi and Abu Mohammed, also was fined $1,000. Maldonado admitted to traveling in December to a terrorist camp in Somalia, where he was trained to use firearms and explosives in an effort to help a group called the Islamic Courts Union topple the government and install an Islamic state. Members of al-Qaida were present at the camp."

US Exasperated by Meles Zenawi's TPLF Regime Backsliding on Democracy (, 07/19/07) "Jul 18, 2007 (WASHINGTON) — Both the Bush administration and Congress are growing exasperated over Ethiopia’s backsliding from democracy but are wary of applying too much pressure against a country that has become an important anti-terror ally in East Africa. Members of the Democratic-controlled Congress are under fewer restraints than President George W. Bush’s administration, which has relied on the help of Ethiopian troops in ousting Islamic militants from power in parts of neighboring Somalia."

Brain Drain Still Hurting World's Poorest Countries - Meles Zenawi is Draining Ethiopia of Her Professionals, Academics, Entrepreneurs, Commanders, Media and Civic Leaders and High Clergy. "Dedebit" Cadres are Dragging the Country Into the Afar Sinkhole. (, 07/19/07) "Seeking health care in Ethiopia can be a difficult task. For every hundred thousand people, only two doctors are available as many of the country's physicians flock to the west. Many of the world's least developed countries are losing large parts of their already shallow pool of skilled professionals to western countries - hindering their ability to pull themselves out of poverty, a report by the UN said today. The UN's development arm warned that countries such as Ethiopia could see their long-term growth prospects damaged if the "brain drain" is not addressed." RELATED STORIES:  Halting the 'Brain Drain' (, 07/19/07) Brain Drain and Africa's Development: A Reflection by Sumana Sako, African Studies journal, 2002)

Meles Zenawi's "Constitution Benevolence" Charade Has No Bounds- He Is "Leaning to Clemency" in Opposition Life Imprisonment Case (, 07/19/07) "ADDIS ABABA, July 19 (Reuters) - Ethiopia is leaning towards granting clemency to opposition members sentenced this week to life in prison, a government source said on Thursday. The United States, a major ally, has urged Ethiopia to consider clemency after 35 opposition members were given life sentences on Monday for inciting violence, treason and trying to overthrow the government. The charges related to violent protests over 2005 elections, in which the opposition won its biggest parliamentary showing but said it was robbed of victory by vote-rigging."

Meseret Defar Wins 5000M at the 9th African Games in Algiers (, 07/18/07) "On the first day of the athletics competition at the 9th African Games in Algiers, Meseret Defar took the gold medal in the 5000m, crossing the finish line in 15:02.72, a Games record. Her teammate Meselech Melkamu finished second in 15:03.86, while Kenya's Silvia Kibet took the bronze in 15:06.39. "It was not very difficult today, because I didn't run alone," said Defar referring to the help she received from her compatriots who helped her control the pace. Defar was the leader at the first kilometer (2:57.95), then traded the lead with Melkamu and the third Ethiopian in the race, Ayano Workitu. Workitu fell back at 3600m, but Melkamu was still running strong, staying with Defar. The three medalists were still in contention for the win with 200m to go when Defar launched two attacks to seal her victory. The first dropped Kibet, and the second Melkamu."

"The Somali region has the highest rates of acute malnutrition in Ethiopia. Every second child is underweight." Reuters Photo

Ethiopia's Silent Food and Medical Emergency (, 07/19/07) "A series of severe droughts have scarred Ethiopia. Millions of people now face critical water shortages and are unable to grow enough food to feed their families. As a result, more than 45% of the population are undernourished. Malnutrition is the state in which the body is so deprived of nutrients that a person cannot continue growing, learning, doing physical work or fighting disease. Children, pregnant women, nursing mothers and the elderly are the most vulnerable to malnutrition."

Fierce Fighting in Market as Somali Talks Begin in Mogadishu (, 07/19/07) "At least five Somali children have been killed in a mortar shell attack, say witnesses, as a reconciliation conference finally opened in Mogadishu. "They wanted to undermine the peace process and they missed their target and killed children," said Mogadishu mayor Mohamed Dheere. At least two people died earlier, after insurgent attacks on a market." RELATED STORY: Children Killed in Attack on Somali Transitional Government Meeting (, 07/19/07)

Ethiopia women whaling after their children were gunned down by Aagazi troops at their door steps in 2005

US Seeks Clemency for Ethiopian Opposition Leaders (, 07/18/07) "The United States is asking Ethiopia to grant clemency to 35 opposition members sentenced to life in prison for their role in election protests in 2005.  Many people believe that the group will be freed; yet some in the opposition fear Ethiopia is far removed from true democracy two years after the bloody demonstrations.  Nick Wadhams reports from our East Africa bureau in Nairobi. State Department spokesman Sean McCormack says clemency would help end a chapter of political turmoil and bring the Ethiopian people closer together.  The 35 were sentenced Monday, while eight others received lesser sentences."


US Congressman Donald Payne (chief sponsor of H.R.2003) with CCEM Chairperson Artist AlemTesehay Wodajo, Neamin Zeleke and Ted Dagne (left) 

PRESS RELEASE by the Council for the Celebration of the Ethiopian Millennium  (CCEM 07/14/07) ""On July 13, 2007 the evening of Friday, the Council for the Celebration of the Ethiopian Millennium in Washington DC (CCEM) held a successful dinner reception inside Rayburn Building, The Capitol Hill. Thanks to the help of Congressman Donald Payne, the House Chair on African Affairs and Congressman Mike Honda, the Chairman of Ethiopia caucus in the House, organizing the evening event inside the halls of the US congress made the occasion uniquely beautiful."  H.R. 2003 Has Been Marked-up and Sent to the House Foreign Affairs Committee on Wednesday,  07/18/07 (

Four Killed in Mogadishu on Eve of Peace Talks ( -afp- 07/18/07) "NAIROBI (AFP) - Four people were killed in Mogadishu Wednesday in continuing violence a day before the resumption of the troubled peace talks. Grenade explosions killed two civilians and a soldier in the volatile Bakara market, while another civilian was gunned down in southern Mogadishu's Baruha district, said witnesses. "Three grenade explosions occurred in a medicine store and two civilians were killed, one of them a young boy. Four others were wounded, two of them seriously," said market trader Ali Hirsi Aden."

Two Killed in Latest Violence at Mogadishu Market (, 07/18/07) "At least two people, including a Somali government soldier, have been killed in the latest violence at a Mogadishu market. Witnesses say attackers threw grenades at government troops patrolling the Bakara market Wednesday.  The troops responded by firing indiscriminately.  When calm was restored, a soldier and at least one civilian were dead. This is the third straight day of deadly clashes at the market between soldiers and anti-government insurgents." RELATED STORIES: Peace Talks Slow to Develop in Somalia (, 07/18/07) African Union Extends Peacekeeping Mission in Somalia ( -afp- 07/18/07)

Libya Cancels Death Sentences Against 6 in Alleged HIV Plot (, 07/18/07) "LONDON, July 17 -- Officials in Libya on Tuesday commuted the death sentences of six foreign health workers convicted of intentionally infecting hundreds of Libyan children with HIV, the latest in a series of steps aimed at closing a case that has severely strained relations between a once-pariah state and the United States and Europe. The Judicial Council, the North African nation's highest legal body, ordered that sentences be reduced to life in prison for five Bulgarian nurses and a Palestinian doctor who have been on death row since their convictions in December."

Ethiopian Opposition Figures Get Life Terms in Widely Faulted Case (, 07/17/07) "KIGALI, Rwanda, July 16 -- An Ethiopian judge handed life sentences instead of the death penalty to 30 of the country's top political opposition leaders Monday in a trial the prisoners have called a sham. The defendants were among an estimated 30,000 people arrested in a widespread crackdown on opposition supporters following Ethiopia's 2005 elections, when the opposition made major gains despite accusations that the vote was flawed. While most of those arrested were released after an international outcry, the top leadership of Ethiopia's main opposition party, along with journalists, a 76-year old professor and the elected mayor of Addis Ababa, have remained locked up in a dingy prison on the outskirts of the capital. One woman, a journalist, gave birth in jail."

Human Rights in Ethiopia: Another Casualty of the "War on Terror"? (, 07/17/07) "An Ethiopian court sentenced 35 opposition politicians and activists to life in prison on Monday, AP reports. The prosecution had asked for the death penalty against the defendants, who included Ethiopia's top opposition leaders. Those sentenced to life imprisonment include the leader of the Coalition for Unity and Democracy, Hailu Shawel; Berhanu Nega, who was elected mayor of Addis Ababa; former Harvard scholar Mesfin Woldemariam; and former U.N. special envoy and former Norfolk State University professor, Yacob Hailemariam. Human rights groups condemned the trial as an attempt to silence government critics, and opposition leaders have claimed it was politically motivated. Where is the U.S. State Department in all of this? Absent without leave."

Ethiopian Opposition Party Vows to Continue Peaceful Struggle (, 07/17/07) "A top leader of Ethiopia’s main opposition party says the party will continue its peaceful struggle in Ethiopia. Taye Wolde-Semayat, chairman of the International Chapter of the Coalition for Unity and Democracy (CUD), said, “It is our party’s commitment to keep the struggle in our country in a peaceful manner.” Taye welcomed the current negotiations for the release of the opposition leaders, who were sentenced to life in prison by Ethiopia’s high court on Monday. “We encourage positive signs of the negotiation,” he said. “Hopefully, our leaders will come out soon to breath the air of freedom.”"

Somalia Transitional Federal Government PM Unaware of Reported China Oil Deal (, 07/17/07) "Somalia's interim prime minister says he is not aware of a reported deal that would allow China's state-run energy company to explore for oil in the country. Tuesday's edition of the London-based Financial Times newspaper says the Chinese oil company CNOOC and a smaller Chinese firm are planning to begin survey work in Somalia's Puntland province later this year."

Ethiopians in Transformation: Becoming People of Action! by Obang Metho (Part I of a report on the Ethiopian movement for peace, justice and freedom in Europe ) July 14, 2007 .  “He who oppresses the poor shows contempt for their Maker, but whoever is kind to the needy honors God.”

In Ethiopia, High Court Sentences Six Journalists to Prison, Four to Life (Committee to Protect Journalists, 07/16/07) "New York, July 16, 2007—Ethiopia’s High Court today handed down harsh criminal penalties, including life prison sentences, against six journalists and three publishers on anti-state charges in connection with critical coverage of the government during the deadly unrest in the aftermath of disputed parliamentary elections in 2005, according to local journalists."

CUDP leaders given life sentences by the TPLF regime. EU parliament and Amnesty International denounce the sham trial and sentences. US government issues another hypocritical testament; "As a matter of trying to bring together the Ethiopian people and bringing an end to this particular chapter of political turmoil, we would urge the Ethiopian authorities to strongly consider clemency for these individuals," US State Department spokesman Sean McCormack told reporters."  AP Photo

Ethiopian Opposition Leaders Given Life Sentences (, 07/16/07) "Thirty five Ethiopian opposition leaders have been given life sentences for their role in the 2005 election protests that saw scores of people killed. Arjun Kohli reports from our East Africa Bureau in Nairobi the court rejected prosecution recommendations for the death penalty. The verdict for 35 life sentences was read by a panel of three judges in the Ethiopian capital, Addis Ababa. Three other defendants received jail terms of between 18 months and 18 years. Among the 35 men is the entire leadership the opposition Coalition for Unity and Democracy, the elected mayor of Addis Ababa, Brehanu Nega, and journalists." RELATED STORIES: The TPLF Regime Slaps Life Sentences on More Than 30 Opposition Figures (, afp, 07/16/07) Meles Zenawi Orchestrated Life Jail Terms Attacked by EU's Ana Gomes (, 07/16/07) Ethiopian Activists Sentenced to Life in Prison (, 07/16/07) TPLF Dictator's Court Sentences Opposition Officials to Life in Prison ( -ap- 07/16/07 Ethiopian Opposition Leaders Get Life Sentence (, 07/16/07) TPLF Court Sentences 35 to Life Imprisonment (, 07/17/07)

"Delegates gathered Saturday in Mogadishu, Somalia, on the eve of what was intended to be a national reconciliation conference. The conference was postponed when leading members of the opposition did not attend." Shabelle/Agence France-Presse — Getty Images


Somalia Reconciliation Conference Opens, But Soon Stalls (, 07/15/07) "NAIROBI, Kenya, July 15 — A national reconciliation conference that diplomats have described as a make-or-break opportunity for Somalia’s troubled transitional government opened in Mogadishu on Sunday. But it barely got off the ground. Top opposition leaders did not show up, and the session was quickly postponed. The conference organizer, Mohammed Ali Mahdi, a former warlord, greeted about 1,000 delegates who had gathered in an old police warehouse in Somalia’s bullet-pocked capital, saying, “I urge you to rise above your respective clan and sub-clan in order to bring normalcy to our country.” But then he adjourned the meeting until Thursday, saying he wanted to wait for more people."

Aden, Ahmed and Aweys say Meles Zenawi-Bush mercenary troops have to be withdrawn before the trio engage in reconciliation meetings. George Bush's response is 'stay the course.' The TPLF and TFG sinking into deeper sink-holes.  AP Photo


Somali Peace Conference Postponed; Bush-Zenawi Subterfuge May Have Been Deflated, Ethiopians Want Democracy Now and Not War Mongering (, 07/15/07) "A national reconciliation conference in Somalia's capital, Mogadishu has opened - and then adjourned. [Organisers] postponed the conference until Thursday to allow more time for all the delegates to arrive. Several mortar shells landed near the venue on Sunday, injuring civilians, but President Abdullahi Yusuf said violence would not deter the talks. The main Islamist opposition have refused to attend, saying the venue is not neutral." RELATED STORIES: Somali Peace Talks Adjourned After Mortar Attack (, 07/15/07) Somali Reconciliation Conference Postponed After Mortar Explosions (, 07/15/07) Explosions Rock Somalia Peace Conference (, 07/15/07)

Libya Hosts Darfur Crisis Talks (, 07/15/07) "The African Union (AU) and the United Nations (UN) are chairing talks in Libya to seek a blueprint for peace in the western Sudanese region of Darfur. The AU and the UN have laid out a three-stage "road map" which they hope will lead to peace talks between rebels and Khartoum in the next few months. The Tripoli talks come as the UN says situation in Darfur is deteriorating."

Security Raised for Somali Forum (, 07/15/07) "Security has been stepped up across Mogadishu ahead of a national reconciliation conference on Sunday. Hundreds of Ethiopian and government troops have been deployed to secure the Somali capital city. Mogadishu has suffered constant attacks from local militias and remnants of the Islamic Courts, driven out by Ethiopian forces at the end of last year." RELATED STOTY: Meles Zenawi  Sends More Aagazi Troops to Secure Somali Reconciliation Meeting (, 07/14/07)

A Somali man with shrapnel wounds is carried to the hospital following an explosion at Mogadishu's Bakara market, part of violence on eve of the reconciliation conference, 14 July 2007     AFP Photo

Violence Continues in Somalia Ahead of Reconciliation Conference (, 07/14/07) "Reports from Somalia say at least one person is dead following a grenade attack in the latest violence ahead of a peace conference scheduled for Sunday in the capital, Mogadishu. Witnesses at the scene say grenades were thrown at Ethiopian soldiers Saturday as they patrolled a neighborhood in the capital. The reports say the soldiers returned fire. The number of casualties is not clear. RELATED STORIES: Four Killed in Mogadishu Ahead of Landmark Conference ( -afp- 07/14/07)  Islamists Threaten Somali Peace Talks ( -ap- 07/14/07)

 Five Darfur Rebel Groups Agree to Unite (, 07/14/07) "ASMARA (Reuters) - Five Darfur rebel groups agreed on Saturday to unite ahead of possible peace talks to end a four-year conflict in the region which so far has defied resolution, in part because of fractious rebel groups. In a statement to reporters, the new group, the United Front for Liberation and Development (UFLD), called on other rebels in Sudan's western region to join them. "This announcement of the formation of the UFLD is preparation for that eventuality (the peace talks) once it takes place," said Sherif Herir, a top leader in one of two Sudan Liberation Army (SLA) factions that signed the agreement in Asmara. "The door is open for any movements to join," he added."

Legese Lamiso of Ethiopia wins the 2000m Steepechase final (Getty Images)

Two Golds for Kenya But Ethiopia Takes Historical Steeplechase Title in Ostrava - Day Three Evening Report (, 07/13/07) "Ostrava, Czech Republic - With nine finals, the Girls Heptathlon and qualification rounds on the track and in the field, the third afternoon session at the IAAF World Youth Championships here in Ostrava proved a very busy one. 17-year-old Legese Lamiso became the first ever Ethiopian runner to win a global Steeplechase title when he clocked a new World Youth leading time of 5:30.81 to win a superb gold medal. Lamiso finishing speed was no match for Silas Kosgei Kitum of Kenya who had to settle for silver in personal best 5:32.88. From the gun, one could tell the race would be an African affair but it was expected that Kenya’s superiority at the event would remain unchallenged until a very determined Lamiso made his move to the front."

Opponents of Somalia's Transitional Government to Hold Conference (, 07/13/07) "Opponents of Somalia's Western-backed transitional government have announced they will hold a conference in Eritrea in September to form a coalition whose main objective is to end Ethiopia's occupation of Somalia. VOA correspondent Alisha Ryu in our East Africa Bureau in Nairobi reports the conference is also aimed at challenging the interim government's contention that it enjoys the support of the majority of the Somali people. A prominent Somali politician, Jama Ali Jama, tells VOA that the organizers of the September 1 conference in Asmara hope to draw as many people as possible from every corner of the globe." RELATED STORIES: Somali Peace Hopes Elusive as Talks kick Off (, 07/13/07) Somalia, a Country Torn Apart ( -reuters- 07/13/07)

"The waste dumped in Ivory Coast was taken there from Amsterdam  AFP Photo

EU Tightens Rules for Shipment of Toxic Material to Developing Countries - Shouldn't  the US be Held to the Same Standards? (, 07/13/07) "New rules intended to stop toxic waste getting dumped in developing countries have come into force across the EU. The step follows the dumping last year of waste in Ivory Coast by a Dutch-chartered ship, which caused 16 deaths and made thousands more sick. The rules oblige national authorities to make spot checks on ships and give them the right to open containers."

Rwandan Former Mayor Pleads Guilty to Genocide ( -afp- 07/13/07) "ARUSHA, Tanzanie (AFP) - A former Rwandan Hutu mayor pleaded guilty Friday to committing crimes against humanity as he appeared before the UN-backed International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda (ICTR). Juvenal Rugambarara was mayor of Bicumbi commune some 30 kilometres (19 miles) east of the capital Kigali during the 1994 genocide. "I plead guilty," he told the court, adding that he had not taken measures to punish subordinates involved in the massacre of Tutsis in his commune."

Two British Council Employees Arrested in Eritrea (, 07/12/07) "ASMARA (Reuters) - Eritrea has arrested two British Council employees in Asmara, the Red Sea state said on Thursday, and also accused a British diplomat of breaking its laws. "Only one is (still) in detention. I don't want to enter into details. The law has been violated," Ambassador Petros Fessahazion, head of the European desk at Eritrea's Ministry of Foreign Affairs, told Reuters by telephone. "If there is an infraction of the law, we can't stay without reacting just for the sake of having bilateral relations." A British Council spokesman said both its employees where Eritrean nationals, and said it would be unhelpful to speculate on the reasons behind the arrests."

Heavy Shelling in Somali Capital Mogadishu (, 07/12/07) "Shells have been fired overnight at the presidential palace and the venue for forthcoming peace talks in the Somali capital, Mogadishu. Shooting was also heard in the city's main Bakara market. Nobody has claimed responsibility for the attacks. At least two people were killed when a mortar bomb landed on their house." RELATED STORIES: Somali Government Says Reconciliation Conference Will Begin Sunday (, 07/12/07)  Pirate Attacks Up in Somalia, Nigeria (, 07/12/07)

International Federation of Journalists Says the World Community Must Reject Death Penalty Demand for Ethiopian Journalists (, 07/11/07) "The International Federation of Journalists (IFJ) today called on an Ethiopian court to reject the prosecutor’s demand for the death penalty for four journalists who have been convicted, along with opposition members and activists, of attempting to overthrow the government, treason and inciting violence. “We condemn this cruel and unreasonable demand by the prosecution who wants journalists sentenced to death merely for doing their job,” said Gabriel Baglo Director of the IFJ Africa office. “We call on the Court of Kaliti to reject this demand and drop all the charges against the journalists and all the other prisoners of conscience jailed in Ethiopia.”"

For Ugandan Rebel, A Question of Justice (, 07/12/07) "To some international legal experts, Joseph Kony, commander of the Lord's Resistance Army in northern Uganda, should be turned over to the International Criminal Court, which has issued arrest warrants for him and four top commanders for war crimes during his 21-year guerrilla war. But others, anxious to see an end to the conflict, say a compromise should be found, allowing Kony to go into exile rather than face charges, as the price for peace in the troubled Acholi region." "...The idea of exile for repressive African leaders is not new; several African dictators fled their countries after they were deposed, before the creation of the international court in 2002. Among them were Ethiopia's deposed president Mengistu Haile Mariam, who went to Zimbabwe, where he still lives...."

Pair Face Retrial Over July 21 Bomb Plot (, 07/11/07) "Two men accused of involvement in the July 21 London bombing plot will be retried after jurors failed to reach a verdict on their cases, prosecutors said today. The jury, at Woolwich crown court, in south-east London, was dismissed yesterday after being unable to agree on the cases of Manfo Kwaku Asiedu and Adel Yahya, both of whom deny conspiracy to murder. The two men will be tried again, the crown prosecutor, Nigel Sweeney QC, told the court today."

Seeye Abreha Out of Jail (, 07/11/07) "Seeye Abraha, former strongman of the TPLF, made his way out of jail today, June 11, after spending six years there, accused of involvement in grand corruption. He was released a day after the Federal Supreme Court sentenced him for five years imprisonment and 500 Br fine. He was not the only one to have received sentences on Tuesday, June 10, 2007. Tamrat Layne, prime minister during the transitional period, was also served a three-month sentence. Both former senior government officials were accused by the Federal Ethics and Anticorruption Commission of abuse of office in aiding their associates gain benefits in accessing bank loans, acquiring trucks and buying state properties from the government through privatization."  READ About the Fabricates Charges Against Seeye by Elizabeth Belai, August 2004

Deadly blasts and violence in Mogadishu Continues."Show conference" to begin on Sunday.  Reuters Photo


Somalia Peace Meeting Show to Go Ahead, Envoys Invited (, 07/11/07) "MOGADISHU (Reuters) - A twice-postponed reconciliation conference seen as key to establishing peace in Somalia will begin on Sunday, officials said, with European envoys joining more than 1,000 local delegates. Abdirahman Mohamed Jimale, spokesman for the conference organisers, said an insurgency blamed on hardline Islamists would not stop the meeting, which aims to draw 1,355 clan leaders, ex-warlords and politicians from across the country." "..."I think they'll find some sort of mechanism to launch it before recessing immediately," said one Western diplomat who spoke on condition of anonymity. "I'd be very surprised if they'd dare admit it wouldn't start, because if it doesn't, it will be finished."" RELATED STORY: Bombs, Bandits Hinder Aid to Somalia (, 07/11/07)


Eritrean dictator Isaias Afeworki  ST Photo

Isaias Afeworki Arrests Head of British Council in Asmara (, 07/11/07) "Eritrea has arrested the acting head of the British Council in the capital, Asmara, and refused a British diplomat permission to leave the country following a row over a satellite internet link. The British Council employee, an Eritrean national, has been in jail for a week, and embassy staff are extremely concerned for his wellbeing. Eritrea, seen by many as Africa's most repressive state, regularly imprisons its citizens for lengthy periods in harsh conditions and without access to legal representation."

Ethiopia Yields Ancestral More Fossils (, 07/11/07) "Researchers have found fossil remains of early human ancestors in Ethiopia that date to a little known period in human evolution. The cache included several complete jaws and one partial skeleton, and was unearthed at Woranso-Mille in the country's Afar desert. The remains were recovered 30km from the site where "Lucy" - one of the most famous human ancestors - was found." RELATED STORY: 'Lucy's' Houston Visit Turns Political (, 07/11/07)

Meles Zenawi Finds Imposing Death Sentences Easier Than Carrying Them Out (, 07/10/07) "An Ethiopian prosecutor’s seeking of the death penalty Monday for 38 opposition activists has drawn expressions of shock from Washington and outrage from human rights groups.  The defendants have until Wednesday to present evidence to reduce their sentence.  They have been jailed since November, 2005, refusing to defend themselves because they did not think they would get a fair trial.  Author and human rights attorney Michael Clough calls those charges unwarranted.  He says that Prime Minister Meles Zenawi cannot be seen allowing death sentences to be carried out in his country." Listen to Attorney Michael Clough - mp3 audio clip Calling A Spade A Spade

Irish GOAL Calls on Taoiseach to Pressure Meles Zenawi's TPLF Regime to Stop Death of 38 Opposition Leaders (, 07/10/07) "GOAL has called on the Irish government to use its influence to prevent the execution of 38 opposition leaders and activists in Ethiopia. Prosecutors in the capital, Addis Ababa are demanding the death penalty for the men, who were convicted of 'outrages against the constitution' after what GOAL has said were rigged elections in 2005. GOAL boss John O'Shea explained that since the Ethiopian government receives around 40 million euro from the Irish government on an annual basis, the Taoiseach is ideally positioned to use his influence to have the lives of these men spared." RELATED STORY: Crushing Dissent in Ethiopia (, 07/11/07)

World Bank Researchers Release Worldwide Governance Indicators 1996-2006 (, 07/10/07) "WASHINGTON, July 10, 2007 — The report, Governance Matters, 2007: Worldwide Governance Indicators 1996-2006 being launched today by the World Bank Institute and the World Bank Development Economics Vice-presidency, shows that a number of countries - including in Africa - are making progress in improving governance and fighting corruption.  This is encouraging given that good governance and corruption control are fundamental for long-term growth and reducing poverty. “The hopeful news is that a considerable number of countries, including in Africa, are showing that it is possible to make significant governance progress in a relatively short period of time. Such improvements in governance are critical for aid effectiveness and for sustained long-run growth.”  says Daniel Kaufmann, co-author of the report and Director of Global Programs at the World Bank Institute “Bribery around the world is estimated at about US $1 trillion dollars, and the burden of corruption falls disproportionately on the bottom billion people living in extreme poverty,”" RELATED STORY: Worldwide Governance Indicators for 2006 (

Floods Hit Southern Ethiopia (, 07/11/07) "Floods caused by abnormally heavy rains have affected nearly 7 000 people in southern Ethiopia, disaster officials said on Wednesday. "Almost 7 000 people are already affected by the floods caused by heavy rains, in the south of the country for more than a week, especially in the Omo region," said Sisay Tadesse, spokesperson for the Ethiopian Agency for Disaster Prevention (DPPC). 
"The most affected areas are the Gamogofa zone with over 6 000 people affected by the floods and the Wodayita zone, especially the Humbo district, with 600 people," he told AFP by telephone."

Somali Mosque Raided After Blast (, 07/10/07) "Somali police have arrested an unknown number of people from a mosque in the capital, Mogadishu, while searching for insurgents following a grenade attack. A BBC correspondent in the city says the mosque raid occurred in a southern suburb during evening prayers. Mogadishu is suffering from recurring violence, blamed on Islamist insurgents and Hawiye clan fighters."

Violent Crime Wave Sweeping Across Kenya (, 07/11/07) "NAIROBI, Kenya (Reuters) -- Crime and violence are at crisis levels in Kenya in the build-up to elections, as gangs terrorize the population and "trigger happy" police respond with impunity, human rights groups said on Wednesday. The Kenya Human Rights Network said 300 criminals, police officers, victims of land clashes and suspected members of a banned sect were killed in the last six months alone."

Ethiopians in the Ogaden Need Our Help-Let Us Stand United Against the Terrorizing of Our People! by Obang Metho  July 9, 2007  "As most Ethiopians come out with outrage to the guilty verdict against the Opposition leaders and other political prisoners, we should come out with outrage to the killing going on in the Ogaden against our fellow Ethiopians living there. Human Rights Watch and a few others in the international media, like Jeffrey Gettleman of the New York Times, have reported on the numbers of women and children being killed daily by the EPRDF-controlled military. Although the EPRDF Minister of Foreign Affairs, Seyoum Mesfin , used the website Ethio-media—blocked within Ethiopia by his own administration—to berate Gettleman’s report as being outrageously false, we know differently! Lies, in the company of overwhelming evidence to the contrary, are nothing new for this regime!"


Obviously, former US government representative in Ethiopia Vicki Huddleston is apparently "surprised and in a state of shell-shock" over Meles Zenawi's acts of brutality. Donald Yamamoto must be in deep depression! This is truly gutter politics! US Gov't Photo

Meles Zenawi's Call for Death of CUDP Leaders "Surprises US" (, 07/10/07) "The United States has said it is "surprised" at the call by an Ethiopian prosecutor for the death penalty for 38 opposition leaders. The 38 were found guilty of links to violent election protests in 2005. A US spokesman urged the Ethiopian government and the High Court to "promote much-needed reconciliation" in final sentencing. The US is a close ally of Ethiopia's Prime Minister Meles Zenawi and helped his forces oust Islamists in Somalia."

Explosions Kill 2 in Somalia's Violent Capital ( -reuters- 07/10/07) "MOGADISHU, Somalia (Reuters) -- Several explosions ripped through Mogadishu's sprawling Bakara Market on Tuesday, killing two people in a fifth straight day of violence in the area. Somalia's interim government says Bakara, one of the world's biggest open-air arms markets, is a stronghold of Islamist insurgents it blames for almost daily guerrilla attacks on its forces and their Ethiopian military allies. Since Friday, assailants have thrown grenades at soldiers patrolling Bakara's narrow alleys and civilians have been killed as the troops returned fire. In the first attack on Tuesday, witnesses said a landmine was detonated outside a bank." RELATED STORIES: UN Warns Piracy Threatens Somalia Lifeline ( -afp- 07/10/07)  U.N. Urges Action in Fighting Pirates ( -ap- 07/10/07) 'Hundreds Died' Off Yemen Coast (, 07/10/07)

Jury Deadlocks in UK Transit Bomb Case ( -ap- 07/10/07) "LONDON -- A jury that convicted four men of plotting to bomb London's public transport system on July 21, 2005, was dismissed Tuesday after failing to reach a verdict against two other defendants. Judge Adrian Fulford told the jury of nine women and three men on Monday that he would accept 10-2 majority verdicts on Manfo Kwaku Asiedu, 34, and Adel Yahya, 24. He dismissed the jury after less than two hours of deliberations on Tuesday." "...Unlike three of the four July 7 bombers, who were British-born, those in the July 21 plot had come to Britain as young men from places like Eritrea, Ethiopia and Somalia. Some had become British citizens, while others had refugee status."

The gray-faced young man said his throat was cut by Meles Zenawi Aagazi troops trained by Us forces  Chicago Tribune image

Fallout From US War on Terror Backfires on Meles Zenawi's Terrorist Regime (, 07/09/07) "JIJIGA, Ethiopia -- The gray-faced young man lying in bed number 15 of the run-down local hospital wasn't much of a talker. In truth, few people are these days in Jijiga, a desert town whose tense streets are patrolled by swarms of Ethiopian police. But Nur Omar Ali, 25, whose neck was patched with dingy bandages, had a particularly good reason for being silent. His throat had been cut. He'd been attacked and left for dead nine days earlier at his remote village. When he was asked to identify his assailants, the camel herder's eyes shined with hate. "Christians," rasped Nur, clamping a hand to his stitched-up neck. "Ethiopian soldiers." RELATED STORY: How Ethiopia Rose and Fell, Time and Again  (, 07/09/07)


Dr. Yacob Haile Mariam

Former Norfolk State University Professor Dr. Yacob Haile Mariam Still Jailed in Ethiopia and Faces Death Penalty (, 07/09/07) "A retired Norfolk State professor awaits his fate in Ethiopia.  Dr. Yacob Hailemariam left NSU and returned to his native country to run for office.  Even though he won he was still jailed by the ruling regime. That was a year ago.  Now an international effort is going down to the wire to save his life.  The court process has gone on now for months however the former professor could know his fate as early as tomorrow. It has been an agonizing year not only for Hailemariam, but for his family. "It's very much up and down," said Hailemariam's daughter Seyenie Yacob.  "You hear things that might be a little bit hopeful here and there, so you get excited and then it doesn't come through.""
Watch Video Report Former NSU Professor Still Jailed in Ethiopia

Engineer Hailu Shawel (casting vote), led the CUD coalition  to victory at the polls on May 15, 2005. Meles Zenawi is demanding Mr. Shawel's head for the embarrassment (exposure of the hollow 'constitutional order') that he inflicted on the TPLF dictatorial regime.


The Marxist Leninist League of Tigray Politburo Calls for the Death Penalty for 38 Opposition Leaders Charged on Fabricated Crimes, George W. Bush Says Right On Partners (, 07/09/07) "An Ethiopian prosecutor has demanded the death penalty for a group of 38 opposition leaders found guilty of links to violent election protests. Prosecutor Abraham Tetemke said they had tried to bring down the government. Among them are several of the capital's elected MPs and city councillors, including Berhanu Negga, mayor-elect of Addis Ababa. Some 193 people were killed in protests at alleged rigged elections in 2005. Most of the dead were protesters." RELATED STORIES: Democracy on Trial Ethiopia's Opposition Leaders Face Death Penalty Call - But Why? (, 07/09/07) Weyane Prosecutors Seek Death in Opposition Case ( -reuters- 07/09/07) US Government Partner, Dictator Meles Zenawi Has Ordered His Judges to Impose Death Penality on Opposition Leaders After a Show Trial (, 07/09/07)

The TPLF Regime Orders Re-Examination of 2 Million Drivers, a Bid to Squeeze Billions Into Zenawi's Coffers (, 07/09/07) "APA-Addis Ababa (Ethiopia) About 2 million drivers in Ethiopia will have to re-sit their driving tests in a bid to minimize the ever increasing traffic accidents in the country, APA learnt here on Monday. The ministry of transport said it has issued the order to rid the roads of incompetent drivers who got their license through corruption. “The ministry is obliged to take this action to control the increasing traffic accidents in the country in which over 2,000 people are killed annually. We are going to give a modern driving license exam for all who have been issued a driving license in the past years,” said Ginedin Sado, the minister of transport.

"Smoke rises after an explosion outside the Dahabshil bank in Mogadishu, 7 July 2007." AFP Photo


Mogadishu Market Closes During Meles Zenawi Crackdown on Insurgents (, 07/09/07) "In Somalia, all businesses in Mogadishu's main Bakara market have shut down, while heavily armed Somali and Ethiopian troops say they are searching for insurgents and weapons in the area. Tensions have escalated sharply in the capital since Sunday, when a grenade attack on interim-government soldiers in the market prompted the soldiers to open fire on civilians. VOA Correspondent Alisha Ryu has details from our East Africa Bureau in Nairobi. A respected Somali clan elder, Ali Sultan Ahmed, tells VOA that Bakara's normally bustling streets and allys are empty, as fearful business owners in Somalia's largest open-air market kept their shops closed."

Pakistan's Pervez Musharraf  "It's easy to see how fear of instability in a Muslim state with nuclear weapons could prompt this sort of appeasement. But U.S. policy is dangerously shortsighted. Mr. Musharraf is unlikely to survive for long -- and the risk of extremism in Pakistan will grow steadily worse."   Washington Post Photo

The General Under Siege: Another George W. Bush Tyrant Partner in Hot Waters (, 07/09/07) "PERVEZ MUSHARRAF'S misrule of Pakistan during the past eight years is finally catching up with him. Yesterday the general's army was engaged in the bloody siege of a mosque in Islamabad where pro-Taliban Islamic extremists have been defying his government's authority; more than 20 people already have died in the siege." "...With that election approaching, Mr. Musharraf is increasingly dependent on two sources of support. One is the Pakistani army, where Islamic influence also seems to be encroaching; the other is the Bush administration, which has myopically stuck to its unqualified support for this autocratic but ineffective ruler despite his slipping support and inability to deliver on matters vital to U.S. security, such as breaking up Taliban and al-Qaeda bases near the Afghan border."

Sudanese Lament Loss of Homes as Flood Waters from the Blue Nile River Rise (, 07/09/07) "SENNAR, Sudan, July 9 (Reuters) - Asad Ali Fadla was sitting down to dinner with his family when a wall of water swept down his street and smashed into his compound in Sennar town on the banks of the Blue Nile in southeastern Sudan. Minutes after he had rushed out to check the damage, the flash flood started tearing away at the bricks of the outer wall. Just over an hour later, more than half his home had been reduced to a mass of surging mud and rubble. "If we hadn't got out in time, we could have died when the roof collapsed," said Asad, who has spent the last week filling the biggest holes in his wall."

"President Bush has beaten the drum for malaria prevention and treatment, aiming to reduce malaria deaths in the 15 hardest-hit African countries by 50 percent by the start of the next decade." Agence France-Presse/Getty Images Photo

George W. Bush Beats the Drum for Malaria Prevention: White House Says 'Malaria is a Global Human Crisis' (, 07/08/07) "The White House — along with many public and private partners — is stepping up efforts in the war against malaria, calling it "a genocide" on Africans. The disease kills about 1 million people each year, mostly African children. "When you look at the number of people who have died, it's a genocide," said R. Timothy Ziemer, coordinator of the President's Malaria Initiative (PMI). "One million people are going to die, knowingly. That's a human crisis, and we've got to respond." Malaria, which is spread by the female Anopheles mosquito, was essentially eliminated from the United States by the 1950s, but it is still devastating parts of the world. It is the leading cause of death for children younger than 5 in sub-Saharan Africa."

Somalia Road Accident Involving a Truck Packed With People Fleeing Violence in Mogadishu Kills 16, Dozens Injured (, 07/08/07) "MOGADISHU (Reuters) - A road accident in northern Somalia killed at least 16 people and injured dozens more, including 20 children, officials said on Sunday. A truck packed with people fleeing violence in Mogadishu overturned in the remote village of Mataban in the northern Hiraan region late on Saturday, Hiraan regional Governor Hussein Mohamed Malin said. "The latest death toll is 16," Malin told Reuters, speaking from Baladwayne, 350 km (217 miles) north of the capital. "Some died on the spot and others in hospital. Dozens were wounded, including 20 young children." Somali radio stations reported that over 60 people were injured, but that figure could not be independently verified."

Journalist Paulos Kidane Dies Trying to Flee From Brutal Dictatorship in Eritrea: Media Watchdog (, 07/07/07) " An Eritrean journalist working for state media died last month after trying to flee on foot across the border into Sudan, a media advocacy group said. Paulos Kidane, who worked for the Amharic-language service of state-owned Eri-TV, fell sick after walking for six days along with seven other Eritreans, Paris-based Reporters Without Borders said. He told the others to go on without him. There was no word of his fate until the Information Ministry informed his family and state media staff at the end of June about his "accidental death," Reporters Without Borders said Friday." RELATED STORY: Journalist, One of Nine Arrested Last November, Dies in Attempt to Flee to Sudan (, 07/06/07)

Somali refugees, Ethiopian resistance fighters and human rights advocates held in Meles Zenawi-Geoge W. Bush African Guantanamo in Ethiopia in violation of international law..  AP Photo

The Muslim Human Rights Forum Says Somalia Refugees Held in Ethiopia Secret Prisons (, 07/07/07) "Human rights activists said dozens who fled the war in Somalia are being held in secret under a U.S.-backed program. NAIROBI, Kenya - At least 76 people who were captured while fleeing the war in Somalia in January are still being held in Ethiopia under a program of secret prisoner renditions backed by the United States, Kenya and Somalia, human rights activists said Friday. The Muslim Human Rights Forum, a Kenyan advocacy group, said the prisoners -- including 17 Kenyan citizens and 20 Ethiopians -- were being held incommunicado and in violation of international prisoner conventions, and may be at risk of torture."

Grenades Thrown at Somali Troops Wound Five (, 07/07/07) "MOGADISHU, July 7 (Reuters) - Attackers hurled two grenades at Somali troops patrolling Mogadishu's busy Bakara market on Saturday, wounding five people in the latest strike against government forces. The first grenade thrown by the unidentified assailants hit close to where troops were standing and burned a vehicle parked outside Dahabshil bank, Somalia's biggest. The other was lobbed 10 minutes later at troops patrolling nearby. "I saw a vehicle burning," shopkeeper Kulmiye Adan, who witnessed the first attack, told Reuters. "A wounded policeman and one civilian with missing legs bleeding profusely and writhing in pain were lying down. There must be fatalities.""

You're Worth it - If White. L'Oréal Guilty of Racism (, 07/07/07) "Part of the cosmetics giant L'Oréal was yesterday found guilty of racial discrimination after it sought to exclude non-white women from promoting its shampoo. In a landmark case, the Garnier division of the beauty empire, along with a recruitment agency it employed, were fined €30,000 (£20,300) each after they recruited women on the basis of race. The historic ruling - the first time a major company has been found guilty of systematic race discrimination in France - saw a senior figure at the agency given a three-month suspended prison sentence."

US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice. The Bush administration arrogantly wallowing in the quagmire it created by siding with tyrants and alienating the local population. Ethiopia is a classic case. AFP Photo

Security Fears Restrict US Diplomats ( -ap- 07/06/07) "WASHINGTON -- Threatened abroad, U.S. diplomats have been hit with unprecedented security restrictions, confining many to fortress-like compounds and frustrating Bush administration efforts to get out and counter anti-U.S. sentiment. Lockdowns and prohibitions on travel now apply to Americans posted to embassies and consulates in at least 28 nations, according to an Associated Press survey of State Department warnings, internal directives and officials. More than half the nations are identified as key to curbing the spread of militant Islam." "...Outside of areas where radical Islam is considered the main threat, travel restrictions for U.S. diplomats are in place in Burundi, Colombia, Ethiopia, Ivory Coast, Haiti, India, Laos, Nepal, Peru, Serbia, Sri Lanka, Uganda and Venezuela. Many of those countries are beset by internal strife."

Somali Children Die in Mine Blast in Mogadishu (news,bbc,co,uk, 07/06/07) "Five children who were playing with a landmine in Somalia's capital, Mogadishu, were killed when the device exploded, witnesses say. The children between the ages of six and 12 were playing football before they found it. One of them picked it up and threw it against a wall. One of the children's mothers said they were on their way to mosque for Friday prayers when they had stopped to play."

Rights Activists Condemn Somali Executions: Weyane Justice at Work in Mogadishu (, 07/06/07) "International human rights activists and lawyers are condemning reports that Somalia's interim government has carried out its first formal executions since the government body was formed with international backing in 2004. Two Somali men were put to death by a firing squad Thursday, just days after they were arrested and found guilty in a military court. VOA Correspondent Alisha Ryu has details from our East Africa Bureau in Nairobi. But the researcher, Martin Hill, says based on what is known, he believes the men did not receive a fair trial before they were sentenced to death. "It is very regrettable that one of the first well-known incidents of trial has resulted in swift executions without legal safeguards," said Hill. "If there had been a proper court constituted, with defense lawyers who had been given time to consult their clients and present a defense, if there had been proper proceedings, if they had the right of appeal, to petition for clemency at the end, these are the safeguards, which any judicial system should incorporate and clearly, that is quite impossible in such a short period of time."" RELATED STORY: Two Somali 'Spy-Killers' Executed (, 07/05/07)

Former Liberian dictator Charles Tylor  AFP Photo

Liberia's Charles Taylor and the Cult of the Child Soldiers (, 07/06/07) "Some of them were so young, the guns they gripped were bigger than they were. They had nicknames: Babykiller, Castrator, Ballcrusher and many others. They were children and they were soldiers in Sierra Leone's brutal civil war. Now their stories of abuse and anguish are helping to make legal history." "...Right now, it is estimated there are as many as 300,000 children fighting and killing in conflicts around the world. Most of them are in Africa. The nightmare of Sierra Leone's child armies has not deterred other warlords from exploiting the most vulnerable among them."

Bereket Simon Says Jailed Opposition Leaders' Fate Rests With Judicial Process (, 07/05/07) "In the past weeks there has been conflicting information about the fate of 38 Ethiopian opposition leaders jailed since that country’s 2005 election. They were convicted last month on charges of high treason and are scheduled to be sentenced sometime this month. One report said the opposition leaders agreed to sign a document accepting responsibility for the violence that followed the 2005 election in exchange for their release.  Another said some of them signed the document while others refused to."

Former Rwandan Army Maj. Bernard Ntuyahaga convicted and jailed for 20 years in Brussels, Wednesday, July 4 2007  AFP/Getty Images

Rwandan Army Major Gets 20 Years for Murders of Civilians, Peacekeepers (, 07/05/07) "BRUSSELS, Belgium (Reuters) -- A Belgian court sentenced a former Rwandan army major to 20 years in prison on Thursday for the murder of 10 Belgian peacekeepers and an undetermined number of Rwandan civilians at the start of the 1994 genocide. Bernard Ntuyahaga was earlier acquitted on two other charges of involvement in the murder of then-Prime Minister Agathe Uwilingiyimana and killing civilians in the Butare district. The public prosecutor had asked for a life sentence for the accused's role in the genocide, in which some 800,000 ethnic Tutsis and moderate Hutus were slaughtered in Rwanda."


Political Divisions Again Endanger Somali Peace Talks: Woyane Cadres Beg Reconciliation During the Day But Kill, Rape and Robe Somali Citizens After Sunset (, 07/05/07) "In another blow to Somali government plans to hold a long-delayed peace conference to end the country's 16-year-old civil war, elders of the most dominant clan in Mogadishu, the Hawiye, have failed to resume talks to unite the clan politically. The talks were suspended three days ago because of various disputes among competing sub-clans. VOA Correspondent Alisha Ryu has more from our East African Bureau in Nairobi. A Hawiye clan elder, belonging to the Abgal sub-clan, acknowledged that efforts to reach a consensus among one of the largest and fractious tribes in Somalia is proving to be nearly impossible."

" Ethiopian troops are destroying villages and property, confiscating livestock and forcing civilians to relocate. Whatever the military strategy behind them, these abuses violate the laws of war. "   Peter Takirambudde, Africa director of Human Rights Watch

Rights Group Chides the Woyane Regime on Ogaden Rebels ( -ap- 07/04/07) "ADDIS ABABA, Ethiopia -- A human rights group accused the Ethiopian army on Wednesday of burning homes and displacing thousands of civilians in a crackdown on rebels in the volatile east. The report, by New York-based Human Rights Watch, cited witnesses who said the army burned villages and blocked humanitarian aid to the Ogaden region, where ethnic Somali rebels have been fighting the government for more than a decade. The report also said troops were seen firing on fleeing civilians "in a few cases."" RELATED STORIES: Human Rights Watch Reports the TPLF Regime's Crackdown in the Ogaden Punishes Civilians (, 07/04/07) Ethiopian Rebels Say Kill 43 Troops; TPLF Regime Denies Fighting (, 07/04/07)

Somali Transitional Government Executes Two as Blasts Strike (, 07/05/07) "MOGADISHU, July 5 (Reuters) - The Somali government on Thursday carried out its first formal executions, killing two suspected Islamist insurgents convicted of murdering a government official just three days earlier. But even as the administration meted out capital punishment for the first time since its formation in late 2004, rebels kept up a campaign targeting government officials with a trio of blasts. A Mogadishu court convicted the two men and ordered their executions for the murder of Osman Ali, the deputy district commissioner of Mogadishu's Horuwa district who was gunned down on Monday, officials said."

A Somali woman standing in the rubble of her burned home. Photo: Aweys Yusuf Osman/IRIN

Meles Zenawi's Aagazi Troop Scorch Earth Violence Forcing Mogadishu Residents Out of the Capital Again (, 07/04/07) "NAIROBI, 4 July 2007 (IRIN) - Residents of Mogadishu, who had returned to the Somali capital after fleeing recent fighting between government forces and insurgents, are leaving the city again amid continuing violence, local sources said. "There has been an increase in the number of displaced who have returned to the camp in the past 30 days," said Hawa Abdi, a doctor, whose 26-hectare compound, 20km south of Mogadishu, is home to thousands of internally displaced persons (IDPs)." RELATED STORY: Nostalgia, Disdain for Islamists in Mogadishu (, 07/04/07)

Eastern Sudan Farmers Get Back Disputed Lands From Ethiopia (, 07/03/07) "July 3, 2007 (KHARTOUM) — A joint Sudanese-Ethiopian committee would start today to hand over agricultural lands to residents of more than 17 Sudanese villages located in eastern Atbara River along the Ethiopia-Sudan border. The agricultural lands remained a source of dispute for more than 100 years. Governor of Al-Gadarif State, in eastern Sudan, Abdelrahman al-Khidir told Akhir Lahzah that this step came as an implementation of 1971 agreement which stated re-demarcation of the border between the two countries. He added that technical arrangements have been finished and a committee of seven experts from each side would give the Sudanese farmers their lands, pointing out that his government is ready to append these farmers with the current agricultural season."

EPLF-TPLF Border War Victim Refugees to Go to U.S. (, 07/04/07) "ADDIS ABABA, July 4 (Reuters) - The first of 700 refugees from the Kunama ethnic group displaced by Ethiopia and Eritrea's 1998-2000 border war are being sent to the United States for resettlement, the U.N. refugee agency said on Wednesday. The Kunama are an ethnic group of about 100,000 who reside on the border between Ethiopia and Eritrea, a disputed frontier. The 700 Kunama refugees crossed into Ethiopia from Eritrea after the war in which 70,000 people were killed, complaining of persecution and harassment by the Eritrean government, the United Nations High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR) said."

Starving Ethiopian child- a victim of Meles Zenawi's TPLF conglomerate monopoly of wealth and power at the expense of the poor. "Abutting virtually every African slum are the castles of the unimaginably rich. There is little incentive for those who hold the reins of power to redirect investments away from themselves to the very poor, given the abiding conviction on the continent that they have an unlimited capacity to weather their punishing adversities - with the help of repressive security systems, of course."

The Stolen African Voice: Western Donors Have Only Widened the Wealth Gap by Buttressing the Rich and Powerful (, 07/04/07) "In the wake of the awful attacks of September 11 2001, Tony Blair's passionate denunciation of impoverishment in Africa as "a scar on the conscience of the world" convinced many that the west would propel the issue of mass poverty and injustice to the top of the international agenda in the cause of a more stable world. This week's news only confirms that it was a misplaced hope. Not a single country in sub-Saharan Africa has met the criteria set by the UN's millennium development goals on poverty alleviation, the centrepiece of the project. Some observers believe the number of poor, and the intensity of the poverty, has actually risen in almost all countries."

Meles Zenawi's Constitutional Order Ruled That Tamrat Layne and Seye Abreha are Guilty of Corruption (, 07/03/07) "After six years of trials, Tamrat Layne, the former prime minister, and Seye Abreha, ex-defence minister, along with his younger brother Miherete'ab, were found guilty by the Federal Supreme Court on corruption charges on Friday, June 29, 2007. The third brother, Assefa Abreha, who was also a part of the inner circle of the ruling party, had been charged under the same file, but managed to escape scotch-free. In July 2002, the Federal Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission brought forward four cases against Tamrat and two cases against Seye. Each was found guilty on one count."

Mengistu H. Mariam the ex-Ethiopian dictator being used as a escape-goat to cover up Meles Zenawi's neo-fascistic brutality. BBC Photo

Appeal Case Against Ethiopia's Mengistu Haile Mariam Opens: Kiros Wants Him Dead ( -ap- 07/03/07) "ADDIS ABABA --  An appeal case against a life sentence handed to Ethiopia's former dictator Mengistu Haile Marian opened in Addis Ababa Tuesday with prosecutors seeking a harsher sentence. Chief prosecutor Yosef Kiros asked the court to issue a death sentence to Mengistu for crimes committed during the 1977 to 1978 "Red Terror" period when tens of thousands of people were killed or disappeared in his bid to turn Ethiopia into a Soviet-style workers' state. "Such crimes deserve more than the life imprisonment sentence. Their actions led to the massacre of thousands of innocent lives," Yosef told the court. In January, Mengistu, who is exiled in Zimbabwe since being overthrown in 1991, was sentenced in absentia to life in prison for genocide and other crimes."

The World Bank Pouring Another $130 Million Into Meles Zenawi's Bank Account  (, 07/03/07) "The World Bank Board of Executive Directors today approved an International Development Association (IDA) credit* of US$130 million to help expand electricity access to rural populations in Ethiopia. The Second Electricity Access Rural Expansion project aims to bring grid, mini-grid and off-grid electricity access to 295 towns and villages and provide such services as lighting for schools and clinics, benefiting a total population of about 1.8 million."

Meles Zenawi's Adulteration of Ethiopia Continues Unabated: The TPLF Imports South African Breeds to Destroy Sheep and Goat Stocks Husbanded for Centuries  (  07/03/07) "3 July 2007 - PANA. In a bid to improve the quality and productivity of its herds, Ethiopia has imported Dorper sheep and Boer goat breeds from South Africa to cross-breed with the local stock in six regions under its livestock development programme, an official source said here Tuesday. The arrival of the new breeds was part of the Ethiopia Sheep and Goat Productivity Improvement Programme that began in late 2005 at the cost of US$5.5 million, according to the source."

African Union Summit Ends Without Agreement on Government Timetable ( -afp- 07/03/07) "ACCRA (AFP) - An African Union summit devoted to integration ended Tuesday without agreement on a firm timetable on the establishment of a government for the continent, according to the final declaration. The leaders instead commissioned four studies which will be presented to a committee of heads of state "who will make appropriate recommendations to the next ordinary session of our assembly," Ghana's President John Kufuor said at a closing ceremony after the three-day summit in Accra."

Africa: The Key To A Successful African Union (, 07/03/07) "There is perhaps no continent or no people that need unity than Africa and Africans. It is true that much of our plight in Africa is a result of the colonial legacy. But much of Africa's problems can only be explained by the abject failures of its children, particularly its rulers. There is no place in Africa, than in Ethiopia that colonialism has left its least foot prints. Perhaps a closer look at Ethiopia can give us a glimpse of what we don't need to perennially complain on the colonial past. Even by standards of most of Sub-Sahara Africa, Ethiopia remains to be the poorest country cyclically ravaged by multimillion killer famine and diseases. There is no reason for this to happen."

Isaias Afeworki Warns TFG of Somalia Over Cooperation With Meles Zenawi (, 07/03/07) "July 2, 2007 (MOGADISHU) — The government of Eritrea has warned the Somali Transitional Federal Government to be vigilant about the Ethiopian army intervention in Somalia, although Somali government considers this intervention as military cooperation. The Eritrean government said that the Somali government actually does not know how it is going to perform its duties in the future, after it had been involved in fighting its rivals by cooperating with the Ethiopian forces."

Child Refugees in Kenya Suffer Malnutrition - U.N. (, 07/03/07) "GENEVA, July 3 (Reuters) - Child malnutrition rates are at crisis levels in refugee camps in Kenya, where desperate parents are selling food supplies to get firewood and soap, three United Nations agencies said on Tuesday. 
In a joint appeal, the U.N. High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), World Food Programme (WFP) and UNICEF asked donors for $32 million to help improve care for children at the Dadaab and Kakuma camps, which house 237,000 refugees, mainly from Somalia and Sudan. Aid shortfalls have meant those living in the camps have received less than 15 percent of the firewood and less than half the amount of soap they need, the agencies said. Many have also faced water shortages."

Janjaweed Using Rape as 'Integral' Weapon in Darfur, Aid Group Says (, 07/03/07) "A new report on the crisis in the Darfur region of western Sudan has identified rape as a systematic weapon of ethnic cleansing being used by government-backed Janjaweed militiamen, and said Sudanese laws discriminate against female victims, who face harassment and intimidation at local police stations if they try to report the crime. The report, "Laws Without Justice: An Assessment of Sudanese Laws Affecting Survivors of Rape," by the humanitarian group Refugees International, said rape was "an integral part of the pattern of violence that the government of Sudan is inflicting upon the targeted ethnic groups in Darfur.""

George W. Bush Refuses to Rule Out Libby Pardon for Lewis "Scooter" Libby (, 07/03/07) "President Bush today refused to rule out a pardon for I. Lewis "Scooter" Libby, one day after he spared the former White House aide prison time by commuting the 30-month sentence imposed after Libby's perjury conviction in the CIA leak case. "As to the future, I rule nothing in and nothing out," the president told reporters after visiting wounded soldiers at Walter Reed Army Medical Center. A full pardon would wipe clean Libby's criminal record. The commuted prison sentence leaves Libby's conviction in place, along with a $250,000 fine and two years probation."

US President George W. Bush Commutes Libby's Sentence (, 07/02/07) "President Bush today commuted the prison sentence of I. Lewis "Scooter" Libby, Vice President Cheney's former chief of staff, sparing him the 30-month term to which he was sentenced last month for lying to federal investigators about his role in the White House leak of a CIA officer's identity. Bush took the action just hours after a federal appeals court ruled that Libby was not entitled to remain free while he was appealing his conviction on four felonies."

Girma Wolde Georgis the Woyane Buffon Playing the Role of Head of State. The royal Constitution monarch and family stand guard to feed him crow.

Kenyan Deputy Ministers 'Bored': In Ethiopia These Stooges are Pushed Around in a Wheel Chair and Placed on Center Stage for the World to See (, 07/02/07) "At least 30 assistant Kenyan ministers have written a letter to the president, complaining they have no work to do. "I just go to the office and read newspapers," said Abu Chiaba, an assistant fisheries minister. His counterpart in the wildlife and tourism ministry said he learnt of policy decision in the press. President Mwai Kibaki promised a lean government when he took power in 2002, but instead increased the number of jobs to reward his coalition partners." RELATED STORY: Meles Zenawi's Tragic-Comedy in the Chambers of the EPRDF/Woyane So Called "Parliament" (, 02/12/07 Click on the pictures to watch video)

African Leaders in Fierce Debate on Unity (, 07/02/07) "ACCRA, Ghana (Reuters) -- Supporters of the immediate creation of a federal state stretching from Cape Town to Cairo waged a fierce debate at an African summit on Monday with leaders who want much slower integration. The African Union summit, on its second day, got down to heavyweight discussions on its only agenda item -- the creation of a United States of Afrrica. While almost all the 53 member nations agree with the goal of African integration and eventual unity, most of the summit leaders, led by South Africa's Thabo Mbeki, believe this must be a gradual process." RELATED STORIES: African Leaders Thrash Out Plans for Closer Unity at Regional Summit ( -afp- 07/02/07) Leaders Debate Unified African State at AU Summit (, 07/02/07)

Somali Elders Search for Peace (, 07/02/07) "NAIROBI, Kenya (AP) - Almost every day, Somalia's government comes under attack - suicide bombings, roadside explosions, ambushes. Security forces have tried mass arrests and curfews, but to no avail. The key is solving religious and clan differences - and the challenge of bringing one of the nation's largest clans into the process shows why stability and prosperity remain a distant dream." "...He [Sheik Sharif Sheik Ahmed] went on to reject the reconciliation conference as ``not reflecting Somali interests. Moreover, it is not aimed at ending or solving the existing Somali problems; it serves the interests of the enemy that invaded the country.'' These demands, which are often echoed by Hawiye warlords, essentially ask the government to commit suicide. With no outside military support and an open agenda, the government will cease to exist and a new one would have to be formed from scratch."

"The chairman of African Union Commission, Alpha Oumar Konare (L) and Ghanaian President John Kufuor (C) greet Guinea Bissau president Joao Bernado Vieira in front of the conference center in Accra." (AFP/Issouf Sanogo)

Leaders Map Out African Union Overhaul (, 07/01/07) "ACCRA (AFP) - Leaders of the African Union began mapping out plans to forge a closer federation of states at a summit in Ghana Sunday, acknowledging the continent's current system of governance had to improve. Fifty years after it became the first African nation to free itself from colonialism, Ghana was the venue of an AU meeting devoted to working out how the world's poorest continent can gain strength through unity." "...In his speech, Konare acknowledged some of the crises still confronting the AU, including the conflict in Sudan's Darfur region and civil war in Somalia. The AU's shortcomings were underlined at the last summit in Ethiopia in January when it failed to persuade any nation but Uganda to send troops on a peacekeeping mission to Somalia." RELATED STORY: Summit Focuses on African Unity (, 07/01/07)

US Assistant Secretary of State for African Affairs Ms Jendayi Fraser says "It is hard to say whether it (Somalia) is better or worse off because I think Ethiopia’s action was an action in the context of other actors’ actions." Frazer is beating around the 'Bush' and is incapable of admitting the disastrous miscalculations that she made when she hired Zenawi's mercenary forces to chase phantom "terrorists" in East Africa. Her partner Meles Zenawi admitted last week that "His tyrannical regime "made a wrong political calculation" when it intervened in Somalia.  AFP Photo

George W. Bush and Meles Zenawi Hit Dead-End in Somalia (, 07/01/07) "Chances are that the United States has run out of options in Somalia after the Assistant Secretary of State for African Affairs Ms Jendayi Fraser conceded last week that Washington’s support for the ouster of the Islamic Courts Union (ICU) by Ethiopia might have been a miscalculation. In an interview with BBC, Fraser conceded that the use of force in Somalia had only aggravated an already atrocious situation. Asked to comment on the [spiralling] armed violence, Fraser said: "It is hard to say whether it (Somalia) is better or worse off because I think Ethiopia’s action was an action in the context of other actors’ actions." 

EDITORIAL NOTE: We warned Drs. Fraser and Yamamoto in December 2006 that they were leading Ethiopia into a quagmire. Meles Zenawi and Bereket Simon Plot to Destabilize Ethiopia by Dragging Her into Ethno-Religious Conflicts in East Africa   by Bekele Molla    December 5, 2006  

Isaias Afeworki Scorns Meles Zenawi's Invasion Accusation (, 07/01/07) "NAIROBI, July 1 (Reuters) - Eritrea scoffed on Sunday at comments by Ethiopian Prime Minister Meles Zenawi that his neighbour and arch-foe might be considering an invasion, saying such talk was a smokescreen to cover "domestic chaos". 
A short but withering editorial from Asmara also criticised Meles' "boot-licking" foreign policy in Somalia where he has sent troops to back the government against Islamists. At odds since a devastating 1998-2000 border war, Ethiopia and Eritrea's unremitting enmity is seen as a major destabilising factor across the Horn of Africa, one of the world's poorest and most conflict-ridden zones."

Sudan: A Country in Crisis (, 07/01/07) "Interactive report examines Darfur, where conflict has left 450,000 people dead and 2.5 million displaced. A presecutor in the Hague evidence of war crimes againsy Ahmad Muhammad Harun, a state minister for humanitarian affairs and janjaweed leader Ali Abd- al-Rahman, the first such charges outlined in the Darfur crisis." RELATED STORY: Sudan's al-Beshir Warns Against 'Iraqification' of Darfur ( -afp- 07/01/07)

Family Ends 9,300-Mile Bike Ride in Guilford: Funds Raised to be Donated to Orphanage in Ethiopia ( -ap- 06/30/07) "GUILFORD, Conn. -- Watching cartoons on a recent Thursday morning, 9-year-old twins Davy and Daryl Vogel don't want to get up off the couch. They say they are tired. They should be. They just finished a 9,300-mile bike ride." "...They attracted much publicity along the way; the Vogels estimate they were interviewed for at least 30 newspaper articles. As they realized the amount of attention they were receiving, they took up a cause for which they could help raise money, asking supporters to give to an orphanage for youths with AIDS or HIV in Ethiopia, called AHOPE for Children."

Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi called on the continent to unite under a single government so it could compete in a globalized world. Reuters Photo

Libya's Gaddafi Tells Africa to Unite or Die (, 06/30/07) "ACCRA (Reuters) - Declaring himself a "soldier for Africa", Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi called on the continent on Saturday to unite under a single government so it could compete in a globalised world. Speaking on the eve of an African Union summit in Accra, Gaddafi said AU leaders had not yet achieved the dream of unity voiced half a century ago by Ghana's first president, Kwame Nkrumah, founding father of African independence." RELATED STORY: Summit Focuses on United States of Africa Plan ( -afp- 06/30/07)

Sudan's al-Bashir Condemns U.S. Over Sanctions: Sudan TV (news -reuters- 06/30/07) "LONDON (Reuters) - Sudanese President Omar Hassan al-Bashir on Saturday condemned the United States for pursuing sanctions against his country over Darfur, the BBC quoted Sudan TV as reporting. "We are amazed why USA is continuing with sanctions after a time when we agreed with the U.N. on the heavy support package," he said. Sudan agreed on June 12 to a combined United Nations and African Union peacekeeping force of more than 20,000 troops and police, but many diplomats doubt Khartoum will keep its word."

Zenawi and Gedi engage in premature celebration of victory over Somali nationalist resistance fighters June 5, 2007.  AP Photo

Woyane Premier Admits Errors on Somalia: A Rare Admission of Defeat by a Pathological Lair (, 06/29/07) "NAIROBI, June 28 -- Ethiopian Prime Minister Meles Zenawi said Thursday that his government "made a wrong political calculation" when it intervened in Somalia, where Ethiopian troops are bogged down in a fight against a growing insurgency. Addressing Ethiopia's Parliament, Meles said his government incorrectly assumed that breaking up the Islamic movement that took control of most of Somalia in June 2006 would subdue the country. He also said he wrongly believed that Somali clan leaders would live up to unspecified "promises.""

Oromo Rebels Reportedly Killed 30 Aagazi Soldiers in Eastern Ethiopia (, 06/29/07) "June 28, 2007 (ADDIS ABABA) — The rebel Oromo Liberation Army OLA), armed wing of Oromo Liberation Front, killed over 30 soldiers and captured nine others in an attack the Ethiopian troops in eastern zone, a rebel radio reported. The eastern zonal commander has said that on 19 June 2007 the OLA took a punitive strike against Ethiopian troops at a place called Fulale in the district of Boku, East Hararge Zone, killing over 20 soldiers and wounding 10 others. Besides killing and wounding Ethiopian soldiers in the attack on their base, the OLA captured nine soldiers. In the attack, the OLA captured over 10 AK-47 assault rifles, six F1 grenades, over 350 firearm rounds as well as other materiel and turned them into an asset for Oromo liberation Army, reported the rebel radio Voice of Oromo Liberation."

Somali PM Wants UN Peacekeepers: Security Council Told Him Not Before You Agree to a National Reconciliation Conference. His boss Meles Zenawi of course is encouraging him to 'crush his opponents' as does Condoleezza Rice. (, 06/29/07) "The prime minister of war-torn Somalia has asked for UN peacekeepers to take over from the African Union mission. "Failure to act at this critical period will be very costly in the future," Ali Mohamed Ghedi told the UN Security Council, AP news agency reports. But diplomats say council members were cautious about the proposal, wanting first to see progress through the reconciliation summit due next month." RELATED STORIES: Piracy Feared as South Korean Ship Missing Off Somalia (, 06/29/07) Aid Needs Grow in Somalia But Access Gets Harder (, 06/29/07) Locusts Hit Parts of Somalia (, 06/29/07)

His Imperial Majesty Descendant of the III Tigrean Dynasty born Ras Abebe Hiwehat is crowned as Emperor Constitution I. He issued a proclamation today that "I had advised them (the opposition) not to violate the constitution, which they did not heed," Henceforth, I Constitutionios The First hereby declare that all opposed to my impeccable and benevolent rule be punished by beheading in the stadium! If Ana Gomes tries to twist my arm, I will have her fingers cut off. AP Photo

Meles Zenawi Calls West's Appeals for Prisoners "Shameful" ( -areuters- 06/28/07) "ADDIS ABABA, June 28 (Reuters) - Ethiopian Prime Minister Meles Zenawi slammed on Thursday calls by Western diplomats for the release of 38 opposition officials as "shameful". In an address to parliament, Meles lambasted the Addis Ababa-based Western ambassadors, some of whom were listening to his speech in the gallery, and accused them of pressuring him. "In Ethiopia there is nothing that can be resolved as a result of external pressure," he said. In an address to parliament, Meles lambasted the Addis Ababa-based Western ambassadors, some of whom were listening to his speech in the gallery, and accused them of pressuring him. "In Ethiopia there is nothing that can be resolved as a result of external pressure," he said."

Eritreans repatriated from Ethiopia in 1998.  During the 1998-2000 war over 100,000 were killed and millions displaced. Sebhat Nega, head of the Addis Eritrean faction said he will burn Ethiopia down to save Eritrea and Isaias Afeworki said he would like wise pillage and plunder Ethiopia to remain in power. The sole purpose of the war of words and bullets between the factions is to settle disagreement on who should get the lion's share of the loot and maintain Eritro-Tigrean ethnic hegemony. Ethiopian patriots have paid dearly by sacrificing their lives and will continue to resist such fantasy.  AFP Photo



Two Factions of Eritrean Mafia, One in Addis Abeba the Other in Asmara Causing Death and Destruction in East Africa (, 06/28/07) "Ethiopia's prime minister says he is strengthening his army in preparation for an attack by long-time foe Eritrea. "Our defence forces have the capacity to deter aggression and to repulse it if it occurred," Meles Zenawi told MPs. Eritrea has yet to comment. The two [neighbours] fought a border war from 1998-2000, in which hundreds of thousands of people were killed." 

RELATED STORIES: Meles Zenawi's Ploy to Distract Attention From His Brutal Dictatorship by Invocking Isaias Afeworki's Ghost ( -ap- 06/28/07) Christians Protest Over Isaias Afeworki's Incarceration of Patriarch and Police State Repression (, 06/28/07) Isaias Afeworki's Faction  Broke International Law in Border War - International Commission in the Hague (, 12/21/05)

To escape the abject poverty that Meles Zenawi's Tigrean gorilla army and police have incubated, several thousand girls are lured by Sebhat Nega's conglomerates into going to Arab countries to seek employment. Most are kept as both sex objects and indentured slaves. Shame on the TPLF and Condoleezza Rice! An Ethiopian government to be established soon will reclaim Ethiopia's children!  AP Photo of a tearful departure of an Ethiopian girl into the unknown.

Over 30, 000 Ethiopian Girls Shipped to the Lebanon by the TPLF Regime to Work as Sex Slaves (, 06/27/07) "Burundi's courts are investigating the alleged trafficking of young Burundian girls and women. Magistrate Arcade Niyongabo has told the BBC many of them think they are seeking asylum in Europe, but end up working as gardeners, maids or prostitutes in Lebanon. He says about 30 Burundians are still in Lebanon but he thinks the number could be much higher because many change their names before leaving." "...There were so many girls from different countries... Ethiopia, the Philippines, from all over."

Somali Officials Escape Assassination Bids (, 06/27/07) "MOGADISHU, June 27 (Reuters) - Somalia's trade minister and former defence minister escaped assassination attempts, which killed two other people, in the latest Iraq-style guerrilla attacks on government targets, witnesses said on Wednesday. A roadside bomb hit Trade Minister Abdullahi Ahmed Afrah's convoy late on Tuesday in a busy north Mogadishu street. A female passer-by was killed and eight people including four of the minister's bodyguards were injured, locals said. 
"The minister escaped death narrowly," resident Omar Rage told Reuters. "It was a remote-controlled roadside bomb. It exploded as soon as his vehicle passed."" RELATED STORIES: Thousands Flee Mogadishu Amid Renewed Violence, UN Reports (, 06/28/07) Somalia Violence Kills 2 Soldiers, 2 Aid Workers (, 06/28/07)

Djibouti's President Ismael Omar Guelleh May, 2007 AP photo

Media Group Condemns Djibouti's Tightening of Media Rules (, 06/27/07) "Reporters Without Borders is condemning the Djibouti government for what it calls "a campaign of harassment" on all independent media organizations in the east African country. The report coincides with Wednesday's anniversary marking the 30th year of Djibouti's independence. For VOA, Arjun Kohli has this report from Nairobi. Paris-based Reporters Without Borders criticizes what it calls the increasing authoritarian rule in Djibouti by President Ismael Omar Guelleh. The report was issued after the country's sole opposition newspaper, Le Renouveau Djibutien, was shut down."

Sudanese Official Killed in Car Crash ( -ap- 06/27/07) "KHARTOUM, Sudan -- A top Sudanese presidential adviser who played a key role in Darfur peace negotiations died early Wednesday in a car accident, a government official said. Majzoub al-Khalifa was driving a road from his home village to the capital with his brother when their car flipped over in a road accident at dawn, Sudan's presidential spokesman Majzoub Faidul told The Associated Press. The two brothers died of their injuries near the northern Sudan town of Shendi, some 112 miles north of Khartoum, the capital, he said." RELATED STORY: U.N. Concerned as Violence Escalates in Darfur (, 06/27/07)

CIA Plot to Kill Castro Detailed ( -ap- 06/27/07) "HAVANA -- The CIA recruited a former FBI agent to approach two of America's most-wanted mobsters and gave them poison pills meant for Fidel Castro during his first year in power, according to newly declassified papers released Tuesday. Contained amid hundreds of pages of CIA internal reports collectively known as "the family jewels," the official confirmation of the 1960 plot against Castro was certain to be welcomed by communist authorities as more proof of their longstanding claims that the United States wants Castro dead."

EDITORIAL NOTE: Brown and Blair friendly rivals.  A ray of hope that Mr. Brown would try to undo the ethnic and religious carnage in Ethiopia, Somalia, Sudan and Iraq that PM Blair instigated by supporting the likes of the Tigrean tribal gangsters led by his bosom buddy Meles Zenawi. He departs with his hands stained with the blood of hundreds of thousands of Ethiopians and a fractured nation. Blair does not deserve to become a peace envoy. Guardian Photo

Brown Becomes New British Prime Minister ( -ap- 06/27/07) "LONDON - Former Treasury chief Gordon Brown became British prime minister Wednesday, promising "a new government with new priorities," after Tony Blair resigned to end a decade in power. Power changed hands traditionally and quietly behind closed doors in Buckingham Palace as Blair first called on Queen Elizabeth II to submit his resignation, and Brown arrived soon after to be confirmed as the new prime minister. "This will be a new government with new priorities," Brown told reporters outside his Downing Street office minutes later. "I've been privileged with the great opportunity to serve my country."" RELATED STORY: Goodbye, I Won't Miss You at All (Reuters Video Wed Jun 27, 2007)

Republican Senators Attack Bush Over Iraq Troop Surge (, 06/27/07) "One of America's most influential Republicans rounded on George Bush over Iraq yesterday, saying the "surge" begun in February had little chance of success. Richard Lugar, senior Republican on the Senate's foreign relations committee, said the war put vital US interests in the Middle East at risk and could end in disaster unless a coherent withdrawal plan for US forces was agreed "very soon". Mr Lugar had previously been a supporter of the action. In a sign of spreading rebellion another Republican senator, George Voinovich, backed him last night. "We must not abandon our mission, but we must begin a transition where the Iraqi government and its neighbours play a larger role," he said."

Mogadishu Attacks Kill Five as US Reprimands Transitional Government ( -afp- 06/26/07) "MOGADISHU (AFP) - Five people were killed in bomb and grenade attacks in the Somali capital on Tuesday, a day after US officials expressed concern that the government was hampering national dialogue. The bomb explosion in the heart of Mogadishu's Bakara market killed four women who worked there as cleaners and wounded at least another 10 people, some of them seriously, witnesses and medical sources said." "...In a separate incident in northern Mogadishu, an unidentified attacker hurled a grenade at Somali Trade Minister Abdullahi Afrah's convoy, killing one of the official's bodyguards, police said. "The minister escaped, but one of his security men was killed and two others seriously injured," police officer Mohamed Yusuf Ali told AFP." RELATED STORY: Somali PM in US to Seek Aid, Peacekeepers (, 06/26/07)

Deadly attacks occur almost daily in Mogadishu. Five women died many injured on June 26, 2007 AP Photo

Bomb Kills Four Women in Mogadishu Market ( -afp- 06/26/07) "MOGADISHU (AFP) - A bomb explosion in a crowded Mogadishu market killed four women early Tuesday and left at least 10 other people injured, witnesses and medical sources said. Some of the injured were in a serious condition, a nurse at the capital's main Medina hospital told AFP. The dead women were working as cleaners in the capital's Bakara market." RELATED STORIES: Blast Kills Five Women in Mogadishu: Witnesses (, 06/26/07) Bomb Kills Somali Cleaning Women (, 06/26/07)

Ethiopian women whaling after George W. Bush's partner Meles Zenawi massacred demonstrating youth and women in Addis Abeba in June 2005. Condoleezza Rice is encouraging Zenawi to do the same in Mogadishu

Africa United in Rejecting US Request for Military HQ (, 06/26/07) "The Pentagon's plan to create a US military command based in Africa have hit a wall of hostility from governments in the region reluctant to associate themselves with the Bush administration's "war on terror" and fearful of American intervention. A US delegation led by Ryan Henry, principal deputy under-secretary of defence for policy, returned to Washington last week with little to show for consultations with defence and foreign ministry officials in Algeria, Morocco, Libya, Egypt, Djibouti and with the African Union (AU). An earlier round of consultations with sub-Saharan countries on providing secure facilities and local back-up for the new command, to be known as Africom and due to be operational by September next year, was similarly inconclusive."

Portrait of a toothless tiger. Hippocratic leaders whose cronies in Sudan, Ethiopia, Somalia and Zimbabwe are committing genocide. Zenawi and al-Bashir are double dipping into western aid and Chinese donations to do their biding. AP Photo


Darfur Conference Ends In Paris in Failure (, 06/25/07) "A conference in Paris aimed at finding a solution to the crisis in Darfur has ended with an agreement to coordinate future measures in the troubled region. But as Anita Elash reports for VOA from Paris, most of the key players did not attend the gathering. French President Nicolas Sarkozy started the day with a dramatic call to arms, telling delegations from more than 15 countries that "silence kills" and that the international community must say "enough is enough."" RELATED STORIES: Darfur Activists Prepare For Possible Beijing Olympics Boycott (, 06/25/07) China Launches $1B African Trade Fund ( -ap- 06/26/07)

"Youths carrying stones in their hands charge up the road to Addis Ababa city hall during the third day of unrest on the streets of Ethiopia's capital. Minutes later, the crowd dispersed as federal riot police and special forces drive into the area in the central Piazza area of the capital. Gun shots and large explosions were heard throughout the area before heavy rain drove everyone off the streets. Addis Ababa 08 June 2005. The clashes erupted out of student protests over alleged irregularities in Ethiopia's May 15 national elections. Photo by Andrew Heavens."

Ethiopia: US Power Moves in Ethiopia’s Conflict (, 06/25/07) "Rumors are all over about the imminent release of the leaders of Ethiopia 's pro-democracy party, the Coalition for Unity and Democracy (CUD). Whether the prisoners are released at all and under what terms is entirely dependent upon secret deals being struck between the United States and Prime Minister Meles Zenawi of Ethiopia . A campaign to divide and conquer the prisoners also appears to be underway. RELATED STORY: Jailed Ethiopians 'To Be Freed' (, 06/25/07) "A group of 38 Ethiopian opposition leaders found guilty of links to violent election protests is to be freed, they have told their families. They say they have signed a document to secure their release but it is not clear what this is. Their friends and relatives went on Monday morning to the town of Kaliti where they are being held but were disappointed when they were not freed."

Ethiopia Rebels Say TPLF Government Killed 40 in Air Raids (, 06/25/07) "Rebels in Ethiopia's remote eastern Somali region accused the government on Monday of using war planes to bomb three villages, killing about 40 people, in an escalating offensive against the insurgents. The government said it had the Ogaden National Liberation Front (ONLF) "on the run", but denied using planes during fighting in the poor and arid region on the border of Ethiopia and Somalia in the Horn of Africa. An ONLF spokesperson said as well as the victims of air raids, 57 more civilians had died in the past 10 days or so of battles."

Civilians are often caught up in the violence. A boy shot and wounded by police."  AFP Photo

Shooting at Somali Food Aid Crush (, 06/25/07) "At least three people have died after Somali security forces opened fire at a crowd demanding food aid in the capital, Mogadishu, witnesses say. Hundreds of people tried to storm a police station where food was being handed out, they say. "Police opened fire and killed five people," said Abdiqadir Mohamed Ilbir, as he wept for his brother, who was among the dead." RELATED STORIES: Somali Soldier Fires at Crowd Seeking Food, 3 Killed (, 06/25/07) Somalia: Blind Alley, Mounting Casualties (, 06/24/07)

"It is Time to Return to the Motherland" Southern Sudanese Refugees in Gambella Ethiopia Are Preparing for Repatriation Back to Sudan ( -reuters- 06/25/07) "BONGA, 22 June 2007 (IRIN) - For many years, Waskan Munya has followed the same Saturday afternoon routine - chatting with his fellow refugees while one of his two wives prepared dinner. "I did not expect the camp to be my home for 14 years," he said. "I am happy that finally it is time to return to my motherland, Sudan." Munya is one of thousands of Southern Sudanese refugees who have been living in camps in Gambella regional state, Ethiopia, but are now preparing for repatriation back home."

Robert Zoellick Replaces Paul Wolfowitz at The World Bank AFP Photo

Robert Zoellick OK'd As Next World Bank Chief (, 06/25/07) "WASHINGTON -- Robert Zoellick, a seasoned player in international financial and diplomatic circles, won the unanimous approval of the World Bank's board on Monday to become the poverty-fighting institution's next president. Zoellick will succeed Paul Wolfowitz, whose last day is Saturday, ending a stormy two-year tenure. The new president will take the reins Sunday, the first day of his five-year term."

There's More Than a Border in Ethiopia, Eritrea Conflict (, 06/24/07) "Have Ethiopia and Eritrea moved closer to a resolution of their "border" conflict, seven years after the end of a bitter two-year war costing more than 70,000 lives? Maybe. The two countries agreed to binding arbitration about the location of their border in Algiers in 2000. The small town of Badme was awarded to Eritrea. Until then, Ethiopia refused to allow the demarcation because Eritrea invaded Badme to spark the war in 1998. Why? Because for the preceding year, a series of incidents provoked the Eritrean government into thinking that Ethiopia soldiers were trying to take over Badme by stealth."

Ethiopia's Axumite Obeleisk  erected in Italy in 1937 after it was plundered by Mussolini's troops. Sebhat Nega the Eritro-Tigrean neo-fascist said a week ago that his TPLF politburo loathes anything to do with ancient Ethiopia. Is UNESCO being sucked into Meles Zenawi's millennium game show?  AP Photo

UNESCO Launches Project for Axum Obelisk Re-Erection in Ethiopia (, 06/23/07) "23 June 2007, PANA - The UNESCO World Heritage Centre has signed a contract with Italian construction company, Lattanzi SRL, for the re-erection of the Aksum obelisk on its original location in Ethiopia, the UN agency said in a release Friday. The obelisk, 24 metres high and weighing 150 tons, is the second largest stela on the Aksum World Heritage site. It was transported to Rome by Mussolini's troops in 1937, and 68 years later, in April 2005, the Italian government decided, thanks to UNESCO's mediation, to return it to Ethiopia."

Seven Killed in Fighting Among Somali Soldiers (, 06/23/07) "NAIROBI, June 22 -- In another sign of trouble for Somalia's transitional government, fighting erupted Friday among hundreds of government soldiers belonging to two rival sub-clans. Seven people were killed in the brief but heavy battle near the southern coastal city of Kismaayo, home to a lucrative port and fertile farmland that the Majerteen, the sub-clan of Somali President Abdullahi Yusuf, and the Marehan, their historical enemies, would both like to control."

20 Killed in Nairobi Night of Violence (, 06/23/07) "In a night of bloodshed in the Kenyan capital Nairobi at least 20 people were killed, including two who had been beheaded, police said yesterday. Some of the deaths could be linked to a banned sect that has been terrorising the capital, they said. Three people, including the two who were beheaded, were found dead in Banana Hill on the outskirts of Nairobi, where police have been cracking down on the banned Mungiki sect, which is accused of a series of beheadings."

Civilians Still Being Brutalized in War Zones - UN (, 06/23/07) "UNITED NATIONS, June 22 (Reuters) - Despite campaigns to protect civilians in war zones, progress is gradual and failure too obvious in many places in the world, the U.N. emergency relief coordinator said on Friday. John Holmes told the U.N. Security Council that in many areas, such as Sudan's Darfur region, Somalia or Afghanistan, "We are still failing to make a real and timely difference for the victims on the ground." "Lip service is easy. Effective action is much harder," Holmes told the council, which devotes a full session twice a year to the issue of protecting civilians."

At Least 15 Die in Overnight Violence in Kenyan Capital (, 06/22/07) "At least 15 people have been killed in a surge of violence overnight in and around Kenya's capital, Nairobi. At least three people were killed - and at least one beheaded - in the Banana district, where police have been cracking down on the outlawed Mungiki sect. At least four people were killed when gunmen sprayed a bar in Kariobangi district with bullets." RELATED STORY: At Least 20 Killed in New Kenyan Violence (, 06/22/07)

A Somali man walks by a policeman on duty after serious roadside bomb rocked southern Mogadishu.  AFP Photo


Fifteen Killed as Rival Somali Troops Clash ( -afp- 06/22/07) "MOGADISHU (AFP) - Fifteen soldiers were killed and at least 30 others wounded Friday when rival Somali government forces clashed near the southern town of Kismayo, army officers and witnesses said. Later at least seven explosions rocked neighbourhoods in southern Mogadishu moments after a night-time curfew took effect, but it was unclear if there were any casualties. The clashes erupted when an army unit from the Marehan clan tried to drive another from the rival Majerteen out of Kismayo, about 500 kilometres (300 miles) south of the capital Mogadishu." RELATED STORIES: Major Clan War Feared in Kismayo, Somalia (, 06/22/07) Somalia Food Aid Trucks Stranded in Kenya-WFP (, 06/22/07)

In this 2006 file photo, reviewed by a US Department of Defense official, detainees stand together at a fence at Camp Delta prison, at the Guantanamo Bay U.S. Naval Base, Cuba. (AP Photo/Brennan Linsley, file)

Army officer Says Guantanamo Panels Flawed - Ditto for Bush/Zenawi 'African Guantanamo' in Ethiopia ( -ap- 06/22/07) "SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico - An Army officer with a key role in the U.S. military hearings at Guantanamo Bay says they relied on vague and incomplete intelligence and were pressured to declare detainees "enemy combatants," often without any specific evidence. His affidavit, released Friday, is the first criticism by a member of the military panels that determine whether detainees will continue to be held. Lt. Col. Stephen Abraham, a 26-year veteran of military intelligence who is an Army reserve officer and a California lawyer, said military prosecutors were provided with only "generic" material that didn't hold up to the most basic legal challenges."

"MEPs call on the UN "to appoint a ‘special rapporteur’ to conduct an investigation in Ethiopia into judicial independence and arbitrary detentions, the human rights situation, including minority rights, post-election violence and killings, and charges of treason and outrage against the constitutional order directed at opposition leaders, journalists and civil-society activists". 

Professor Mesfin Wolde Mariam Speaks Against the TPLF Sham Trial and Verdict (Amharic pdf, 06/11/07)

The European Parliament Issues a Press Release Calling on Meles Zenawi's TPLF Regime to Release 38 Opposition Leaders and Others (, 06/21/07) "In the debates on human rights and democracy which wound up the plenary session, Parliament urged EU Member States to stick to their agreed line on Cuba, called on Ethiopia to release 38 opposition leaders who may face the death penalty and highlighted once again the continuing repression of the Burmese people." "... Following up on previous resolutions on Ethiopia, MEPs take another look at the unstable situation that has persisted in that country since the 2005 elections. Opposition leaders who led protests at the outcome of the elections have been convicted in court and may now face the death penalty.  While calling on the Ethiopian authorities to respect fundamental rights, MEPs also believe the EU institutions could be doing more and indeed that the EU bears some responsibility since it persuaded Ethiopians not to boycott the elections."

Africa Faces Better Food Year But Crises Remain in East Africa Because of Violence and Chaos (, 06/22/07) "LONDON, June 22 (Reuters) - Most of Africa has seen better rains and better harvests than in recent years, aid workers say, but they fear a looming crisis in Somalia while drought and HIV are slashing crop output in parts of southern Africa. Last year saw a serious drought in East Africa, while 2005 saw a food crisis in Niger that grabbed worldwide headlines. Experts say 2007 looks easier but four countries -- Zimbabwe, Swaziland, Lesotho and Somalia -- are cause for concern." ""...There are forecasts that make quite grim reading," WFP's Smerden said. "There may be a crop failure in central and southern Somalia.""

The TPLF Regime  Receives US$2.62 million Grant From the World Bank to Eliminate Obsolete Pesticide as Part of the Africa Stockpiles Program (, 06/21/07) "The World Bank Board of Executive Directors approved on June 19 a grant to assist the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia to eliminate obsolete pesticide stockpiles owned by the government, and associated waste, and to implement measures to reduce future risks. The World Bank Board of Executive Directors approved on June 19 a grant to assist the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia to eliminate obsolete pesticide stockpiles owned by the government, and associated waste, and to implement measures to reduce future risks.

Negotiations in Progress to Free Jailed Ethiopian Opposition Leaders (, 06/21/07) "Negotiations are in progress to free a group of 38 Ethiopian opposition leaders who were jailed following post-election violence in 2005. The Washington Post newspaper reports Thursday that the opposition leaders have signed a document accepting partial responsibility for the violence in exchange for their release. However, a source close to the negotiations tells VOA Horn of Africa service that the talks are still in progress and that no deal has been finalized." RELATED STORY: Ethiopian Prisoners Sign Paper in Bid for Release (, 06/21/07)

Curfew Announced in Mogadishu as Attacks Escalate in Somalia ( -afp- 06/21/07) "MOGADISHU (AFP) - Somali authorities on Thursday imposed a a nightime curfew in Mogadishu as five more people were killed in escalating violence in the volatile capital. Somali National Security Agency chief Mohamed Warsame Darwish said the curfew would take effect on Friday. "No one should be seen moving from 7:00 pm (1600 GMT) to 5:00 am (0200 GMT)," Darwish told a press conference. "We need our forces to tackle the violence in the evenings and secure the city in order to prevent explosions. That is why we are imposing the curfew."" RELATED STORY: Curfew After Somali Grenade Blast (, 06/21/07)

"Ethiopia is Africa's largest coffee producer, ahead of Uganda and the Ivory Coast, and coffee is its largest source of foreign exchange." AP Photo


Starbucks Makes a Deal With the TPLF Regime: Ethiopian Farmers Will Not Receive Royalty Payments From the Deal - Starbucks sells a small cup of coffee for $1.80 but pays the Ethiopian farmer $1.42 per pound. TPLF controlled Starbucks' partners pocket the commission.  (, 06/21/07) "Starbucks has agreed a wide-ranging accord with Ethiopia to support and promote its coffee, ending a long-running dispute over the issue. The US retailer will market, distribute and, in some cases, license Ethiopia's range of high-quality coffee brands.  A row over the recognition and use of trademarks for its coffee has stymied co-operation between the two sides." RELATED STORY:The Sweet Fruit Of Harsh Conditions (, 06/21/07)

"UNHCR Goodwill Ambassador Angelina Jolie sits beside an Afghan boy in the refugee camp of Katcha Ghari on the edge of the Pakistan city of Peshawar." Photo by UNHCR/J.Redden

UNHCR Report Says Refugee Population Rises to Almost 10 Million (, 06/20/07) "GENEVA, June 19 (UNHCR) – The UN refugee agency announced on Tuesday that the number of refugees in the world has increased for the first time since 2002, largely as a result of the crisis in Iraq. UNHCR's "2006 Global Trends" report, released today, shows the number of refugees under the agency's mandate rising last year by 14 percent to almost 10 million, the highest level since 2002. At the same time, the share of other categories of people under the agency's different mandates also grew sharply, in most cases as a result of improved registration systems and more accurate statistics." RELATED STORIES: World Refugee Day 2007 Get Informed, Get Involved (, 06/20/07) Last Year One of Worst Ever for Refugees-UNHCR Chief (, 06/20/07)

Aden, Ahmed and Aweys planning the next moves against the Bush/Zenawi mercenary occupation forces in Mogadishu.  AP Photo

Somalia's Opposition Regrouping, Planning (, 06/20/07) "NAIROBI, June 19 -- Far from being defeated, Somalia's opposition groups are politically uniting, strengthening and planning a conference next month to hone their strategy for ousting the Somali government and the Ethiopian troops backing it, according to a recent statement issued by the groups and to a foreign diplomat in the Somali capital. The official, who is closely involved in the country's faltering reconciliation process and spoke on condition of anonymity because of his position, said that Somali insurgents "are reaching out to different clans and to the general public without any conditions" and that "it is becoming a war between Somalia and Ethiopia.""

Police Stations Raided in Somalia (, 06/20/07) "At least two people have been killed overnight in the Somali capital, Mogadishu, during gun battles between suspected insurgents and the police. Two police stations, one in the north and the other in the south of the city, were targeted in surprise raids. The attacks come a day after Islamist fighters and their ousted leaders were granted an amnesty by the government. Recurrent violence in Mogadishu has twice delayed a national reconciliation conference now set for next month."

Starbucks, TPLF Regime Settle Licensing Dispute (, 06/20/07) "LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - Starbucks Corp. (SBUX.O: Quote, Profile, Research) and the Ethiopian government reached an agreement that settles a dispute over the country's bid to trademark its coffee beans, according a joint statement released on Wednesday. The U.S. coffee chain had been accused by Ethiopia and aid agency Oxfam of attempting to block Ethiopia from obtaining trademarks for its best-known beans -- Sidamo and Harrar."

Eritreans Pay Tribute to Thousands Killed in War Against Ethiopia (, 06/20/07) "Some holding orange flowers, Eritreans bowed their heads in silence to celebrate an estimated 90,000 people killed in a 30-year independence struggle and a 1998-2000 border war. Thousands of Eritreans marched through the streets on Wednesday to a cemetery atop a hill overlooking the capital to honour tens of thousands of people killed in two wars against their former Ethiopian masters."

Tigrean International Solidarity for Justice and Democracy Denounces Senhat Nega (Letter of condemnation of Interview Sebhat gave in Tigrigna, Issued in Amharic transcription and translation, June 2007 pdf)

CUDP Leaders who trounced Meles Zenawi's TPLF at the polls in May 2005 are paying a price for doing so. A miscarriage of justice and blatant disregard of citizen's human rights. These gallant sons and daughters of Ethiopia are George W. Bush's allies' prisoners of conscience and are not "extremists or terrorists."  AP Photo

Court Adjourns Trial of Ethiopian Opposition Leaders (, 06/19/07) "June 18, 2007 (ADDIS ABABA) — The Federal High Court adjourned the trial of the defendants under the file of Eng Hailu Shawl, leader of main opposition party Coalition for Unity and Democracy, until 12 July 2007 in its session held here Monday 18 June. The court postponed the trial as the presiding judge failed to appear for a reason and as the other two judges under pressure by workload, the official ENA reported. The court was supposed to pass a decision whether the defendants should give their evidences to the prosecutor or not."

UIC leader Sheikh Sharif Sheikh Ahmed says thanks but no thanks to the amnesty  AP Photo


Amnesty for Somalia's Islamists- presidential spokesman escapes assassination (, 06/19/07) "Somalia's government has given an amnesty to both the leaders and fighters of the Islamist movement ousted from power last December. President Abdullahi Yusuf, however, said those with links to "international terrorist" groups were excluded. The offer is seen as an attempt to persuade members of the Union of Islamic Courts to attend a national reconciliation conference next month. The Islamists, however, insist that Ethiopian troops leave the country." RELATED STORY: Somalia Presidential Spokesman Shot Twice in Capital (, 06/19/07)

Mounting Worries on World Refugee Day ( -reuters- 06/19/07) "In the dying days of Sri Lanka's ceasefire in April last year, I interviewed Dennis McNamara, head of internal displacement for the U.N. Office for Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs. With refugees and displaced people making their way home around the world after a series of devastating wars in Angola, South Sudan, Democratic Republic of Congo, Liberia and elsewhere, he made a powerful case for funding returning populations."

"Cyclists pass a factory in Yutian in China's north-west Hebei province." Photograph: Peter Parks/AFP

China Overtakes US as World's Biggest Air Polluter (, 06/19/07) "China has overtaken the United States as the world's biggest producer of carbon dioxide, the chief greenhouse gas, figures released today show. The surprising announcement will increase anxiety about China's growing role in driving man-made global warming and will pile pressure onto world politicians to agree a new global agreement on climate change that includes the booming Chinese economy. China's emissions had not been expected to overtake those from the US, formerly the world's biggest polluter, for several years, although some reports predicted it could happen as early as next year." RELATED STORY: China Overtaking US for Fast Internet Access as Africa Gets Left Behind - Sebhat Nega's "New Ethiopia" Not Even at the Bottom of the List for Obvious Reasons (, 06/19/07)

Ethiopians Demonstrate in Front of Embassy in Washington DC Denouncing the Incarceration and Ruling Against CUDP Leaders and Others (ETN 06/18/07) WATCH VIDEO REPORT

"Members of the Ogaden National Liberation Front, who are fighting the Ethiopian Army in a separatist war in the desert." New York Times Photo


In Ethiopia, Fear and Cries of Army Brutality (, 06/18/07) "IN THE OGADEN DESERT, Ethiopia — The rebels march 300 strong across the crunchy earth, young men with dreadlocks and AK-47s slung over their shoulders. Often when they pass through a village, the entire village lines up, one sunken cheekbone to the next, to squint at them. “May God bring you victory,” one woman whispered. This is the Ogaden, a spindle-legged corner of Ethiopia that the urbane officials in Addis Ababa, the capital, would rather outsiders never see. It is the epicenter of a separatist war pitting impoverished nomads against one of the biggest armies in Africa."  RELATED STORY: Alliance With Atrocity: Bush's Terror War Partners in Ethiopia (,06/18/07)  

Alliance For Freedom and Democracy Statement: 'Manipulation of the Legal System and Totalitarianism in Ethiopia' (  06/17/07) "Over the last 16 years the Ethiopian people have suffered under the tyranical rule of EPRDF. The gross violations of human rights, the absolute disregard for the rule of law, and the general abscence of basic democratic practices, like the independence of the judiciary system from direct interference by the executive, has been well documented by various human rights organizations." RELATED STORIES Coalition for Unity and Democracy Party (Kinijit) Call for Action (Press Release 06/16/07) Anuak Justice Council Statement: Stand Up Ethiopians (Press Statement 06/18/07)

Blast Kills 2 Children in Somali Capital (, 06/18/07) "MOGADISHU, Somalia (AP) -- A roadside bomb hidden in a pile of gaarbage exploded Monday in Somalia's capital, killing two children and wounding three people just minutes after security officials drove by, police said. Five people were arrested. The bomb went off in northern Mogadishu, where Somali troops and their Ethiopian allies were conducting a search for hidden weapons. The target was the security convoy, police said. "Two children were killed when a roadside bomb exploded," Mohamed Muhyadin, a spokesman for Mogadishu's mayor, told The Associated Press. "It was a cowardly attack, a terrorist act."" RELATED STORIES: Explosion Rocks Somali Capital (, 06/18/07) Somalia in the Eye of the Storm (, 06/18/07)

African Nations Cup Jigsaw Takes Shape ( -afp- 06/18/07) "CAIRO (AFP) - Angola, Cameroon, Morocco, Nigeria, Sudan and Tunisia were celebrating qualification for the 2008 African Nations Cup Monday. The Black Antelopes of Angola, the Indomitable Lions of Cameroon and the Atlas Lions of Morocco ensured their places at the biennial African football showcase by taking unassailable group leads. And whatever the final round qualifying results during September and October, Nigeria, Sudan and Tunisia will also be in Ghana next January for the 16-nation tournament."

U.N. Envoys Say Sudan in Agreement on Darfur Force (, 06/17/07) "KHARTOUM, June 17 (Reuters) - The U.N. Security Council will recommend that the world body fund a joint African Union-U.N. peacekeeping mission for Darfur, after receiving assurances it would be controlled by the U.N, envoys said on Sunday. After months of talks, threats and negotiations, Khartoum agreed to at least 20,000 troops and police for Darfur, but had said that most soldiers should come from Africa and command and control would be under the AU. 
The United Nations was however reluctant to fund a mission where it did not have overall control." RELATED STORY: Security Council to Back Funding for Darfur Mission (, 06/17/07)

George W. Bush's broad assertions of power in his war on terrorism are under assault by U.S. judges. Reuters Photo

Bush Suffers Court Setbacks in War on Terrorism (, 06/17/07) "WASHINGTON (Reuters) - President George W. Bush's broad assertions of power in his war on terrorism are under assault by U.S. judges who have rejected his indefinite imprisonment of enemy combatants and the domestic spying programme. A pair of recent rulings, one from military judges and the other from a U.S. appeals court, delivered new legal setbacks for Bush's tactics in dealing with terrorism suspects held at the U.S. naval base at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, or in the United States. "In case after case, this nation's judicial branch has told the administration that it may not trample on fundamental rights in the name of national security," said Hina Shamsi of the New York-based group Human Rights First."

Vlastimir Djordjevic captured and charged with ethnic cleansing of Albanians Frontline Photo

Serbian General War Crimes Suspect Arrested ( -ap- 06/17/07) "THE HAGUE, Netherlands - A former Serbian police general wanted for more than three years was arrested in Montenegro on Sunday on charges of murder and persecution of ethnic Albanians in Kosovo, the Yugoslav war crimes tribunal said. Vlastimir Djordjevic, once a close aide to former Yugoslav President Slobodan Milosevic, is accused of planning and instigating the killing of hundreds of ethnic Albanians who had "no active part in hostilities," according to his indictment. He is also charged in the forced deportation of 800,000 Kosovars. RELATED STORY: Vlastimir Djordjevic Indictment Case ( 2006)

Press Release by the Ethiopian National United Front (ENUF) on the TPLF Kangaroo Court Ruling Against CUDP Leaders and Others  ENUF Condemns the unlawful incarceration of the elected members of Ethiopian parliament and demands their immediate and unconditional release.  Listen to Woyane god-father Sehat Nega's Insane and Abrasive Interview on Aiga Woyane Forum  (Click on links below)

             PART 1              PART 2              PART 3             PART 4



The "New study puts the Amazon at 6,800km.  BBC Image

Amazon River Claimed 'Longer Than Nile' (, 06/16/07) "Scientists in Brazil are claiming to have established as a scientific fact that the Amazon is the longest river in the world. The Amazon is recognised as the world's largest river by volume, but has generally been regarded as second in length to the River Nile in Egypt. The claim follows an expedition to Peru that is said to have established a new starting point further south."


Kenyan Forces Cross Into Somalia to Search for Officers’ Killers (, 06/16/07) "June 16, 2007 (NAIROBI) — Kenyan security forces have crossed into Somalia to search for suspects in the killing of two Kenyan policemen, a senior police officer said Saturday. The Kenyan contingent will receive help from Somali and Ethiopian security forces, Northeastern Province police chief Antony Kibuchi said. "There is a very big operation going on there," said Kibuchi, who declined to give the number of Kenyan forces in Somalia."

Convictions in Ethiopia Trials Condemned by Amnesty International USA (, 06/15/07) "(New York) -- Amnesty International USA (AIUSA) condemns the recent convictions in Ethiopia of 38 opposition party members, journalists and a human rights defender on charges that could carry life in prison or the death penalty. "We are deeply concerned about the fairness of political trials in Ethiopia and call on the government to immediately and unconditionally release all prisoners of conscience," said Lynn Fredriksson, advocacy director for Africa for AIUSA. The defendants were convicted on June 11 after a 14 month trial by the Federal High Court of Ethiopia. The group included Professor Mesfin Woldemariam, founder and first president of the Ethiopian Human Rights Council, who has been a "special focus" case for AIUSA."

Meseret Defar does it again IAAF Photo

Ethiopia's Defar Slashes World 5000m record in Oslo - IAAF Golden League (, 06/15/07) "Oslo, Norway - Olympic champion Meseret Defar of Ethiopia tonight slashed her existing World record for the women’s 5000m by almost eight seconds to finish in 14:16.63, the pinnacle of a marvellous night of athletics at the ExxonMobil Bislett Games, the start of the IAAF Golden League 2007. The hunt for the $1 Million Golden League Jackpot, the richest annual payout in the sport, also began tonight in the world famous Bislett Stadium, with the current World Athletes of the Year, Asafa Powell and Sanya Richards signaling their winning intent respectively in the men’s 100m and women’s 400m but there were also a number of more surprising aspirants confirmed across the other eight applicable Jackpot disciplines."

Somalia Insurgents Show Missile in Video ( -ap- 06/15/07) "NAIROBI, Kenya -- A video circulating in Somalia's capital shows a masked man firing a surface-to-air missile -- a graphic but unsubstantiated claim that Islamic insurgents in the country are capable of shooting down planes. The video, available on the streets of Mogadishu and obtained by The Associated Press on Friday, is one of several released recently by the insurgents, echoing the propaganda tactics of radical groups in Iraq and elsewhere in the Middle East. They may serve less to communicate with the world than to rally supporters at a time when the movement has been driven underground by Somalia's government and its Ethiopian military backers."

Meles Zenawi's Aagazi troop in Mogadishu under attack AP Photo

Grenade attack on Somalia cinema (, 06/15/07) "A grenade thrown at a cinema in the central Somali town of Baidoa has killed five people and injured nine. Eyewitnesses say the video hall, known to have shown films that have had naked scenes, was packed with people. In the capital, Mogadishu, unidentified gunmen have thrown grenades at road junctions, killing at least one person. The attacks come as the United States handed over $4m in development aid to Somalia, some of it earmarked for twice-postponed peace talks. " RELATED STORIES: Attacks Spread in Somalia (, 06/15/07) UN Holds Talks in Somali Capital on Return of Displaced Persons (, 06/15/07)

Isaias Afeworki Rejects Cousin Meles Zenawi's 'Acceptance' of UN Border Decision - Shabia/Woyane Drama (, 06/15/07) "June 15, 2007 (UNITED NATIONS) — Eritrea rejected Ethiopia’s "unconditional" acceptance of a U.N. boundary commission ruling that it return a disputed town to Eritrea, arguing Friday that its agreement contained stipulations that undermined the spirit of the ruling. In a letter last week to the U.N. Security Council, the Ethiopian government agreed to the commission’s decision, announced five years ago, that it return the key town of Badme to Eritrea. The status of the town was part of a tense, nine-year-long, border dispute. But in its own letter to the council on Friday, Eritrea blamed the Security Council for failing to force Ethiopia to turn over Badme and "encouraging Ethiopia to flout the rule of law.""

After Sacrificing 100,000 Ethiopian Lives, Meles Zenawi Agrees to Give Badme to Isaias Afeworki (, 06/15/07) "June 15, 2007 (UNITED NATIONS) — After years of conflict and a tense border dispute, Ethiopia has accepted a U.N. commission’s ruling to turn over a disputed town to Eritrea. The Ethiopian government gave its unconditional acceptance of the commission’s decision, announced five years ago, that it return the key town of Badme to Eritrea, in a letter last week to the U.N. Security Council. "I believe it’s good news ... that was one of the bottlenecks in the situation," U.N. associate spokesman Yves Sorokobi said Thursday. "If they do agree, it should move the process forward a bit more quickly."" RELATED STORY: Zenawi Agrees to Give Town to Eritrea ( -ap 06/15/07)

Somali Insurgets Say Meles Zenawi Announced Their Destruction prematurely. AFP/Getty Images Photo

Somali Insurgents Launch Attacks (new, 06/14/07) "Insurgents have launched simultaneous attacks on five government and Ethiopian military installations in the Somali capital, Mogadishu. They are the most serious attacks since Ethiopian-backed forces battled Islamists and Hawiye clan fighters in April - the worst fighting in 16 years. The attacks come a day after proposed peace talks were delayed for a month." RELATED STORY: Suspected Insurgents Battle Meles Zenawi's Mercenary Troops in Somalia (, 06/14/07) Somali Gunmen Attack Tigrean People's Liberation Front (TPLF) Troops in Mogadishu (, 06/14/07)

Somalia: Security Council Stresses Need for Contingency Planning for UN Mission (, 06/14/07) "14 June 2007 The Security Council today signalled the need for contingency planning for a new United Nations mission in Somalia, which has been wracked by violent clashes and massive displacement in recent months but where observers also see hope for reconciliation. The Council, in a Presidential Statement read out by Johan Verbeke of Belgium, which holds the rotating presidency, looked forward to a report from Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon on the issue “by mid-June.” The statement also emphasized “the urgent need for appropriate."

Somalis Skeptical of Peace 'Under Occupation' (, 06/14/07) "One day after Somalia's interim government postponed a national reconciliation conference for the third time in three months, some residents of Mogadishu are expressing doubt the conference can be held while Ethiopian troops are in the country. VOA Correspondent Alisha Ryu in Mogadishu reports that a late-night gun battle Wednesday between Ethiopian troops and insurgents in south Mogadishu has caused more people to flee their homes."

IFJ Condemns Conviction of Journalists, Publishing Houses in Ethiopia (, 06/13/07) "The International Federation of Journalists (IFJ) today condemned the conviction of four journalists and three publishing houses in Ethiopia on charges they attempted to “dismantle the constitutional system” after they published articles about the anti-government riots in November 2005 that came after elections in the country six months earlier.“We are shocked by this case and the fact that two of our colleagues now face life imprisonment or the death penalty simply for their reporting on public demonstrations,” said Gabriel Baglo, Director of the IFJ Africa office. “We call on the judges to drop all the charges against the journalists and the publishing houses and to release unconditionally these journalists and all the others who are still in jail.”"

Somali Conference Postponed Again (, 06/13/07) "Twice-delayed Somali reconciliation talks set for 14 June have again been postponed, the organisers say.  The chairman of the organising committee, Ali Mahdi Mohamed, says the talks were postponed "due to unforeseen circumstances". The conference is meant to initiate dialogue between rival clans and factions in the war-torn country. The decision comes a day after Islamists and the prominent Hawiye clan said they would not attend the talks." RELATED STORIES: Somalia Postpones Peace Conference for Second Time (, 06/13/07) Analyst Says Postponement of Somali Reconciliation Conference No Surprise (, 06/13/07)

Search for Missing Cops at Kenya-Ethiopia Border Underway (, 06/13/07) "A search is underway for three armed police officers who disappeared on Sunday as they patrolled the Kenya-Ethiopia border. North Eastern Provincial Police Officer, Anthony Kibuchi said everything was being done to locate the officers. He said the incident was being treated as a disappearance but kidnapping could not be ruled out. By Tuesday evening, the officers had not been traced despite the PPO traveling to Mandera and meeting security teams from neighbouring Ethiopia and Somalia."

Zenawi the butcher of Adwa- I couldn't sleep because 'they' tried to kill me and massacre my Eritrean tribesmen. What more evidence do you need?

In Defiance of World Wide Condemnation Meles Zenawi Chief of the Eritrean-Tigrean People's Liberation Front Claims That His Regime's Verdict Against CUDP Leaders is 'Not Political' (, 06/12/07) "Ethiopia's government has denied accusations that the conviction of 38 opposition leaders was intended to stifle political dissent. Government spokesman Bereket Simon told the BBC the court was independent and had based its verdict on hard evidence. But an opposition lawyer said the suddenness of the verdict exposed the trial as a sham and mockery of justice."

U.S. Concerned About Political Dissidents Being Sentenced on Treason Charges in Ethiopia (, 06/12/07) "Department Spokesman Sean McCormack (June 12): "We're quite surprised, first of all, by the action that was taken by the government and very, very concerned. It would appear that this is a preemptory action that was taken by the court that surprised not only us, but the defendants as they were working to mount a defense against these charges. So we are examining it very closely." U.S. Department of State Daily Press Briefing by Department Spokesman Sean McCormack on Woyane Verdict 

SUDAN-ETHIOPIA: Bid to Defuse Tensions Between Nuer Border Communities ( -reuters- 06/12/07) "JUBA, 12 June 2007 (IRIN) - Authorities in Akobo, Southern Sudan, and Tiergol in the Gambella region of Ethiopia are planning talks to defuse tensions between communities living in the border region, the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) in Ethiopia reported. The tension around Akobo is between two subgroups of the Nuer ethnic group – who predominantly live in Sudan but also have significant numbers in Gambella - the Lou Nuer and the Jikany Nuer."

US Preparing Air-Strikes Against Al-Qaeda in Somalia: Official ( -afp- 06/12/07) "MOGADISHU (AFP) - US warplanes are overflying the northern Somali region of Puntland in preparation for air-strikes against suspected Al-Qaeda fugitives, more than a week after US warships shelled the area, officials said Tuesday. The semi-autonomous regional government had authorised the overflights to pursue Al-Qaeda members believed to be hiding in the moutainous area, Puntland's security minister Ibrahim Artan Ismail told reporters.

Somali Talks 'Will be Boycotted'- Sheikh Ahmed Says Somalia's Problems Were Political, Not Clan-Based (, 06/12/07) "One of the leaders of the main clan in Somalia's capital, Mogadishu, says he will not be taking part in the forthcoming reconciliation conference. The Hawiye clan has been opposed to the presence in Somalia of Ethiopian troops who helped government forces oust an Islamist group in December last year. Meanwhile, a leader of the ousted Islamists says no conference can take place until Ethiopian troops withdraw."

Sudan Accepts Revised Plan for Joint Darfur Force (, 06/12/07) "ADDIS ABABA, Ethiopia (AP) -- Sudan on Tuesday accepted a revised plan for a joint African Union and United Nations peacekeeping force of between 17,000 to 19,000 troops in Darfur, a senior African Union official said. African Union, United Nations and Sudanese officials held a two-day meeting to discuss a force whose deployment would mark the final phase of a three-stage U.N. plan to bolster a poorly equipped and underfunded force of 7,000 AU peacekeepers, which has been unable to end four years of death and destruction in Darfur."

Somali Police Intercept Car Filled with Explosives (, 06/12/07) "Police in the Somali capital, Mogadishu, have intercepted a car loaded with explosives they say was going to be used against the interim government.  VOA Correspondent Alisha Ryu in Mogadishu was given an exclusive, first-hand look and files this report. Police found the car Monday at an intersection in the southern Hodan District of the capital"

INTERVIEW-Ethiopia Rebels Say Meles Zenawi's TPLF Troop Crackdown in the Ogaden Targets Civilians (, 06/11/07) "LONDON, June 11 (Reuters) - Ethiopian rebels accused government troops on Monday of raping women and destroying villages in the southeastern Ogaden region to suppress a separatist insurgency. Prime Minister Meles Zenawi announced a crackdown at the weekend against the Ogaden National Liberation Front (ONLF), whose fighters raided a Chinese-run oil exploration field in April, killing 74 people. 
It was one of the bloodiest attacks in a sporadic but long-running conflict between government forces and the ONLF, which seeks more autonomy for its under-developed region bordering Somalia."

The Ethiopian National United Front (ENUF) Issues a Press Release in Response to Shaibiat-Woyane's Fabricated Charges of "Attempts to Overthrow the Constitutional Order by Use of Arms."

VAO Amharic Program Report On Shaibiat-Woyane Fabricated Charges Against the Ethiopian National United Front (ENUF) (by Meleskachew Amha)  

June 6, 2007 Report  June 7, 2007 Broadcast


Ethiopian Opposition Party -CUDP leaders were held with out trial for two years and are now found guilty of crimes against Meles Zenawi's brutal dictatorship. The real crime they committed was winning the 2005 parliamentary elections as attested to by the EU Elections Observation Mission. Vickie Huddleston and Condoleezza Rice should break Champaign glasses tonight.  AP Photo

Meles Zenawi Says Ethiopian Opposition Leaders Who Defeated His Tigrean Ethnic Party at the May 2005 Parliamentary Elections are Guilty of Crimes Against His Regime and His Tribe  (, 06/11/07) "A court in Ethiopia has found 38 senior opposition figures guilty of charges connected to mass protests after disputed elections two years ago. The charges ranged from armed rebellion to "outrage against the constitution". Sentencing is next month and they could face the death penalty, says the BBC's Elizabeth Blunt in Ethiopia." RELATED STORY: 38 Are Convicted in Ethiopia After Political Crackdown (, 06/12/07)

Somali Hawiye clan fighters firing at Meles zenawi's Aagazi mercenary troops. They refuse to submit to the Zenaw allied Darod clan warlords.   AP Photo


Somali Clan United Against Peace Conference (, 06/11/07) "In a new sign of trouble for Somalia's transitional government, elders of the Hawiye clan, which dominates in the capital, are threatening to boycott a national reconciliation conference, scheduled to begin in five days. Meanwhile, the chairman of the reconciliation committee tells VOA there is a chance the peace talks may be delayed again for the third time. Correspondent Alisha Ryu reports from Mogadishu. A prominent Hawiye elder in Mogadishu, Haji Abdi Imam Omar, tells VOA that the clan is united in opposing the reconciliation conference, which he says is promising to be little more than a get-together of pro-government delegates."

Ethiopian Capital's Home Wreckers (, 06/11/07) "Shack dwellers in Addis Ababa are being forced out of their homes as massive development takes place in the Ethiopian capital, writes the BBC's Amber Henshaw as part of a special report on cities in Focus on Africa magazine. Twenty-four-year-old Osman Redwan woke up one morning to find his shack in Ethiopia's capital, Addis Ababa, sliced in two."

Circumcision in Eritrea: Custom Trumps Law - Isaias Afworki is Still in the Business Genital Mutilation (, 06/11/07) "HAGAZ, Eritrea (Reuters) -- For 3-year-old Amira, a law banning female genital mutilation in Eritrea came too late. Wrapped in an orange traditional dress, Amira's mother, who gives her name only as Gerejet, says she circumcised the child to please her future husband. "It was the culture that we have taken from our grandmothers, but we also do it for the pleasure of the men," the 30-year-old told Reuters in a small village 100 kilometers (62 miles) west of the Eritrean capital, Asmara."

US Enlists Sudanese Spies in "War on Terror" (, 06/11/07) "The CIA is recruiting Arab-speaking Sudanese citizens to infiltrate Middle Eastern radical groups in spite of US sanctions against the country over Darfur, it emerged today. Faced with the impossibility of placing white Americans into such groups, the CIA has made such deals in the past, arguing that intelligence creates strange bedfellows. The Sudanese recruits have been handing over information about individuals passing through Sudan to Somalia and elsewhere in the Horn of Africa and to the Middle East, in particular, Iraq."

Francois Lonseny Fall, U.N. Secretary General’s Special Representative to Somalia Says Meles Zenawi is Determined to Pull His US Trained and Armed Aagazi Troops from Somalia (, 06/11/07) "June 10, 2007 (CAIRO) — The United Nations envoy to Somalia said Sunday that Ethiopia is determined to withdraw all of its troops deployed in the neighboring country to help the Somali government oust a radical Islamist militia, Egypt’s state-run news agency reported. Francois Lonseny Fall, U.N. Secretary General’s special representative to Somalia, held talks in Cairo with Foreign Minister Ahmed Aboul Gheit on the security and humanitarian situation in Somalia."

Meles Zenawi is out again with his paupers bag. Give me more money or else, he demands.  Once a Marxist gorilla bank robber, now a demagogues pick-pocket. Reuters Photo

Meles Zenawi the Eritrean/Tigrean People's Liberation Front Boss Urges U.N. to Fund His Somalia Mercenary Forces (, 06/09/07) "ADDIS ABABA, June 9 (Reuters) - Ethiopian Prime Minister Meles Zenawi urged the U.N. Security Council on Saturday to finance an African Union (AU) peacekeeping deployment to Somalia, so his troops can withdraw. Meles deployed his military to help the interim Somali government -- which he has closely advised and helped shape -- defeat a militant Islamist movement in a war over the New Year. Since seizing control of the capital Mogadishu in late December, Ethiopian and Somali troops have fought insurgents and are increasingly facing guerrilla-style attacks that have borrowed tactics from Iraq like suicide bombings." RELATED STORY: US Military Envisions Longer Stay in Iraq - Officers Anticipate Small 'Post-Occupation' Force (, 06/10/07)

"See some of the before-and-after satellite images that are proving to be powerful new weapons in the struggle to stop genocide." Photo by Digital Globe/Washington Post

Satellite Images by Digital Globe Document State Sponsored Atrocity in Africa (, 06'10'07) "Before December 2005, the Chadian village of Bir Kedouas was a tidy collection of huts in walled compounds and cultivated fields. A later satellite image shows what is left: The former homesites (marked with red circles) and fields are now a charred scar in the earth. The entire population was either killed or fled. Such images may be providing a powerful new weapon in the struggle to stop genocide."

Former US Secretary Of State General Colin Powell Calls for Closing Guantanamo Bay (, 06/10/07) "WASHINGTON (AP) - Former Secretary of State Colin Powell said Sunday he favors immediately closing the Guantanamo Bay military prison and moving its detainees to U.S. facilities. The prison, which now holds about 380 suspected terrorists, has tarnished the world's perception of the United States, Powell said. ``If it was up to me, I would close Guantanamo. Not tomorrow, but this afternoon. I'd close it,'' he said."

The Tigrean People's Liberation Front's Chief Meles Zenawi Announced the 'Launch of Crackdown' on the Ogaden National Liberation Front Fighters in Ethiopia ( -afp- 06/09/07) "ADDIS ABABA (AFP) - Ethiopian Prime Minister Meles Zenawi said Saturday his government had launched a crackdown on a rebel group blamed for several attacks in the country's eastern Ogaden region. "We have launched a political and military operation to try to contain the activities of the ONLF (Ogaden National Liberation Front) in the region," Meles told a news conference. "As for the military plans, over the past few days they have started to be implemented," he added."

STG Prime Minister Ali Mohamed Gedi hallucinating in the middle of Mogadishu rubble about establishing a Darod clan dictatorship - a replica of Zenawi's Eritrean/Tigrean tribal tyranny. A partner of Woyane Marxist terrorists calling Somali nationalist defending their nation terrorists. This hyena cub will never be saved!  AFP Photo

Somalia's Government Confirms Opposition Coalition Being Formed in Eritrea (, 06/09/07) "Somalia's interim Prime Minister Ali Mohamed Gedi has confirmed a story reported by VOA on Friday about a coalition being established in Eritrea, composed of groups opposed to the Somali government and its main backer, Ethiopia.  VOA Correspondent Alisha Ryu has the details from the Somali capital, Mogadishu. In an interview with VOA, Prime Minister Gedi said his government is closely monitoring the activities of the newly-formed anti-government, anti-Ethiopian coalition, sponsored by Ethiopia's chief rival in the Horn, Eritrea."

Islamic Courts Want Meles Zenawi's Mercenary Troops Out of Somalia (, 06/08/07) "Fri. June 08, 2007 07:18 pm.- By Bonny Apunyu. - (SomaliNet) Former head of foreign relations for Somalia's Islamic Courts Union Ibrahim Adaw, has accused Ethiopian troops of being an occupying force and demanded their withdrawal. "When the occupier is killing people and forcing them to flee their homes, then the Somali people have no choice but to resist the Ethiopian occupational forces," he said. "Our solution would be an immediate Ethiopian withdrawal, so that Somalis can go to the negotiation table for a genuine reconciliation," he told Al Jazeera on Thursday."

South African Man Detained in Ethiopia (, 06/08/07) "Johannesburg - Efforts were continuing to secure the release of a South African man being held in Addis Ababa Ethiopia, his family said on Friday. Abdul Hamid Moosa, 41, was studying in Damascus, Syria, since September 2005 but remained in contact with his family in Robertsham, south of Johannesburg. "We used to talk on the phone all the time, we communicated by computer," said Zakir Ally, Moosa's brother. In December 2006, the family heard from Moosa for the last time."

Discarded bust of Enver Hoxha the former brutal Stalinist dictator of Albania

Occupy Us: Albanians Welcome Bush-  Meles Zenawi May Follow Suit to 'Pray' at His Idol Enver Hoxha's Grave (, 06/10/07) "THE highlight of President George Bush's European tour may be his visit today to Albania, one of the few places where he can bask in unabashed pro-American sentiment without a protester in sight. Americans in Albania are greeted with an adoration that feels as though it comes from another time. "Albania is for sure the most pro-American country in Europe, maybe even in the world," said Edi Rama, Tirana's Mayor and leader of the opposition Socialists. "Nowhere else can you find such respect and hospitality for the President of the US."

Read About Hoxha's Albanian Gulag That Meles Zenawi (Secretary-general of the Marxist-Leninist League of Tigray is Trying to Replicate in Ethiopia "Hoxha's regime confiscated farmland from wealthy landowners and consolidated it into collective farms (Cooperatives), imprisoning and executing thousands in the process. The Hoxha regime propaganda took great pride in claiming that Albania had become completely self-sufficient in food crops during communist rule, as well as developing an Albanian industry and bringing electricity to most rural areas, all the while stamping out illiteracy and disease. However, the opening of the Albanian borders to the outside world, following the collapse of the communist regime, revealed a completely different picture. Albania was not the industrialized, advanced nation of communist party propaganda, but in fact a country that was backward, not only by Western standards, but also by those of other Eastern Bloc countries such as Bulgaria and Romania.

What Corruption? I see no corruption! Cartoon by Steve Bell


British Attorney-General Knew of BAE and the £1Billion Then Concealed It (, 06/08/07) "British investigators were ordered by the attorney-general Lord Goldsmith to conceal from international anti-bribery watchdogs the existence of payments totalling more than £1bn to a Saudi prince, the Guardian can disclose. The money was paid into bank accounts controlled by Prince Bandar for his role in setting up BAE Systems with Britain's biggest ever arms deal. Details of the transfers to accounts in the US were discovered by officers from the Serious Fraud Office during its long-running investigation into BAE. But its inquiry was halted suddenly last December."

US General 'Sacrificed' to Clear Decks on Iraq (, 06/09/07) "The Bush administration yesterday attempted to wipe the slate clean on the Iraq war and chart a new way forward with the surprise announcement that it was replacing General Peter Pace as chairman of the joint chiefs of staff. The defence chief, Robert Gates, said he had reluctantly decided on the reshuffle - despite his initial support for Gen Pace - to avoid a "divisive ordeal" at the Senate which would have had to approve an extension of the general's term."

Visiting Somalia, UN’s Top Political Official Urges Reconciliation (, 06/08/07) "June 2007 During an unannounced visit to Mogadishu today, the United Nations Under-Secretary-General for Political Affairs expressed solidarity with the people of Somalia while encouraging the leaders of the Transitional Federal Government to reach out to their opponents for the sake of peace and reconciliation in the war-torn Horn of Africa country. “The international community is willing to help Somalia in all areas as long as there is progress on the ground,” Under-Secretary-General for Political Affairs B. Lynn Pascoe told reporters at Mogadishu airport."

Meles Zenawi's mercenary troops patrol the street of Mogadishu, Somalia, June 4,  2007 AP Photo

Coalition Formed in Asmara Against Somalia's Transitional Government (, 06/08/07) "Reports in Somalia say that a coalition of groups opposed to Somalia's struggling transitional government and its Ethiopian backers has been formed with the support of the Eritrean government.  VOA Correspondent Alisha Ryu has details from the Somali capital, Mogadishu. VOA has learned that a yet-to-be-named, anti-Somali government, anti-Ethiopian coalition was formed in late May at a conference, hosted by the Eritrean government in the capital, Asmara." (, 06/08/07)

Aden Abdulle Osman   BBC Photo


First President of Somalia Dies at Age 99- The First African Leader to Voluntarily Relinquish Post  (, 06/08/07) "Somalia's first president, Aden Abdulle Osman, has died aged 99 in a Kenyan hospital where he had been in a coma. He was also the first African leader to voluntarily relinquish his post after he lost the 1967 presidential election - Somalia's last democratic poll. Siad Barre seized power two years later and since he was ousted in 1991 rival warlords have fought for control."


Top US Military Officer Replaced Under Shadow of Iraq War ( -afp- 060807) "WASHINGTON (AFP) - US Defense Secretary Robert Gates announced Friday he is replacing General Peter Pace as chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff to avoid a divisive showdown in Congress focusing on the Iraq war. The surprise shakeup removes a general who has been at the center of US military decision-making for the past six years, from the war in Afghanistan to the US-led invasion of Iraq."

"Romanian soldiers close the gate of a hangar at an airbase east of Bucharest, indicated by Human Rights Watch as a possible location for a covert prison allegedly used by the CIA, in a 2005 file photo. A European investigator says he has proof Poland and Romania hosted secret CIA prisons under a post-9/11 pact to hunt down and interrogate "high value" terrorist suspects wanted by the United States." REUTERS/Bogdan Cristel


"Swiss senator Dick Marty, who is heading the investigation into alleged CIA prisons in Europe, gestures as he speaks during a press conference at the Council of Europe office in Paris Friday, June 8, 2007. He said that CIA ran secret prisons in Poland and Romania from 2003 to 2005 to interrogate detainees in the war on terror. He also accused Germany and Italy of obstructing investigations into alleged secret detentions by the CIA." (AP Photo/ Michel Eule)

Secret CIA Jails Hosted by Poland and Romania (, 06/08/07) "PARIS (Reuters) - A European investigator said on Friday he had proof Poland and Romania hosted secret prisons for the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency in which it interrogated top al Qaeda suspects using methods akin to torture. Swiss senator Dick Marty said Poland housed some of the CIA's most sensitive prisoners, including Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, who says he masterminded the September 11, 2001, attacks on the United States that killed almost 3,000 people." RELATED STORIES: European Report Addresses CIA Sites (, 06/08/07) Investigator: CIA Ran Secret Prisons ( -ap- 06/08/07)

Jerusalem: Endorsing the Right of Conquest (, 06/08/07) "In a flagrant attack on the longstanding international legal principle that it is illegitimate for any country to expand its territory by military means, the U.S. House of Representatives, by an overwhelming bipartisan majority, passed House Concurrent Resolution 152 congratulating Israel for its forcible “reunification of Jerusalem” and its victory in the June 1967 war. The resolution, passed by a voice vote on June 5 – the 40th anniversary of the Israeli conquest of East Jerusalem and other Arab territories – states that U.S. policy should recognize that Jerusalem is “the undivided capital of Israel.” There is no mention that Jerusalem – which has the largest Palestinian population of any city and which for centuries served as the commercial, cultural, education and religious center for Palestinian life – should also be recognized as the capital of a future Palestinian state."

The Spoilers Who Threaten Somalia's Peace Hopes Must be Barred From Peace Talks - Lord Triesman: 1960s Failed British Diplomacy Revisited (, 06/08/07) "Hopes of replacing violence with dialogue in Somalia are focusing on a much-delayed national reconciliation congress now expected in Mogadishu next week. But the nascent peace process could be stillborn if what Lord Triesman, Britain's minister for Africa, describes as "wreckers and spoilers" inside and outside the country prevail." "...Ethiopia maintains "the vast majority" of its troops have withdrawn. Those remaining in Mogadishu were engaged in tracking down "mujahideen and al-Shabaab extremists", disarming clan militias and police training, it said in a statement. "Generally, the rest of Somalia is enjoying the fruits of peace." But that assessment was belied by this week's attempted assassination of Ali Mohammad Gedi, prime minister of the western-backed transitional federal government (TFG); and by the latest UN figures indicating that 300,000 people from Mogadishu have yet to return home and 850,000 nationwide remain dependent on international food aid."

Committee to Protect Journalists Condemns Meles Zenawi's Somalia Media Closure ( -ap- 06/07/07) "MOGADISHU, Somalia -- A press freedom group condemned the Somali government's closure of three independent broadcasters accused of supporting terrorists, saying the allegations were unproven. The Mogadishu-based radio stations -- Shabelle, HornAfrik and Radio of the Holy Quran -- remained closed Thursday, the day afteer the shutdown. "The authorities have silenced important, independent voices on the basis of unsubstantiated accusations," said Joel Simon, executive director of the New York-based Committee to Protect Journalists. "We call on the Somali transitional government to allow these broadcasters back on the air immediately." RELATED STORIES: 'Al-Qaeda' Suspect Arrest in East Africa (, 06/07/07) CIA Ran Secret Prisons for Detainees in Europe, Says Inquiry (, 06/07/07) European Report Addresses CIA Sites (, 06/07/07)

EU Decry Ethiopia Rights Abuse (, 06/07/07) "A Committee of the European Parliament has strongly criticized what it called "massive human rights violations" going on in Ethiopia since 2005. 
"The human rights situation has been deteriorating in Ethiopia since 2005, with opposition members put in jail, while rights activists are awaiting trial," the Committee’s chair, Josep Borrel, said at a parliamentary debate. 
The Ethiopian ambassador to Belgium, Ato Berhane Gebré-Christos, had been invited to the EU parliamentary debate, but he was said to have turned down the invitation."

Security Council Urged to Ensure Darfur War Crime Suspects Face Justice ( -afp- 06/07/07) "UNITED NATIONS (AFP) - International Criminal Court prosecutor (ICC) Luis Moreno-Ocampo on Thursday urged the UN Security Council to ensure that a Sudanese minister and a Khartoum-backed Janjaweed militia leader accused of war crimes in Darfur face justice. A week before a Security Council team is to visit Sudan for crunch talks on joint African Union-UN peacekeeping in Darfur, the prosecutor said, referring to the case of the two war crime suspects: "I ask the council to address this unacceptable situation during their mission to Khartoum.""

Reports: Saudi Prince Got More Than $2 Billion Cash for Arms ( -ap- 06/07/07) "LONDON - A British company allegedly paid a Saudi prince more than $2 billion as part of an $85 billion arms deal between Saudi Arabia and Britain in 1985, a newspaper reported Thursday."

Meles Zenawi's TPLF Regime Charges 55 Opposition Members With Rebellion (, 06/06/07) "The Ethiopian government has charged 55 opposition members with trying to launch an armed rebellion. The state-run Ethiopian News Agency reports the defendants were charged this week with "instigating armed violence" against the government following the 1997 national elections. All of the defendants are said to be associated with the opposition Coalition for Unity and Democracy. The report says the proceedings have been adjourned until Thursday."

TPLF/EPRDF Prime Minister Meles Zenawi Makes Another Promise to Withdraw His Aagazi Mercinaries From Somalia- Aagazi Morale Sagging (, 06/06/07) "Ethiopia's prime minister has pledged to withdraw his troops from Somalia once peace takes hold in the capital. Meles Zenawi, who made a surprise visit to Mogadishu, also held talks with influential clan elders whose militia are opposed to Ethiopian troops there. The presence of thousands of Ethiopian troops in Somalia is unpopular with many Mogadishu residents." RELATED STORIES: Aagazi Mercenary Troops Search Somali Capital for Weapons (, 06/06/07)  George W, Bush's Envoy Jendayi Frazer Says Somali Transitional Government Jeopardized Peace Talks (, 06/06/07) 

Stephen Shedara in the Ilaje slum in Nigeria's commercial capital Lagos April 22, 2007. Photo by REUTERS/Finbarr O'Reilly

U.N. Says Africa Falls Behind on Poverty Goals (, 06/06/07) "UNITED NATIONS (Reuters) - Despite some progress, sub-Saharan Africa is behind schedule on all its U.N. Millennium Development Goals, which include halving extreme poverty, halfway towards their target date, the world body reported on Wednesday. "Although ... the Goals remain achievable in most African nations, even the best governed countries on the continent have not been able to make sufficient progress in reducing extreme poverty in its many forms," the report said."

Online Freedoms Under Threat, Says Amnesty (, 06/06/07) "Internet repression is eroding freedom of expression online as more governments block sites and arrest bloggers, a human rights group warned today. Amnesty International said the internet could change beyond all recognition unless action is taken and it called on governments and companies to respect people's right to freedom of expression online. "The virus of internet repression is spreading. The 'Chinese model' - of an internet that allows economic growth but not free speech or privacy - is growing in popularity, from a handful of countries five years ago to dozens of governments today who block sites and arrest bloggers," said Tim Hancock, UK campaigns director of Amnesty International."

George W. Bush and Meles Zenawi Close Three Mogadishu Broadcasters (, 06/06/07) "MOGADISHU, June 6 (Reuters) - The Somali government on Wednesday again shut down three Mogadishu broadcasters, accusing them of supporting terrorism amid a virulent insurgency. Under orders from Prime Minister Ali Mohamed Gedi's office, Information Minister Madobe Nuunow Mohamed directed security agents to close down TV broadcasters HornAfrik and Shabelle media and the IQK Koranic radio and question their owners. "HornAfrik, Shabelle and IQK are famous for creating tension, supporting terrorism, violating the freedom of the press and opposing the government," the letter ordering the closures said." RELATED STORIES: Somali Radio Stations Silenced After TPLF/EPRDF PM's Visit (, 06/06/07) U.S. Ship Fires at Pirates ( -ap- 06/06/07)

Bush-Bashing Dominates Republican Debate (, 06/06/07) "Republican candidates in the 2008 presidential race today sharply criticised George Bush for being a vote-loser, during a live televised debate. During the two-hour debate in Manchester, New Hampshire, the third since the campaign began, the candidates were asked what job they would give Mr Bush.  "I would certainly not send him to the United Nations" to represent the US, Tommy Thompson, one of the candidates, said. The president also faced criticism over his handling of the Iraq war and illegal immigration, the hottest issue in the US after Iraq."

Meles Zenawi makes a victory return to his former gorilla hometown Mogadishu  AP Photo

TPLF/EPRDF PM in Shock Somali Trip- Aping of George W. Bush's Secret 'Victory' Visit of His PM Nuri Al-MALIKI in Iraq (, 06/05/07) "Ethiopia's prime minister has made a surprise visit to Somalia - the first since his troops helped to oust Islamists from the capital, Mogadishu. Meles Zenawi is holding talks with President Abdullahi Yusuf, said Somali government spokesman Abdi Haji Gobdon. The presence of thousands of Ethiopian troops in Somalia is unpopular with many Mogadishu residents."

TPLF banner bearer Sebhat Nega says "the Eritrean people are very well aware of the fact that no force matches the power of the TPLF/EPRDF-led government to defend and support the independence of Eritrea."

Sebhat Nega of TPLF Rings a Wake-Up Call for Ethiopians (, 06/05/07) "After listening to the interview TPLF chief Sebhat Nega gave to TPLF Radio, Ethiomedia received some serious email messages one of which read as follows: “This is not a blunt admission but a proud assertion. Sebhat Nega says that all Eritrean groups put together would not match the sacrifice TPLF paid for the independence of Eritrea. When Shabia was considering sharing power with the Derg and betray the independence of Eritrea, it was TPLF that served as the beacon of freedom for the Eritrean people without giving any chance to the “enemy” to sabotage Eritrea’s quest for freedom from “colonial rule”. Sebhat Nega said, even if Eritrea comes under any attack by any invading force today, EPRDF would join the Eritrean people right now and fight off the enemy."

The George W. Bush Administration Loses Out in Dramatic Guantanamo Rulings ( -afp- 06/05/07) "GUANTANAMO BAY US NAVAL BASE, Cuba (AFP) - The US government disagreed Tuesday with military judges who threw out charges against two Guantanamo Bay detainees in a stunning reversal on the legal front of its "war on terror." Monday's surprise rulings on Toronto native Omar Ahmed Khadr, 20, and Osama bin Laden's ex-driver Salim Ahmed Hamdan threatened to torpedo the government's pursuit of Guantanamo Bay terror suspects through new-look military tribunals." RELATED STORIES: Guantanamo War Crimes Trials Halt (, 06/05/07) White House Criticizes Guantanamo Trial Ruling (, 06/05/07)

Nobel Peace Prize winner Desmond Tutu, one of South Africa's men who brought down apartheid (a system similar to Meles Zenawi's Ethnic/racial gulags envisioned for Ethiopia and Somalia)

Sanction Sudan Like Apartheid South Africa, Tutu Says (, 06/05/07) "BRUSSELS, June 5 (Reuters) - The international community should press Sudan to end the conflict in Darfur with the same kinds of sanctions used to isolate apartheid South Africa, Nobel Peace Prize laureate Desmond Tutu said on Tuesday.
"I support wholeheartedly the imposition, in the face of intransigence, of specific targeted sanctions on Khartoum," Tutu, former Anglican Archbishop of Cape Town, told EU lawmakers during a hearing on Darfur. "...Tutu said the international community should ban Sudanese ministers and senior officials from traveling, and impose an embargo on their funds. He urged the EU to stop its companies from operating in Sudan and to impose a no-fly zone over Darfur."

Britain Says Mugabe Near Category of 'Crimes Against Humanity' (, 06/05/07) "A British Foreign Office minister says Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe is following a path that could lead to "crimes against humanity." Britain's chief Africa minister, David Triesman, told reporters Monday that if Mugabe continues in the same economic and political direction, he could fall into the same category as former Liberian President Charles Taylor."

Guantanamo detainee Omar Khadr cleared for release by US Military Tribunal on June  4, 2007. The legal front of the US government's "war on terror" suffered a stunning reversal Monday when a military judge threw out murder charges against a Canadian-born foot-soldier for Al-Qaeda. AP Image

Setback for George W. Bush Government in Surprise Guantanamo Ruling ( -afp- 06/04/07) "GUANTANAMO BAY US NAVAL BASE, Cuba (AFP) - The legal front of the US government's "war on terror" suffered a stunning reversal Monday when a military judge threw out murder charges against a Canadian-born foot-soldier for Al-Qaeda." "...The Republican-led Congress hastily passed the MCA law to authorize new prosecutions at Guantanamo Bay, on the southeastern tip of Cuba, after the government a year ago lost a Supreme Court case brought by Hamdan against former US defense secretary Donald Rumsfeld. Brownback's ruling threatened to undermine the new system by stressing that unless they are designated "unlawful," the detainees could just as easily pass for uniformed soldiers fighting for a legally recognized state."

EDITORIAL NOTE: This ruling perhaps signals the beginning of the rebirth a humane spirit and struggle for justice and the rule of international law. The Bush-Cheney burn and plunder campaign may have finally ran into a road block in the US. However, Ethiopia's peaceful opposition politicians, civic leaders and patriots labeled as "enemy anti-TPLF constitution combatants" and "terrorists" are languishing in Bush-Zenawi 'African Guantanamo' on Ethiopia soil (a replica of the "Guantanamo" on Cuban Bay). Human rights advocates and supporters of our patriots must focus on this issue and debunk the one-two punch thrown at the Ethiopian prisoners of conscience and martyrs by the Bush/Zenawi attack team and the Vickie-Condi-Jendi-Doni-Efri "apostles of peace" gang by appealing to the world community and taking their case to the International Court at The Hague. Ethiopian citizens who were rounded up, tortured and detained (see map of "African Guantanamo" locations) by a gorilla thug and his minions would never be given a fair trial as long as Zenawi remains in power. Outlaws operate out of the bounds faith, Juries Prudence, democratic constitutional governance, intellectual discourse and civic restraint. The carnage must be stopped NOW. January 2009 will be too late to save these gallant sons and daughters of Ethiopia. (Posted by web master 06/04/07)

U.S. Ambassador to Asmara, Scott Delisi Says "The Government of the United States Remains Hopeful That one Day [post Isaias Afeworki] the Eritrean People Will Enjoy the Rewards of Their Heroic Struggle for Independence,"  (, 06/05/07) "June 4, 2007 (ASMARA) — The outgoing U.S. ambassador for Eritrea has lashed out at Asmara over human rights abuses in a sign of deteriorating relations between Washington and the Red Sea state. Ties between the United States and Eritrea have become increasingly frayed as Washington accuses Asmara of aiding rebel groups trying to destabilise Ethiopia, the main U.S. counterterrorism ally in the region. Washington has also accused Eritrea of backing insurgents fighting Ethiopian and government troops in Somalia. U.S. Ambassador Scott Delisi criticised Asmara for "increasing government violations of human rights, civil liberties, economic freedom, and democratic principles.""

Briton 'Killed in US Missile Attack in Somalia' (, 06/04/07) "The Foreign Office today said it was investigating reports that a Briton was killed in a US missile attack on suspected Islamist militants in Somalia. The Somali authorities say up to a dozen people were killed when a US warship fired cruise missiles at targets in the semi-autonomous region of Puntland, in northern Somalia, on Friday. One of the dead reportedly had papers indicating he was British, a Somali official said. "We are aware of the reports that a British national was killed," a Foreign Office spokeswoman said. "Our consular staff in Nairobi (Kenya) are looking into this and are in touch with the local authorities.""

Meles Zenawi Mercenary Troops Kill Would-Be Bomber (, 06/04/07) "MOGADISHU, Somalia (AP) - Ethiopian troops fired Monday at a would-be suicide bomber speeding toward their base, blowing up the car and killing the bomber and a civilian standing nearby, officials said. ``This was a terrorist act,'' Deputy Defense Minister Salad Ali Jelle said. The attack came one day after a suicide car bomber drove through a roadblock guarding the prime minister's home and rammed the vehicle into a wall, killing seven people. The prime minister was unharmed." RELATED STORIES: Islamists Claim Suicide Attack on Somali Premier (, 06/04/07) Radical Somali Youth Group Claims Suicide Attack  (, 06/04/07)

"A bold suicide car bomb blast targeting Somalia's prime minister killed at least four people in Mogadishu Sunday, in a sign that unrest in the war-scarred Horn of Africa nation was returning to a critical level." (AP Photo)


Deadly Blast Targets Somali Transitional Government PM Ali Mohamed Gedi After US Helps Attack Islamists ( -afp- 06/03/07) "MOGADISHU (AFP) - A bold suicide car bomb blast targeting Somalia's prime minister killed at least four people in Mogadishu Sunday, in a sign that unrest in the war-scarred Horn of Africa nation was returning to a critical level. Government spokesman Abdullahi Muhidin said Prime Minister Ali Mohamed Gedi was "not hurt by the attack," which claimed the lives of several bodyguards." RELATED STORIES: Bomb Attack on Somali PM's House (, 06/03/07) Somali Prime Minister Survives Bomb Attack (, 06/03/07) Suicide Bomber Narrowly Misses Somalia’s Premier (, 06/03/07) Somali Premier Blames al Qaeda for Suicide Bombing (, 06/03/07)


Bomber Strikes Near Somali Leader's Home (, 06/03/07) "MOGADISHU, Somalia -- A suicide car bomber drove through a roadblock guarding the home of the Somali prime minister on Sunday and rammed the vehicle into a wall. Prime Minister Ali Mohamed Gedi was whisked to safety, officials said, but at least five people were killed in the explosion. A top government official blamed the assassination attempt _ the third against Gedi since he returned to Somalia in May 2005 _ on "terrorists linked to al-Qaida." "They planned to kill the prime minister," Salad Ali Jelle told The Associated Press. "He is alive. And now he is in safe place."


Map shows semiautonomous republic of Puntland, Somalia, where U.S. warships bombarded a remote Somalia militants' base

Somalis lower the body of Howlwadaag district Chairman, Hassan Ali Sa'id's body into a grave, Saturday, June 2, 2007 in Mogadishu, Somalia. (AP Photo/Mohamed Sheikh Nor)

Howlwadaag District Chairman, Hassan Ali Sa'id Killed by Unkown Gunmen ( -ap- 06/02/07) "Unknown gunmen killed a government official, Hassan Ali Sa'id, in the capital's southern neighborhood late Saturday as he was about to enter his house, a neighbor said. Sa'id was district commissioner of the Howlwadaag area. 'We heard two shots and we came out and we saw our neighbor lying in the street and a car disappearing,' said Sa'id Ahmed Yonis. Sa'id is the second district commissioner killed in Mogadishu in the past month.  Many government officials have voiced concerns over the increase of turmoil in the capital, while number of government officials has been killed in assassination style in the past."


"A US navy ship launches a guided missile. A US warship shelled suspected Al-Qaeda targets in northeastern Somalia after Islamist fighters clashed with troops from the country's semi-autonomous region of Puntland, witnesses and officials have said." (AFP/US Navy/File/Kenneth

US Warship Shells Al-Qaeda Targets in Northeastern Somalia ( -afp- 06/02/07) "MOGADISHU (AFP) - A US warship shelled suspected Al-Qaeda targets in northeastern Somalia after Islamist fighters clashed with troops from the country's semi-autonomous region of Puntland, officials said Saturday. The US Navy destroyer fired on several targets overnight in mountainous and remote areas outside the coastal town of Bargal, where Islamist militants are believed to have bases. "The US military was targeting the Al-Qaeda hideout. This was aimed at flushing out all the terrorists," said Mussa Jelle Yusuf, the governor for Barri region." RELATED STORIES: US Attacks Somali 'Militant Base' (, 06/02/07) U.S. Navy Attacks al Qaeda Suspect in Somalia (, 06/02/07) U.S. Warship Bombards Somalia Militants ( -ap- 06/02/07)

USS Dwight Eisenhower seen off the coast of Somalia in 2006  AFP Photo


U.S. Navy Strikes Reported on Qaeda Suspect in Somalia (, 06/02/07) "WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The U.S. military launched a strike against a suspected al Qaeda target in northern Somalia on Friday, CNN reported. A U.S. Navy destroyer targeted the suspect from off the coast of the African nation, the cable news network said, citing unidentified sources. There was no information about the results of the attack, it said. The target was a suspect in the 1998 bombings of U.S. embassies in Kenya and Tanzania, CNN said. The destroyer's guns appeared to be targeting a single person, perhaps moving." RELATED STORY: Sources: U.S. Fires at al Qaeda Target in Somalia (, 06/01/07)

Meles Zenawi  "One person high up the U.N. ladder even suggested the number of displaced people in Mogadishu was higher than that of Darfur," Meles said, referring to a conflict in west Sudan. "I do not think he knows what he is talking about." said the Woyane tyrant.

U.N. Says 90,000 Refugees Return to Mogadishu (, 06/01/07) "NAIROBI, June 1 (Reuters) - About a quarter of nearly 400,000 refugees who deserted Mogadishu during fighting earlier this year have returned to the Somali capital, the United Nations refugee agency said on Friday. But life in the war-scarred city was tough, with shortages of electricity and water, uncollected garbage clogging the streets, and many businesses and schools shut, UNHCR said. "Living conditions in Mogadishu remain difficult for returnees as well as for those who stayed in the capital throughout the conflict," it said in a statement. Two rounds of vicious fighting between allied Ethiopian-Somali troops and Islamist-led insurgents sent residents fleeing the coastal city in droves earlier this year and killed at least 1,300 people, mainly civilians."
 RELATED STORY: Meles Zenawi Has Been Committing Genocide in Ethiopia and Somalia and Denying the Atrocities. Watch the Video -  a Tragic Comedy (Denial of Genocide in Darfur) by the Sudanese Ambassador to the US (, 05/31/07)

"Théoneste Bagosora, the alleged mastermind of Rwanda's 1994 genocide, attends proceedings at the UN tribunal in Arusha, Tanzania." Photograph: Kennedy Ndahiro/AFP/Getty Images

Rwanda Genocide Trial of Théoneste Bagosora Finishes After 5 Years (, 06/01/07) "The five-year trial of Théoneste Bagosora, the alleged mastermind of the Rwandan genocide, ended today with the 65-year-old former colonel insisting he was "a victim of ignominious propaganda". Dressed in a pink dress shirt and pink tie - the same colour worn by convicted "genocidaires" in Rwandan prisons - and speaking without emotion, Mr Bagosora denied responsibility for any killings and urged the judge to "rehabilitate" him into society. Together with three other top army commanders appearing alongside him in the so-called "Military 1" trial, Mr Bagosora was accused of planning and coordinating the slaughter by Hutus of 800,000 Tutsis and moderate Hutus in 1994."

Meles Zenawi's Somali Invasion Troops  to Stay in Somalia for Weeks (, 01/02/07) "MOGADISHU (Reuters) - Ethiopian troops will stay in Somalia for another few weeks to help the victorious government pacify the Horn of Africa nation after a two-week war to oust militant Islamists, Addis Ababa said on Tuesday. Tightening the net on defeated Somali Islamic Courts Council (SICC) fighters fleeing south, neighboring Kenya said it had sealed its long and porous northeastern border."  RELATED STORIES: Somali Interim Government Says Meles Zenawi's Occupation Forces Will Stay (, 01/02/07) Somalia's Islamist Fighters Flee Last Urban Base as Pro-government Alliance Closes In (, 01/02/07) Somali Islamic Fighters Flee Toward Kenya (, 01/02/07) Somalia's PM: Major Fighting Likely Over ( -ap- 01/02/07) 

EDITORIAL NOTE: Meles Zenawi says "We have accomplished our mission. After this our area of focus will be withdrawing of our defense forces and continuing the ongoing anti-poverty struggle (in Ethiopia)," Translation - I have performed as a superb mercenary, and now I expect that Condi will without delay effectuate a wire transfer of the contractual dues to my account in Geneva. But do not be surprised if I display my pauper's bag on TPLF TV. Regrettably, Bereket  advised and our party (MLLT) forced me to do that. Otherwise I would have done anything that a friend like G.W. Bush asked, let alone capture these terrorists who would have marched to Addis Abeba and taken over all of East Africa, just like I told you before. (, 01/02/07)         

           Melese Zenawi threatening the opposition with genocide    photo by Reuters   Arkebe Oqbay and  Mohammed Al Amoudi strategizing at stadium Girma, Meles & wife, deprecating Ethiopian history through buffoonery

EDITORIAL COMMENT: An Advice and a Request to Prime Minister Tony Blair to Cage His Attack Dog: Woyane Ethnic Supremacist Policy, Ethnic Cleansing, and Election Politics

Melese Zenawi's Anti-Ethiopia Speech in 1994 on First Anniversary Celebration of Eritrean Independence (Posted 2/17/05) If as an Ethiopian you have not yet accepted the widely held conviction that Melese Zenawi is a Yemeni-Eritrean mercenary bent on imposing neo-fascist and neo-imperialist objectives on Ethiopia, here is one more factual information you ought to consider. Listen to the Amharic and Tigrigna versions of his speech at the celebration of Eritrean independence in 1994 and you be the judge. He is really a malignant narcissist who talks from both sides of his mouth to hide his thirst for blood. If his bluff to intimidate the world community into "mediating the stage managed conflict with Isayas" (the drama is actually for consumption by the gullible who believe he is an Ethiopian patriot and must be "re-elected"), he may actually be fantasizing about attacking his beloved "motherland" to scratch her bleeding wounds and set her free "once and forever". Thanks to our brother Abraham Yayeh who provided the audio and translations. Those who do not speak Tigrigna, may read the Amharic translation of the Tigrigna speech. (below).

MLs AsMr BAmro yDRGw nggr (dmi TQdt YTSrXw Bv]by rdyBi'f YTZgJw BAbrhm yYh  Melese Zenawi's Speech (text) in Amharic Celebrating Eritrean Independence in 1994 (audio broadcast by EPLF radio, transcribed and typeset by Abraham Yayeh (Amharic pdf). Click here to listen to the audio (Copyright © 2005 by

MLs AsMr Btgro yDRGw nggr YAmro trgm (dmi TQdt YTSrXw Bv]by rdyBi'f YTZgJw BAbrhm yYh  Melese Zenawi's Speech in Tigrigna (text translated to Amharic) Celebrating Eritrean Independence in 1994 (audio broadcast by EPLF radio, transcribed, translated and typeset by Abraham Yayeh (Amharic pdf). Click here to listen to the audio (Copyright © 2005 by

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  • Tenes by Leykun E. Berhanu, 1995 (Amharic)

  • Galma Afan Oromoo by Abiyyuu Galataa, 1996 (Oromifa)

  • Gurraacha Abbayaa by Dhaabaa Woyyeessaa, 1996 (Oromifa)

  • Ethiopia: The Classic Case by Ermias Kebede Wolde-Yesus, Nibure-Id,1997 (English)

  • If Patriotism Could Be Inherited by Senait Haile, 1997 (Amharic With English translation)

  • Oromian Befereqa by Moti Biya, Reprinted 1998 with permission of Jiituu Publisher, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, (Amharic)

  • Italy's War Crimes in Ethiopia 1935 - 1941 Special Year 2000 Edition. Researched and written  by Imani-Kali-Nyah. First published in 1946 by Sylvia Pankhurst. New Introduction by Richard Pankhurst.  (English).

  • Ladder of Life by Getachew Gebre Tsadik, 2001 (Amharic).

  • Tsetset (Recrimination) by Leykun Berhanu, 2001 (Amharic)

  • Qaale Miedan 1 by Merigeta Tsehay Berhanu, 2002 (Amharic)

  • Haddis Kidan Prayer by Megabi Aelaf Mekbib Atnaw, 2004 (Amharic)

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Warning: Ethiopia's Nile River Falls. This land is my land. Mercenaries Keep Out!!!
Pictures from the Semien National Park, part 1: high altitude areas Click on link above for more pictures (Courtesy

The Mystery Of The Nile :A breathtaking cinematic adventure to complete a full descent of the Blue Nile from source to sea.   Ethiopian fetching water from the Nile Photo © Copyright 2005 MacGillivray Freeman Films

Science and Nature - Ethiopia  BBC Best Link
Primatologist Charlotte Uhlenbroek talks about her visit to the Simien Mountains in Ethiopia

Stealing The Nile: Famous Falls No More: Travel author recalls his shock on return to Ethiopia. by Richard Bangs, ( 3/24/04)

Searching for Jewish Traces in Ethiopia by Julian Voloj 03/22/07

Ethiopian Digitized Manuscripts Collection at the University of Utah

  Christian Art From Ethiopia on Display in New York

A Few Traditional Costumes of the People of Ethiopia Modeled in Japan

The Faces of Ethiopia

Haile Selassie I International Development Foundation


Response to the Statement Issued by the "Crown Council" of Ethiopia on June 26, 2006 Under the Heading "A Statement by the Crown Council of Ethiopia Regarding the "Haile Selassie International Development Foundation." June 28, 2006 (Amharic pdf)

Ethiopian American Relations  Centennial Celebration  Washington DC See Schedule of Events   3/25/04 - 3/27/04



HIM Haile Selassie I: Man Of The Year, January 6, 1936

June 1936

Emperor Haile Selassie I: Historic Highlights (BBC Video at Google. Com)

Picture Gallery: Emperor Haile Selassie's Funeral P1
(, 11/5/00) Haile Selassie Laid To Rest  P2

Emperor Haile Selassie's Speeches (

Sylvia Pankhurst and Ethiopia by Rita Pankhurst  SPML Series August 18, 2006 PDF Version

Teferi Mekonnen: Rice to Power 1891 -1929  by Zewdie Reta Amharic publication

Ethiopia's Missing Treasure Please Help the Recovery Efforts (

Sweet Mama Africa , Beautiful Ethiopia by Sharon Jones (, 09/04)

Eye-Opening Explorations in Ethiopia By Tony Wheeler (, 070706)


Personal Opinions, Comments, Editorials, Views and Press Releases 


The Stolen African Voice by Salim Lone
(07/0 4/07)

Tigrean International Solidarity for Justice and Democracy Denounce Senhat Nega (Letter of condemnation of Interview, June 2007 Amharic pdf)

Comings, Goings and Grumblings at the World Bank by Al Kamen (06/14/07)

Ethiopia Faces Ethnic Fallout from Somalia Intervention  by Andrew McGregor (06/04/07)

Somali Sub-Clans Said to be Uniting Against Government, Ethiopia

Buyer Beware; Recovering Our Stolen Property by Obang Metho (04/01/07)

Ethiopia’s Invasion of Somalia: Neoconservative Approach of State Building by Daud Ed  03/30/07

US Asks Somalia, 'Where Do You Think You're Going?' by Gwynne Dyer 3/15/07


War on Terror Thwarts Somali Peace by Abdurrahman Warsameh  03/09/07

Virginia Assembly Voices      Regret for Slavery in Past         By Bob Deans - Cox News Service (, 02/24/07)

ETHIOPIA'S SHAME: Children Surviving Forced Marriage IRIN Humanitarian News and Analysis, 02/23/07 

We must realize that we are infected by a widely spreading virus which requires one shot to cure--that shot is our UNITY by Obang Metho, January 27, 2007

Obang O. Metho Speech at Martin Luther King , Jr. 4th Annual Human Rights Symposium  January 11, 2007

Focusing on the Major Player of Ethiopia ! by Teferi Atlabachew January 15, 2007

Out of Ethiopia : Child Adoption  by Nara Schoenberg
Tribune staff reporter
(, 08/18/06)

Descent Into Barbarism           by Prem Shankar Jha (, 8/11/06)

Rep. Chris Smith (R-NJ)

Ethiopia Freedom, Democracy and Human Rights Advancement Act of 2006 (HR 5680)

At the Heart of the Lebanon Crisis Lie the Lethal Mistakes of George Bush by Jonathan Freedland (, 07/26/06)

Dangerous Fiction: A Tale of Two Cities, Part I  by J. Peter Pham, Ph.D. (, 07/13/06)

''Somalia's Fluid Politics Move Toward Polarization'' by Michael A. Weinstein, ( 07/07/06)

Context Determines Who is a Terrorist: Even `Sainted' Mandela Would Not Escape Label Today, by Gwynne Dyer (, Published 7/9/06)


 The Essence of Alliance    For Democracy   by Olaana Abbomma (posted 06/03/06) 

Ethiopia: Amnesty International’s presentation to the European Parliament on Human Rights in Ethiopia   (, 05/15/06)

Ethiopia Post-Election: Escalating Violations Against Human Rights Defenders, Journalists, Nonviolent Student Protesters, and Political Opposition (, 03/28/06)

Girma Mecheso : At Home on the Track
The Atlanta Journal-Constitution
Published on: 05/11/06

Ancient Fossils Fill Gap in Early Human Evolution (, 04/12/06)

 Is Ethiopia's Economic Growth Just a Veneer               by Daniel Fikreyesus (, 04/20/06)

An Attempt to Criminalize Ethiopian Diaspora Activities? by Zerihun Tesfaye (, 03/02/06)

Arrest and Disappearance of Trade Union Leader, Invasion of the Headquarters of the Ethiopian Teachers' Association (ETA) (, 11/7/05)

Press Release by UEDF Amed Beduqet Sisq, 01/30/06

Africa in Cartoons in 2005 by Tayo Fatunla (, 01/26/06)

United Ethiopian Democratic Forces National Council Conference Resolution  January 17, 2006 (Amharic PDF)

Crime and Nourishment in Ethiopia: American and European Taxpayers' Money at Work (, 01/01/06)

Khat- Harmless Habit or Dangerous Drug? by Chris Summers (BBC News) 010606

These Negroes Really Think They are Superior  MSWord Format by Timothy Whitt  December 30, 2005

Israeli Immigrant Grateful Family Left Ethiopia  by Paul Lungen  (, 12/01/05)

Forum: Oops, We Did It Again(?) by Rhonda Williams (, 11/27/05)

A Dream of Cairo Reborn By Anthony Shadid (, 11/27/05)

Black Farmers Intrigued by Ethiopian Crop By Associated Press
(, 11/21/05)

ETHIOPIA...WHO KNEW?.... Political Animal: Guest: Amy Sullivan (, 11/15/05)

Comments On The Ethiopian Crisis by Christopher Clapham Center for African Studies, 11/07/05)

''Intelligence Brief: Ethiopia'' by Michael A. Weinstein (, 10/25/05)

Discontent Simmering In Horn Of Africa
Zlatica Hoke, 901 KB audio clip
Zlatica Hoke, 2.79 MB audio clip

Congressman Chris Smith (R-NJ)  Criticizes Ethiopian Government For Violent Response to Protesters (, 11/03/05)

When Ballots Bring On Bullets By Edward D. Mansfield and Jack Snyder (International Herald Tribune 10/28/05)

Civil Rights Champion Rosa Parks Dies At Age 92 (, 10/25/05)

CORRUPTION: The 'Clean' Should Look Within Too  By Sanjay Suri, Inter Press Service (IPS)

Ethiopia's Adoption Dilemma by Mohammad Adow (, 10/6/05)

Mahmoud Ahmed on WOMAD 2005, BBC Radio 90-93 FM

Israeli Pop Star Mines Ethiopian Folk Music Listen to this story...  by   (

Tessema Disho Shiferaw Dosho Design’s Founder Wins Entrepreneur of the Year Award
Founder of Bowflex recognized for his creation

Songs Of Experience: Child soldier and rap star Emmanuel Jal infuses his new album, Ceasefire, with his own life story

Thewodros Kassahun Yasteseryal  Video Music (

ዝምታ ለበግም አልበጃት፦ ለአቶ ተፈራ ዋልዋ [የኦቶዶክስ ሃይማኖት የነፍጠኞች መሸሸጊያ ነው] ክስ የተሰጠ መልስ ከቴዎፍሎስ ጥበበሥላሴ መስከረም ፭ ቀን ፲፱፻፺፰ ዓ.ም.

One Law To Rule Them All by Anne Mcllroy (, 9/14/05) Should faith-based arbitration tribunal, and the arbitrator's decisions supersede Constitutional law?

Ministries Ignoring Cabinet Decision On Bringing Falashmura (, 9/8/05)

The Dark Side Of Ethiopia’s “Green Revolution” by Chris Albin-Lackey (, 9/5/05)

In Pictures: Ethiopian Naming Ceremony (, 8/8/05)

A Borana girl at  home ready for naming ceremony. BBC Photo

The Board And Post-Election Fatigue - Addis Fortune (Addis Ababa) OPINION by Yosef B.
July 31, 2005
(, 8/1/05)

Seething Unease Shaped British Bombers' Newfound Zeal  by Amy Waldman  (, 7/31/05)

Along With That Caffeine Rush, A Taste Of Seattle :Addis Abeba Journal  by Mrac Lacey ( July 22, 2005)

NES - Ethiopia's Future in the Next Five Yearrs by Mammo Muchie, Berhanu Balcha and Tekola Worku (, 7/19/05)

ANALYSIS-African Giant Ethiopia Frets Over Poll Uncertainty   by Katie Nguyen (, 7/14/05)

Ethiopia And Eritrea: Articles, Reports, and Key Reports by (

Eritrea-Ethiopia Boundary commission

Ethiopia vs Eritrea   by Michela Wrong   The Wall Street Journal,  A14 7/6/05

    Africa's New Best Friends       by George Monbiot, (, 7/5/05)

St. Jimmy: Charlatan of Democracy    by Erick Section Election 2005 (, 06/31/05)

Activist Blair Reverses UK Retreat From Africa by William MacLean (, 6/29/05)  

Cruel To Be Kind?  by David Rieff (, 6/24/05)

Position Statement of the Christian Relief and Development Association (CRDA) Executive Committee on the current situation in Ethiopia (PDF English) (, 6/20/05)

Unrest a Threat to Ethiopian Reputation  by Chris Tomlinson
(, -AP-

Jackson Found Not Guilty (, 6/14/05)

International Tigrian Democratic Association Press Release (Amharic pdf) June 13, 2005)

Donald Levine on Chicago Public Radio (, 6/9/05)

'Grow up!' Geldof Tells Woyane Leader (, 6/9/05)


Two Incompatible Objectives for Meles: Similarities to What Happened in Zimbabwe on the Eve of Elections (, 6/7/05)

A Runner’s Journey: 
Ethiopian Roots Inspire Benson Track Star b

Ethiopia Elections: Jimmy Carter Trip Report, Post-election Statement (, 5/19/05) Ethiopia Elections: Dispatch From Addis Ababa (, 5/16/05)

Recommendations: Human Rights Violations in Gambella - To the Government of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia (, 3/5/05)

Africa Seen as Fertile for Islamism?

by Jason Motlagh
( -UPI-  5/23/05)


Jimmy Carter is a Biased Observer of Ethiopian Election by Bekele Molla,  May13,2005

Shaibiya's Distortion of Ethiopian History and Unwarranted Attack on Katie Nguyen (5/16/05)

ENOUGH IS ENOUGH MELES by Bekele Molla, (April 4, 2005)

Prepackaged War by  Leonid Gankin and  Konstantin Lantratov,, April 15, 2005

Abdissa Aga An Ethiopian Hero by Fikre Tolossa

The Global Remittance Rip-Off (, 3/31/05)

Warner [Virginia Governor] Signs Immigrant Aid Limits (, 3/30/05)

EU calls for independent inquiry on Ethiopia's Gambella unrest (, 3/27/04)

How the Commission is trying to help Africa

Tigrean Solidarity Meeting in Washington D.C. Resolution (2/26/05) Amharic pdf

TIME Exclusive: THE END OF POVERTY  by Jeffrey D. Sachs (, 3/6/05)

Amharic Becomes One of Six Official Languages to Be Used by the Washington DC Government April 21, 2004 Testimony by Bekele Molla

Bekele Molla On Ethiopia's Situation (, 12/24/04)

Who is Melese Zenawi?

Melese Zenawi's Speech in Amharic and Tigrigna During 1994 Celebration of Eritrean Independence in Asmara (Copyright © 2005 by

Read Melese Zenawi's Book on Eritrea (Amharic)

Italy's War Crimes in Ethiopia 1935 - 1941 by Sylvia Pankhurst, 2000 Special Edition by Imani Kali-Nyah ©2001

For the Worst of Us, the Diagnosis May Be 'Evil'  by Benedict Carey

   Has Melese Zenawi Sold Ethiopia to Saudi Arabia? ( 

Editorial: Fourteen Years Under Terror (by Eritrean Democratic Revolutionary Front, 12/15/04)

Patriotism VS Party Loyalty?: Gegru Asrat's Defense Against Expulsion from TPLF & State Power

Commentary on Abraham Yayeh's Articles (3) on Eritrea (Published in Hawariya Newspaper) by Bekele Molla March 8, 2002 (Amharic and English pdf)   

On This Day: 5 January - 1985: Israel Ends Major Ethiopian Rescue Mission (, 1/5/05)

Ethiopians Reject Israeli Society, as It has Rejected Them (, 1/13/05)

Falasha Mura Disputes Escalate (, 1/13/05)  

A child surrounded by soldiers in the Democratic Republic of Congo
"UNICEF report says millions of children have died in recent wars. More than one billion children around the world face a brutal existence because of poverty, war and Aids, the UN children's agency reports."







Thwarting the Menace of Islamism in the Horn of Africa
by Bashir Goth (, 11/5/04)

The Ethiopic Calendar by Aberra Molla

Assault on the Ethiopian Calendar: A Clarification by Mesfin Arega (, 10/15/04) 

U.S. Intelligence Shows   Pessimism on Iraq's Future    by Douglas Jehl (, 9/16/04)

Human Rights Watch Letter to Meles Zenawi Regarding Mecha Tulema (Amharic pdf) (English version, HRW, 9/8/04)

Arrogance of Power: Comment on Brian Whitaker's article (Guardian, 10/13/03) on "Spoils of war" by Bekele Molla. (October 18, 2003)

A Historical Explanation as to Why Members & Supporters of the TPLF are Ethnocentric by Fikre Tolossa (Ethiopian Review, Jan-Feb, 1997)

Emperors of Ethiopia, Abyssinia (Copyright (c) 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002 Kelley L. Ross, Ph.D. All Rights Reserved. (

Kissinger Approved Argentinian "dirty war"  by Duncan Campbell 

 Enough! A Critique of Eritrea's Post-Liberation Politics by Dan Connell (, 11/06/03)

While We Have Your Attention, Mr. President Special Report: Unites States of America, (, 11/18/03)

Where Faith Grows, Fired by Pentecostalism, by Somini Sengupta and Larry Rohter (, 10/14/03)

A Reminder to Mr. Bob Geldof by Bekele Molla (, 5/28/03

What is the Meles' Agenda for Ethiopia? by Abraham Yayeh (Amharic pdf) (, 5/27/05) 

Bvtwn ylWQ Md;nt YLwm KAbrhm yYh Abraham Yayeh's Comment on Woyanne Conspiracy on Asseb  (Amharic pdf) (, November 2000)

Sw Msy BVng@ KMkNn ZLLw Sewmesay Beshengo  by Mekonnen Zelelew (, October 2002)

AsCky msUnQqy  Laty[y 'zbn LTqwm ;ylc    Kabrhm yYh^ (myzy 11 Qn 19095 ]!m!) Urgent Warning to the Ethiopian People and Opposition Forces by Abraham Yayeh (Amharic pdf) (, 4/19/03)



Tigrian Solidarity Press Release
(April 25, 2003


Nothing to fall back on - Why Ethiopians are still short of food and cash by Clive Robinson (, 2/6/03) 


Ethiopians Demonstrate in Washington DC  Demanding for the Removal of Melese Zenawi (, 5/14/02) 


Tragedy is Catalyst for Success [Story of Selamawi Asgedom]

by LeAnn Spencer (, 5/2/01)


Meles Zenawi Humiliated in Washington DC (, 9/12/00)


Beware of an Ungrateful False Warrior  (Amharic pdf) by Bekele Molla (, 12/22/99)


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